Positive energy! Won the 2014 CCTV annual charity figures like chao li yapeng

the CCTV network news: on December 5, 2014, sponsored by the China central television “benevolence” 2014 large-scale public welfare propaganda activity party games “CCTV charity night” in the CCTV headquarters. The 12th, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, the all-china women’s federation chairman shen yueyue, the 12th chairman, vice chairman of CPPCC national committee, the national federation of industry and commerce qin-min wang, vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People’s Congress, China concerned about the next generation working committee director gu, the vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee of the tenth, eleventh, huang and other leaders to attend. Vice head of the central television Hu Zhanfan, wei to spring, guangming daily press editor-in-chief hotung equality and the winners, “CCTV charity night” expert committee members, such as, head of the charity together to watch the party. “China central television (CCTV) charity night” was unveiled at a gala 2014 “person of the CCTV annual charity”, salute to the practice of the leading figures of the charity.

packaging: the new “China national capital”

Mr. Packaging is the 10th, the 11th and 12th session of the CPPCC national committee, the CPPCC national committee, vice chairman of China federation, deputy director of the economic commission for shimao group chairman of the board. Under him, so far, shimao group has donated over 1 billion yuan. In 2005, Mr. No joint more than 20 private enterprises sponsored by the Chinese red ribbon fund, and executive director, personally led into AIDS, AIDS is the first line; “5, 2008? 12 “earthquake, donated 110 million yuan, endowed hundred” shimao love hospital “; New home association, founded in 2010 in Hong Kong to the mainland to Hong Kong to new immigrants to provide one-stop services such as life, education, work, for Hong Kong’s economic development and social stability made outstanding contributions, and on July 1, 2011, was awarded the Hong Kong SAR government awarded the highest honor, golden bauhinia star; In 2014, initiated by the good times China charity list, no Mr Won the title of the new “national capital in China”.

the party scene, when asked to do good for more than 20 years the most touched of memory, no Mr Recalled the 2011 with the 10th, the 11th CPPCC national committee chairman, honorary chairman of all-china federation of industry, honorary President of the Chinese red ribbon fund and Mr Huang went to liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province. At that time, he saw a pregnant woman with a child, the couple are hiv-infected people. He was very worried, especially charged women must go to the hospital childbirth, must use the red ribbon “maternal and child block” project. Return when a year later, when Mr No learned that the woman really do what he says, the two children are all in good health, special touched his heart. No, says Mr Do charity and no conflict between the two companies, the development of enterprise depends on a good social environment, entrepreneurs should first think of social returns after a successful career, he will as a lifelong career to promote charity, called for more friends to participate in, let the society more harmonious, more beautiful.

chao: Internet public driver

Mr Chao is chairman and chief executive of sina, weibo, chairman and founder of the micro public welfare. In August 2009, Mr Chao led launched sina weibo, weibo registered users has exceeded 560 million, netizens become the preferred social media platforms; Year 2011 is the microblogging public blowout, “free lunch”, “crackdown”, “love wardrobe”, “ice bucket challenge”, “smiling challenges” and other public welfare projects on weibo got the attention of millions of Internet users and support, also promoted the national policies of major changes; In January 2012, the public interest in the microblogging platform officially born. On-line in three years, the public platform for personal help, forwarding, micro auction, brand flash gave four Internet public welfare products. So far, already has more than 20 million users to directly participate in public welfare, close to 4 million users directly through the microblogging contributions, donations raised 230 million yuan, to some extent for individuals, businesses, public welfare organization tripartite win-win situation.

the party scene, when asked about the micro public welfare value, Mr Chao pointed out, the public welfare is a built in weibo platform for the public service socialization, its characteristic is that everyone can participate in, can share, can spread. Through microblogging pay, can be convenient to donate, also enhanced the transparency of charity projects, to facilitate the supervision of the public. In hot event occurs, the role of weibo, micro public welfare is more outstanding, yoann during an earthquake, the micro public welfare raised 100000 within 24 hours to donate 60 million nt dollars; This global phenomenon “ice bucket challenge” project, just two weeks otherwise it will attract more than 400 people on weibo participation, views more than 40, more than 800 public platform for the most part of ten thousand nt dollars from micro. The future, micro public welfare will play an increasingly important role in weibo, because it can be integrated in all aspects of the social resources, mobilize the whole society to participate, to maximize the value of public charity.

