Point to massage: continue to disintermediation, door to door massage service providers

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craftsmen O2O rapid development relying on the Internet, door manicures, hairdressing, door door beauty makeup, wash the car door, door cook, cleaning and other services, the door enable people to enjoy the Internet startup every aspect of life convenient, lifestyle change too.

point to massage is focused on the door massage products, founder Duan Ke 58 city commercial products, a former governor, first began to consider entrepreneurship forum O2O, with 58 city accumulated experience and resources, accumulated business conditions. But in a wide variety of service categories, 020 life Duan Ke did consider and rule out, finally chose the market is not very competitive, has enough momentum to massage health care industry.

Duan Ke convective cloud network said: “health is eternal eternal topic, also will be more valued, is expected to total number of people willing to spend the cost of health also is very optimistic. The door health massage, there is a demand of high frequency and very profitable space industry, there must be sufficient market waiting for digging.” On the frequency of massage service demand, about once a week or once every two weeks.

it is known that point to massage in the target customer group, nine percent are professionals. This group sitting for a long time, lack of exercise, fatigue, the healthy is another name for this group. Point massage to choose the first from the cooperation with enterprises, in the form of employee welfare services are provided for the high needs of groups, overcome lazy, busy, this group of health problems. In addition, the old man is their service customers.

on the product operation, point massage to choose light operation, starting operation micro letter public account, point to the next step is going to launch the App.

on sort of price design and service, to provide only three services, main 128 yuan of 45 minutes of lumbar shoulder neck physical therapy, and 158 yuan for 1 hour systemic therapy, supplemented by $148 worth of waist and physical therapy.

on the profit model, and also didn’t think much of that early hopes of education market only, also make market reputation.

Duan Ke tell hunting cloud network, the massage health care entity shop there are three main kinds, one kind is leisure, health care, pay attention to experience and etiquette, but low professionalism; Is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, high degree of professional is expensive, the price of a service of thousands; And there’s a hospital treatment, the price is relatively cheap, but the service time is very short, between 10 min – 15 min.

to the technician currently has dozens of professional technicians, each name at least 5 years experience, has to get senior technician certificate of technicians, some physicians. On the theory and experience, and in the service etiquette, point to the service process, service etiquette, etc. Will be unified training of technicians in advance.

at present to give all the technician on the personal and property insurance, can guarantee the safety of technician and also on the guest’s property security.

to belong to Beijing rainbow have Shared information technology co., LTD., to hunt Duan Ke cloud network exclusive confirmed, angel investment in October, the company has obtained 10 million yuan. Temporary not convenient revealed specific institutions. (online have preached is 58 Yao Jinbo xiao-hua Chen investment)

now do the door massage and products such as: some wonderful hand, kung fu bear, hua tuo landing, to e, kin lok tong, according to the great, and so on.

Point to massage

Company: Beijing rainbow have Shared information technology co., LTD.

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