Pocket shopping round C $350 million, tencent’s 145 million account for 10% of the shares

domestic mobile electric business platform pocket shopping in the store at the conference, the company in the middle of the year successful C round of financing, the amount of $350 million. Among them, tencent invested $145 million, accounts for 10% share.

other investors include H Capital, tiger funds, Vy Capital, DST, but did not disclose the specific investment amount and shareholding.

pocket shopping was established in September 2011, the main personalization and precise recommendation. Won A lei jun angel investment, the latitude and longitude 2011 of about $12 million, A round of investment in China, then in 2012 B gain the favour of warburg pincus investment round of funding. Now, the products including pocket shopping App, half price today, beautiful and purchasing, act as purchasing agency site and store.

pocket shopping founder and CEO wang ke said: micro store next will invest 200 million yuan of funds, used for drainage, for the wechat business and the wechat business to open the pocket shopping, a series of vertical market APP and so on various agglomeration buyers passenger flow of the market.

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