li yapeng: I am also a patient’s father children

Mr Li yapeng, who is one of the most famous actor in China, once he stood in the Chinese film industry’s highest point, and a devotee of China charity and public welfare. In 2006, he initiated and founded the smile angel foundation. Smile angel foundation to build China’s birth defects in children’s medical assistance system, each year in xinjiang, Tibet and other relief for the poor children in remote areas; Smile angel in May 2012, Beijing children’s hospital was set up, start of 0 to 16 children with cleft lip and palate has more continuity department cooperation treatment plan. At the same time, initiated by Mr Li yapeng, Beijing academy of Chinese culture development foundation was formally established in 2012. College Chinese culture development foundation adhering to the “resurrection of traditional culture in life, the influence of traditional culture revival” tenet, with ruling comb “elegant, elegant cultural transmission, the drive of life” as the direction, is committed to innovation and traditional cultural heritage, make the traditional culture into the present life, to innovation and development.

the party scene, when asked about doing charity power, Mr Li yapeng admitted smile angel foundation for daughter, this is fate, he did not escape. He also recalled that her daughter do surgery, oneself can’t stay in the operating room, but went to the hospital for a walk in the garden. He said he would make a wish at that time, hope to help ten thousand children in the lifetime to complete the operation. To his delight, as of the end of the party, the smile angel foundation set up eight years has completed the full 10800 children in salvage surgery. At the scene of the party, Mr Li yapeng thank to eight years of staff, complete heavy work on each other hand in hand, jointly cope with the challenge of skepticism expressed gratitude. Mr Li yapeng said he was willing to stick to a lifetime, insist to the last moment of life, so to him and his daughter is the most meaningful.

this year’s “person of the CCTV annual charity” includes two rare disease Wang Yiou and Huang Huan. Wang Yiou is a “porcelain doll” (patients with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as “cartilage disease”); Huang Huan is a “blue lips”) (pulmonary hypertension patients. Them of their patients respectively established the porcelain doll rare diseases care center and Beijing love a sight for sore eyes rare pulmonary hypertension disease care center. Wang Yiou push “ice bucket challenges” at home, 12 days successfully raised more than 800 ten thousand yuan to charity; Huang Huan committed to call for expensive drugs should be brought into the health care, and have been successful in Beijing. At the party scene, no helper when Wang Yiou reviewed from the establishment of organization, little-known team stable by now, the national pay attention to the life changes of rare patients and their families, Thanksgiving all give rare diseases groups concerned about people and the strength of love. Collected Huang Huan because the body cannot come to the scene, the host OuYangXiaDan specially to in wuxi city, jiangsu province people’s hospital ward, for she had brought a trophy and a blessing. Huang Huan said, she just a small part of, without your help, she would not live now. She would like to use “CCTV charity night” platform to all the people who love her say thank you.

won the 2014 “person of the CCTV annual charity” award and was born in Tibet, since the childhood is funded by the Chinese people’s liberation army air force love donations, actively join the army after “spring bud girls” support work, doing everything they can to feedback society women jade zhuoma; In 31 years helping more than 600 person released after serving his sentence, the 10th, the 11th National People’s Congress on behalf of, shanxi ying hui put education base founder Han Yaqin; Long-term care about supporting the construction of “water cellar for mothers”, from 2006 onwards, every year, and his wife donated a “water cellar for mothers”, even after his wife died still insist on giving shu-lan hu and innovation development “the relief map”, yi cloud (public Internet) social innovation center co-founder Mr. Wan. Their advanced deeds and good deeds, and to promote social morality, promote social harmony, practice the socialist core values and realize the great Chinese dream set up the charitable character benchmarking, won the wide support and recognition from all walks of life.

central television announced Hu Zhanfan party fundraising total 233 million

the central television announced Hu Zhanfan party fundraising total 233 million

branding charity gala gathering the most warm love power

2014 “CCTV charity night” party for entrepreneurs and the public love charity organization has set up a platform for the cooperation and communication with the bridge. The party scene, they are generous, brought New Year gift for troubled children.

