Qualcomm Xiao dragon 210, low-end against mediatek LTE mobile phone market

in the high-end smartphone market qualcomm has an absolute advantage, but mediatek in Taiwan recently released LTE eight core processor, and capturing the low-end market weakness.

according to IDC’s latest survey data, the third quarter of 2014 China’s domestic market sold 40% of smartphones using mediatek processor, compared with qualcomm’s market share of only 27% over the same (nvidia and Intel’s market share of less than 1%). Mediatek’s success proves that the research and development of mid-range processor is a feasible way, qualcomm now seems to also want to share in the low-end market. Qualcomm in Hong Kong recently launched a LTE communication low-end processors — Xiao dragon 210. And qualcomm co-president, two Amon said Xiao dragon 210 processor’s target market target price of less than $100 in low-end smartphone.

Xiao dragons appear perfect the product line of qualcomm 210 processor, but you don’t expect it would have as strong performance and high-end processors. The Xiao dragon 210 integrated architecture of four main frequency of 1.1 GHz 304 graphics processor core and Adreno A7 operation, only support up to 720 p 8000000 megapixel camera and screen resolution. Although from various parameters Xiao dragon 210 performance is not outstanding, but the flagship processor of low-end market also has a lot of bright spots, such as support for 1080 p video recording, h. 265 video coding standard and qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 quick charge technology. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time in the low-end market qualcomm to provide fully integrated 4 g LTE – Advanced. In terms of connectivity, the processor supports multi-mode, 3 g LTE connections and LTE dual SIM card, plus 802.11 n wi-fi and bluetooth 4.1 low power consumption, Xiao dragon 201 and high-end processors in the gap in this respect is not big.

with the growing popularity of the 4 g network, Xiao came up with the dragon 210 for LTE mobile phone maker provides a very low prices, the processor solution. It is reported, qualcomm will launch shortly after carrying Xiao dragon 210 processor of smart phones and tablets. However Xiao dragon 210 processor until the first half of 2015 at the earliest, when qualcomm whether successful invasion of low-end market is still in the air.

Source: Engadget

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