Predicted that anonymous sharp insight for the future, you was wrong not dozen face

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to play what is not important, what important for fun. After the shenzhen team conveniently predict and developed an interesting products.

predicted that the APP is a mobile social applications based on the prediction and forecasting, completely anonymous and at the same time introduced the second contacts. Users can choose predicted that was released under anonymity and real-name each prophecy is second exposure, through this to verify the predictions are accurate.

prophecy would probably have these scenarios, guess, guess, plot, big news, completely anonymous, circle of friends will not send can vomit, here is predicted, then you are poking fun at the emperor.

now predicts that the operation is very simple, only two steps, a, set up the prediction time of impatience, second, the predictions of the release. Interestingly prediction click after the release, it has released a prophecy countdown, regret time is about seven seconds, I have no idea to return to edit.

predicted that takes time, so each predicted by the user will also be exposure twice, once prophesy, a time to predict. Release, the user can choose by spectrum and unreliable, also can comment on participation. Predicted that after the deadline will once again be display, then the user can see if predictions come true, if it is poking fun at emperor, really will not be other users make fun into “emperor”.

team founder yuan shuai tell hunting cloud network conveniently, this idea of the products is original, there is no appearance of similar products. This product is interesting, but also have to explain: if predictions would be a phenomenal product can’t early to say. Anonymous products after the wind, also did not leave too much the product of the market and users to remember. Prediction of the future will be how, remains to be seen.

prophecyTime: in September 2014,
Company: shenzhen joy technology co., LTD.

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