Pony test drive: the main experience type automobile electrical contractor, not the same experience

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traditional industries, the Internet is an inevitable trend of auto industry. Whether to jingdong, headed by Tmall e-commerce sites, or social platform, headed by weibo or vertical BBS, like car home for automotive electrical business coveted, but the current auto electrical business is still at the exploratory stage, has not formed the dominance.

recently a platform called “pony test” car gradually attracted people’s attention, they also received millions of dollars in angel source vc investment. Pony test is a test based on mobile Internet shopping platform, the main experience automotive electrical business services, support personnel test drive, in the bottom, etc. Pony test to select from the perspective of buyers and using third party test drive mode, provide booking test anytime and anywhere to buyers, which provides consumers with the real car experience, dealer’s cost saving. The pony test slogan is “life” for the buyers.

it’s not hard to find, for car home puts forward full online shopping “electricity”, in essence, the analysis is difficult to achieve, this is determined by the special properties of by car. Automobile is still a huge fees for most of the family expenses, so people’s decision-making process is very complex; Second car sales only rely on online advertising images cannot be achieved, offline drive experience play a key role. At this stage of the so-called automobile electric business platform is guide for offline businesses flow, platform just in sales leads. For pony test drive, founder of Lai Junjie convective cloud network, “the pony test try to break through the single flow of sales model, with the third party test service as the breakthrough point, seize the fragmentation test pain points, use drive of door-to-door service opportunity, transformation test order for accurate purchases order.”

the pony test has comprehensive coverage of PC + mobile terminal. Specific to the use of the pony test process, after the user to open the APP, can choose different models according to the price section, at present the whole garage resources have been able to cover all popular models; Choose to end, to make an appointment on time, the other end on the pony test registered the car’s owner, after receiving the order, will be within the prescribed time and place of car allows you to test drive. Pony test process is simple and convenient operation, use of fragmented time to help users experience test drive, greatly improving the efficiency of industry.

in addition, the price is another key buyers attention. The pony test formed a professional service team and the use of powerful reserve backstage system, ensure that moment to obtain a lower price, the pony test also pledged to double compensation difference. Pony test drive in the process of the car, arrange full-time personnel door-to-door, accompanied shopping until the end of the deal, to help users avoid unnecessary transaction “trap”. Lai Junjie said, “the pony test platform is lower than the market 2000-3000 yuan, but the pony test transactions still need to complete purchases at a distributor link, the future will try to translate into direct transactions online.”

based on the pony test drive new car model and brand-new car-buying experience, launched a month of time the number of deals reached 200, scope of radiation has including Shanghai, Beijing, shenzhen, changsha and chongqing five cities, the market reaction is good. Pony test drive the biggest value lies in the fact that reinvent the whole process, to consumers as a starting point, promoting the traditional sales mode transformation, to create online auto industry ecosystem. Lai Junjie convective cloud network said, “no matter how automotive electrical business model innovation, in promoting the development of the industry, automotive electrical business in the future will be able to achieve normalized, and the pony test has been walking on the road.”

Drive of

a pony

time: October 2014


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