in March 2008 China charity federation launched the large-scale public welfare projects – “love” a piece of paper. Project is waste accumulation funds through donations, in view of China’s ethnic minority areas of poor families suffering from congenital heart disease children launched a charity relief efforts. So far, the country to carry out the “paper” love action to raise donations totaled 29.36 million yuan, 6 congenital heart disease children, 348 people, the other 3070 people. At the scene of the party, permanent director of the China charity federation, the press charity promotion association, executive director and secretary-general Mr Xu ytterbium hin for the children brought rich contents of package: one is to carry out the “paper” love, spread the charity culture, cultivate thrifty virtue; 2 it is to help children with congenital heart disease, the establishment of children’s illness rescue “emergency” fund; 3 “paper love” is opened the donation site, make information more transparent; Four is with bank jointly issued “a piece of paper” love card. The whole package is expected to value 100 million yuan!

this year is the 25th anniversary of the hope project, the Chinese society in the most extensive, most scale and social influence of the charity project, raising money 10.072 billion yuan, funding 4.95 million rural families are financially difficult students continue their studies, finance building hope primary school by 18396. 2014 “CCTV charity night” party set up special tribute link, review the development process of project hope, all the participants to the project hope to award this year’s tenth “CCTV annual charity figures” trophy. Award presenters identity is very special: they are the first from China hope primary schools, jinzhai hope primary school children, shortly before they had just received the political bureau of the CPC central committee and state council premier li keqiang’s reply. Mr Wang xudong, deputy secretary-general of China youth development foundation and love entrepreneurs on behalf of all the hope project participants received this special honor, also is the children thank you deep inside. Prime minister li keqiang, says Mr Wang xudong letter mentioned in the “for all the happy life of poor children to create good hope” is the dream of every person heart persistent. In 2015, youth foundation will launch micro school plan “project hope”, pay attention to teach children in deep mountains; “Project hope” happy football, let every child in the cultivation of football sports personality and training skills; “Toy story” hope project, focus on left-behind children; Project hope will be the first time in 2015 in areas of science and technology, start the “youth science and technology innovation fund”, due to its founding fund donors, comrade deng xiaoping paid, so also known as “xiaoping fund”, expect more teenagers use technology to create hope. China youth development foundation and love enterprise brought a total of 43 million yuan.

“care package” of China foundation for poverty alleviation project started in 2009, aims to promote to solve the defects in the sound body beauty education in poor areas children, successfully set up “transparent, convenient, interactive” donation platform, promote the development of the national welfare. As of December 31, 2013, accept the social donation project is 320.2564 million yuan RMB, including 1.62 million personal donations, unit 150000. Programs reach 29 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions) 478 counties, 10161 schools and 10161 students, and 6549 families. At the scene of the party, the China foundation for poverty alleviation, deputy secretary general Mr Hong-tao Chen announced that in 2015, the project will continue to focus on “care package” and is committed to solve the shortcomings in the quality education on children in poverty-stricken areas, promote the development of the public welfare undertakings. Project will through constructing transparent and convenient platform for the public, to encourage more individuals and units to participate in, to raise 30 million nt dollars, mutual care for 300000 children in poor areas.

in 2000 by the all-china women’s federation, the Beijing municipal government, China central television host, China women’s development foundation to undertake “sympathised with the west? Share a mother’s love “s love and large-scale public welfare activities, raise money 116 million yuan, is used to set up a” land of love, water cellar for mothers “project fund, and started implementation in 2001. Accumulated by the end of 2013, the project construction fund 800 million yuan, built nearly 130000 “water cellar for mothers” and more than 1600 small concentrated water supply project, solve the drinking water of nearly 2.2 million people, benefit coverage 24 provinces. At the scene of the party, vice President of China women’s development foundation and secretary-general, says ms Qin Guoying “water cellar for mothers” more than a decade’s greatest contribution is to make benefit area people drink clean water, and make the local people’s health level, income level have been greatly improved; Local women’s family status and social status were improved greatly, has a high voice; The villagers have become more unity, harmony, village CunMao so there has been a huge shift. Ms qin also and love entrepreneurs and representatives announced sent $30 million gift for the children.


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