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hunting cloud network October 15 (word/Maximum)

Microsoft has recently announced that from the app Store Windows Store next more than 1500 fake malicious applications, at the same time, Microsoft is also about Windows Store app Store application certification requirements. The application of naming problem has made the correction. Microsoft said the name of the application should be able to “clearly and accurately reflect the application of the function”, and should not be with other application name repetition, to prevent confusion. In addition, Microsoft also want to carefully choose the classification of the application developers.

Microsoft which requires all new Windows Store shelves and existing application needs to be in accordance with the new regulations.

although Microsoft’s new rules aimed at is fake fake application, but the implementation of the provisions of the inferior represent Microsoft application no longer tolerate attitude, this is to make users happy.

awkward status

Microsoft’s move was not an accident, if you have ever been on doing magnet (Tile) on the Windows Store, you will be the slow loading speed, and the application of arid ecological impressed. In order to solve this problem, Microsoft is pulled out all the stops.

in many professional school organizations, Microsoft has held “writing Windows Phone Store application in nokia Windows Phone” activity, the student or developer only need to register account, and upload a WP application, ensure downloaded over 200 times can apply to the Microsoft exchange a cell Phone. It’s hard to imagine that the students can contribute for such actions how high quality paper. Although it is not difficult to understand Microsoft launched numerous students, to carry out the “people’s war”, for the Windows Store increase application of ideas. But, in fact, this kind of activity is very difficult to let the students have time to burnish their products, the application of the crush out while can’t say that is not good, but the practical stability is still questionable.

in the initial learning apple, Microsoft Windows Store closed up, but unfortunately, not closed to Microsoft brought rich and ecological security, but with Microsoft’s lax, causing a lot of fake inferior application into, make the situation worse. Is user application is available, while is a Windows application Store a lot of junk. To the number of good-looking, or the user’s security, Microsoft had to make a choice. Although the new regulation to a certain extent illustrates Microsoft’s attitude, but it’s not enough to just so, Microsoft also need more efforts.

Windows Phone paradox

in the first half of this year, sales of Windows Phone present decreasing trend, influenced by Microsoft to buy nokia, market prospects for the Windows Phone in the sidelines. This makes Microsoft to expand the Windows Phone ecosystem attempt turned out to be fruitless.

here’s an interesting paradox.

Microsoft asks users: why don’t you want to buy Windows Phone?

users answer: your application.

Microsoft ask developers: why don’t you want to give me the application?

developers answered: you user?

this is an infinite loop. But this is not no solution, Microsoft is step-by-step.

a few days ago, Microsoft’s acquisition of the famous game Minecraft Mojang developers, although the industry a wait-and-see, many players fear Microsoft Minecraft into Windows Phone exclusive application, so as to stimulate sales. Microsoft did not do so at the moment, but exclusive game is indeed a good choice.

although for Microsoft Offices after Microsoft monopoly on sales up nothing, but the monopoly game with office software is absolutely different. Xbox game of copyright that Microsoft has a large, not to mention hundreds of thousands of game on the computer platform, as long as Microsoft will focus on the huge wealth, a large number of high-quality users will gain the Xbox platform. But how to persuade the Xbox platform developers, it is a difficult problem.

Microsoft should understand, what users expect. New Wintel alliance has already begun to huaqiang north, using various means to break through the users, mobile phone, tablet, PC communication is in the grasp of the platform. This time Microsoft can make up my mind to clear the rubbish in the shop application, to illustrate the application of the WP platform has been gradually completion, application can start the pursuit of quality.

in the Wintel alliance technology gradually mature, ecological building slowly after complete, Microsoft will broke out all of its energy, completely recovered.

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