Pregnant women dedicated tracking device, can sleep, fetal pressure measurement

a lot of people said, pregnant woman is the most happiness. Full of the hope for new life, bears belly little life day by day. , of course, the woman in the pregnancy due to physical changes, need more love and care. Bellabeat has specially introduced a triad tracking monitoring equipment components to help expectant mothers pass during pregnancy. The tracking device to nature for inspiration, in addition to modelling beautiful, more use environmental protection material, and see it together.

is the first to introduce the Bellabeat Leaf, it is a wearable activity tracker, able to track the mother and fetal stress levels of sleep. Can also provide instant feedback at the same time, and also can provide various proposals during pregnancy for pregnant women. In addition, you can play with soothing music, sedation, steady state help pregnant women and children, track your baby’s reactions.

here is to introduce the Bellabeat Balance, this is a material made of wood and tracker, allow any mother tracking her weight during pregnancy. And to provide scientific healthy weight data, even can help beginners to postpartum mothers cultivate one’s morality.

connect down to want introduction of is the last one, but it is not the most important part of it. The Bellabeat Shell is a noninvasive sensors, allows mothers-to-be heard fetal heartbeat. At the same time, the collocation of matching applications, can also record and share with loved ones of the baby’s heartbeat.

believe, this function will face a lot of fetal grandparents’ favour. As if a generation of elders to fetal heartbeat and the action of pose is very interested in the womb, but suffer from technical conditions cannot be achieved at that time, so can only forget about it. Now, with this Bellabeat Shell, you can always hear the baby’s heartbeat, appreciate them in the mother’s belly “performances”.

source: tencent digital

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