Quick recovery: city Courier O2O, 60 seconds to within 1 hour of placing your order

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Internet thinking influence and change the from all walks of life, express delivery industry is no exception. It fast charge will be idle time of part-time workers as “Courier”, after the company specialized training certification, use of business time for customers with the same period of express delivery services.

fast on-line in September 2014, sets and the joining + “sharing service platform”, “service” online booking and off-line O2O e-commerce model. Currently provided to users in Beijing city express delivery service, can deliver items in the traditional shut out of the industry, such as liquid, green plant, fragile, electronic products, large goods, even pets in the range of quick recovery service, delivery time for 24 hours a day. WeChat scheduled next week.

fast charge does not have its own full-time delivery staff, no transit point, is the way of idle resources sharing, mobile Internet technology and the platform service perfect combination to create technical advantage of city express delivery service industry, and opens up a lead distribution industry service level and wide space of city distribution service levels rise.

“don’t have a Courier, all delivery person work part-time, and need to be trained and qualified to mount guard”, fast charge, the founder of Chen Weili has urged on hunting cloud network instead of Courier company. Without a Courier, quick recovery and how to perform the delivery service?

fast charge of “man” is basic is a college student or a freelancer. Cooperate with Courier, after training professional uniform company choose training qualified distribution member to join in, mount guard. On the one hand, can reduce the company’s labor costs, on the other hand can also be social idle human resources integration of maximum utilization, and also save urban sprawl associated with increasing Courier later.

open the phone run faster after the APP, a simple step 4 can easily complete the order, after the completion of the order, you can directly show the nearest man, after the success of the man to rob the single, quickly contact the user, and take the initiative to produce their own working permit before providing services, photograph the parcel, and inform the delivery time, and how to use their phones to real-time monitoring of the location of the parcel, at the same time, the fast charge also supports voice description, exempt from tedious handwritten.

“the fast pace of society makes many people willing to spend money on time, more people pay attention to time than money.” Chen Weili told hunting cloud network, “this is not a challenge, we just want to in the Internet age, give users a choice.”

founder and CEO Chen Weili served as director of China automobile and strategic cooperation and easy to use Shared vehicle operations director, has rich experience in the Internet product operation. Company’s core members are from easy to transport, where net, motion, China auto rental, etc. At present, has won hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of financing, the plans to launch A round of funding.

in the field of express delivery, same currently active startups including all express, flash to send Mr, wind, etc.

fast charge
Company: Beijing love quickly send technology co., LTD.

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