QRToken two-dimensional make: focus password-less identification

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with the development of Internet, more and more people use the site, APP, set the password is becoming more and more diversified, the same password there is a lot of good memory not safe hidden trouble, but set different password users and difficult to memory. How to let the user login behavior becomes simpler and more convenient, has become the focus of innovation in the field of network security. In recent days, the hunters cloud network to a 2 d “” QRToken focus password-less identification.

2 d make product consists of two parts, apps and physical token. The APP can be used independently, to complete the PC web and mobile APP scan log in. To demand higher user login security levels, such as involving the transfer of funds, the operation behavior such as the big deals, the user can also choose to shape with 4 * 3.5 * 1.05 cm of two-dimensional physical token login, ensure the safety of the system login.

QRToken two-dimensional order is a subsidiary of Beijing stone shield technology co., LTD.), product, founder and CEO founded Han Sheng student period shi dong company, mainly engaged in information security and electronic data evidence. Worked at many/CC national computer network emergency coordination center, responsible for network security emergency disposal, computer forensics, mobile Internet security and other related work.

login account on the computer, the user to open the web site to choose QRToken two-dimensional way to login, you can use the mobile terminal APP scanning two-dimensional to implement login page, also can choose by scanning two-dimensional way makes the token to log in. When using a cell phone APP login, the user need only 2 d for APP to scan the qr code on the web, and then click on your mobile phone to confirm authorization, can realize the login, save the password and verification code input of heavy and complicated process. Using two-dimensional token login, the user first trial two-dimensional make web APP scanning qr code, and then scan to carry on the token of qr code, the dynamic way to authenticate users encrypted with a physical token login to achieve higher level of security.

at the same time, in addition to login to try on the computer, QRToken two-dimensional also support mobile terminal APP login. In support the use of 2 d to login in the entrance of the APP, as long as the user to open the APP and choose 2 d to log in, just one step, can be easily click authorized to log in. If the user USES 2 d to log in, simply scan the qr code on the token, can be realized more safe and reliable to log in.

Han Sheng stressed that through 2 d design for authentication, there are two obvious benefits. One is that users don’t have to remember many user name and password, the second is through the token of the private key, the isolated network risk.

in terms of safety, two-dimensional using asymmetric key encryption technology. Currently in use is the international general the classic algorithms of ECC, 256 – bit key strength to the military level. In addition, the 2 d to try out the professional security chip embedded in the physical token save private key, instant token physical taken apart, also cannot destroy chip read the private key, ensuring the security of the token.

Han Sheng to hunt cloud network, according to a similar card or bank card of two-dimensional token is a new generation of style, combined with a wearable device is also considered a direction in the future.

and dynamic password, biometrics, smart CARDS and so on, compared to 2 d for the use of don’t need a driver, not a keyboard input, no physical hardware interface, compatible with computers, mobile intelligent device at the same time, and even smart TV, a two-dimensional token to all systems. But how to pay more attention to convenient user experience, cultivate the user habit is worth looking forward to.

at present, the two-dimensional makes the APP has been launched in android market, two-dimensional make physical tokens released on December 21, 2014, at the same time in the raise of jingdong mall cat activity and days in preparation for the flagship store is close, will soon meet with the user.

QRToken two-dimensional order

company: Beijing stone shield technology co., LTD.


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