Put the card into the phone, electronic card type of social

the founders of the business social networking websites About me Tony Conrad decided to change people to the understanding of the business card, recently, he launched a aims to redefine business card applications: Intro.

About this app is unique, Conrad explains: “people are not in all cases with the card, but people with a mobile phone, in most circumstances type will be combined with information About me, let your business card with your mobile phone.”

Intro About me the user’s public information collection, such as your avatar and profile, open the application, they will appear in the middle of the phone’s screen, so that we can share our information and partners.

users are free to choose type according to the personal data, users all important information can be displayed on the above, cell phones, job number, Email address. Using traditional business CARDS, others collect your email address is likely to be more than a decade ago, and through the Intro, once your contact information changes, the other is automatically via text message or information to know the change.

the emergence of type is to solve the defects of the traditional business card in the contemporary people tend to have a lot of different identity in contemporary life, using traditional business CARDS, you often have to take every day two or three different types of business CARDS, to meet different people to choose a different identity. Some people may remember About Me and Moo heavy invention business Cards Cards cooperation try, the result of those efforts is merely another form of traditional business card. Intro, relatively speaking, is the smartphone era of smart card.

by name and picture together, Intro to face blindness patients brought the Gospel. Conrad is introduced to “usually put the head on the card will look a little strange, but when I really try to do that, but also soon get used to it.” By name and picture together, Intro to help users remember every contact appearance, this change is the developers greatly look good. Countless every time after the end of the meeting, the participants will exchange business CARDS, and soon forget who is who in the end, and the emergence of the Intro will completely destroy it.

type may well become a business networking site LinkedIn potential rivals, which currently has a series of news, the sale, the recruitment application. One of their main products is the main application Connected information exchange. Competitive relationship between Conrad don’t think the Intro and LinkedIn, while admitting that Intro provides services like LinkedIn, he still believes that no rival products can compete with Intro.

all by sending card and receiving card type information is stored in “my collection” and “I” column, Conrad, such can let people through the Intro to each other when they meet for the first time a profound and positive impression, and this is a traditional business card already can’t do that.


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