Pre-installed application market for a change of face, I want to be with the service

hunting cloud network on December 8 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)


believe that people would have such experience, newly bought didn’t use smart phones, has been put on a lot of applications. Some of these applications of the memory, until the phone was eliminated by owner, could not be opened. Some flow quietly consumption, from the phone. More ridiculous is that they are still unable to uninstall…

these pre-loaded applications of memory, information flow, suck costs and leak, seriously affect the user experience. Because occupied the space of hard disk with a lot of application, the application will run in the background, too much to run the program will cause the memory share high, lead to cell phone caton appeared, and even crash.

pre-installed software applications is important in the application of distribution market, software developers, software promotion through the preset software, increases the user use, thus achieve its economic interests. Mobile distribution market burst fire encourages the application of pre-loaded rampant.

with the current situation of the application is application distribution market. According to the survey, dominates mobile distribution market before a couple is to hold the third-highest office after the baidu, 360, tencent such big business. The Internet bosses make market pattern basically stable, but behind them and focus on the application market like peas Internet companies. Internet start-ups, distribution channel status rise fast. Mobile application with the market.

pre-installed software at the same time also is of great significance to the dissemination and promotion of APP, the current mobile pre-installed software to roughly three ways:

a operator to cell phone manufacturers custom, will require phone internal binding their related applications;

two is when the mobile phone factory, mobile phone manufacturer with our own or a third party applications;

three is in the process of mobile layer upon layer distribution, dealers are likely to be for the promotion channels for chip, pre-loaded with software firm cooperation, late or flash software pre-installed.

these pre-loaded are important means of promotion, APP developers had brought a lot of, have a small white user activity.

the pre-installed software currently on the market greatly reduced than in previous years, because it was wrong. The consumer council continue to brush a few times for this presence:

handset makers to intelligent mobile phones presets application software and support the basic functions of the system software separately, and allows the user to uninstall freely;

phone makers and software developers told consumers presets application software name, nature and other important information and corresponding unloading way;

strengthen presets application software market supervision, perfecting the preset software testing standards.

the appearance of mobile phone basic can uninstall pre-installed applications, of course, many still can’t unload system applications. Through various channels in the future, of course, application pre-installed will appear, just need to change suddenly turn hostile.

for example: the application of pre-loaded transformed into their own application service, more tough direct replacement system services. Now many of the mobile phone manufacturer’s app store, cameras, security software is to use this solution. “Or even” Internet hardware of millet, the author had seen red rice NOTE the address book system application directly to the direct pre-loaded into WeChat the phone book.

phone hardware as a huge flow of entrance, whether mobile phone manufacturer, with the Internet genes must lose the purse not made in vain. Under the condition of the legal policy tightening step by step, how can good service to our clients, and can avoid the perfect legal restrictions to be a problem.

according to customer needs to plan is to the market at present, mobile phone manufacturer built application framework, open out to the customer service interface, if the user needs to experience a more complete service, need to app store to download; Directly on the desktop fixed recommended application window.

as the current applications of video and music is already done. Possible future all pre-installed applications using this model, the difference is a matter of time before, after all, this is a market integration, is not so good.

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