Pocket parenting: positioning quality parenting q&a community, 5 minutes with craigslist

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it is not difficult to found that around: segments of entrepreneurial style constantly. Such as images + “atoms” of speech patterns, interrogation + health management model of “sun fu”, focusing on a scale of 0-12 years old children family education “children teaching circle”, focused and familiar young mother, provide beauty makeup the topic of “hot mom help”, such as: niche of entrepreneurial innovation play was again and again. Can also how to play: to market, hunting today cloud network with everyone to see a flagship “parenting bible + fast access to” products “pocket parenting” is how tempered?

pocket parenting community focused parenting 0 to 6 years old, choose from high-end high-quality childcare, for users to transfer new scientific idea of parenting, recommended in the high-end personalized childcare products. Catcher (RuanPeng) founder, 04 years engaged in the Internet industry, former director, tianya web blog network products director; Had entrepreneurial SNS project ant net, baidu bid, after: parenting “pocket” in the field of child is the second venture of wheat field life. , “said catcher hunting cloud network interview: to market crosswise, the direction of entrepreneurship is in differentiate themselves, but also can excavate the depth of the longitudinal, and pockets of parenting is longitudinal dig high-level core requirements of users.”

pocket parenting premium content created by mode of “PGC + UGC”, the main users quick access to information. In the “question and answer” channels, users can ask questions all sorts of parenting, 5 minutes with craigslist. Currently on the APP has accumulated more than 200 parenting problem, more than 2000 answers. “Question and answer” outstanding characteristic is the official “parenting consultant”, by the American academy of pediatrics (AAP) to judge the authority of the views, currently has nearly 200000 question. Catcher, “in the past, the unstructured nature makes reusable content is very low, now still allows users to contribute content but better structured, the content is more have time value.”

in the guide channel, primarily for the parents of 0 to 6 years old, provide personalized parenting strategy, for parents to recommend various ones, selection of child care supplies. Strategy content involves the way such as eat, wear, use, play divided into more than 40 months dimensions, all appeared in the strategy of information, is all contribute their parenting talent or parenting experts, again by pocket parenting team review is completed, instructional content is stronger, more accurate, comprehensive coverage 0 to 6 years old children’s lives. Channel, “said catcher strategy can be user in the process of parenting structured and daily behavior, such as data, and related products targeted to users of precision push.”

the pockets in the parenting is aimed at high-end crowd, also added a “community” function to develop user viscosity. In “community”, equipped with communication group with city mom, mothers can look at the old woman daughter-in-law relation, gourmet kitchen, parent-child travel freely; Children and parents can also enjoy sharing tong yan pa, show the baby super of the photos.

compared Yu Baobao tree, hot mom help, mom circle, such as maternal and infant community, pocket parenting maximum value is not simply doing community let users themselves play is OK, but more emphasis on PGC contribute (experts) the depth of mining, real value for new mothers. This value includes the scientific nurture knowledge, including high quality child care goods and so on, can say pocket parenting is not a user “small talk”, but “value” to users.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, pocket parenting has launched more than a year, but the way for some time, capital chain rupture, project hasn’t been promoted, in June of this year truly began operations. So far accumulated pocket parenting mother nearly 1 million users, they also get “zheshang venture” angel investment of millions of yuan. Now, it seems, capital and talent problem become the biggest pocket parenting development constraints, but crop, pocket parenting is preparing to launch A round of funding, identity by investors looking for values. Pocket parenting business model is very clear, is the guide electricity, may try to sale in the future.



company: Beijing catcher interactive network technology co., LTD.


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