Prevent the “XX” solution: open a two-step verification mechanism

on September 8th news, the number of actresses who are more than the recent attack up to account, leading to private photos. This again remind all users, if you do not take some basic information security protection measures, such as enabling two-step verification mechanism, and so will face some serious problems. American technology blog Apple Insider published stories over the weekend, introduce how to enable the two steps in Apple system authentication mechanism.

first of all, you need to log in to the web version of Apple Apple ID management system, address. On this page, you have to click on “manage your Apple ID”, then enter the account password information.

a lot of people can be heard that apple provides a management tool for the first time. However, this tool is very useful. If you had felt through the iOS device to update the bill or contact information very trouble, you can more easily through this management tool to do it.

after logging in, you need to select from the left navigation bar “password and security” option. Here, you will need to validate the safety problems, then drop down to the “two-step verification” area. Click the blue “start” link and read the details. If you want to continue, then click the “continue” button.

then, Apple will send related to Apple ID phone SMS a contain verification code. Need to point out that if your mobile phone number is no longer used, and the need to change, so you need to wait for 3 days, can continue to activate the two-step verification mechanism. This is a security measure to prevent the two-step verification mechanism before the activation, a malicious attacker to lock your account immediately.

after receive SMS and enter the verification code, you will be able to specify a trusted device. This can be anything you have to use this Apple ID to activate the “Find My iPhone” function of the device, iPhone or iPod Touch. In the future, you will be sent to you by these devices to receive dynamic password. The dynamic password will be sent in the form of a special push notification, unless you choose to allow to send text messages.

in the end, apple will generate a unique recovery can be used to access the account code, in case you forget your password, or loss of trusted devices. This will be the last resort. Apple is recommended that you print or write down the back yards, and save it in a safe place, such as home insurance box.

this is important. If you forget your password, lost return code, at the same time also lost trusted device, so will be unable to login your Apple ID, and Apple also cannot help.

after all this, two-step verification mechanism was activated. The next time you try to log in the web, you will be asked to enter a dynamic password. Apple in the future will also be introduced in the operation of the more two-step authentication mechanism, such as the backup data recovery to a new device. (d)

source: sina science and technology

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