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as mobile terminal has gradually become the main entrance of the Internet, there is no doubt that the mobile vertical community for specific population is booming. Whether women, food lovers, gay groups, or the patients, new parents, or even a pet owners, can be found in the app store their own interest in the community. Also, like runners have their own interest in the community. Yue run laps, belong to the runner circles.

please run laps is a dedicated vertical community, is a runner exchange and sharing platform. Please run laps is also used for numerical analysis to run their own running tool. So you can understand into a “tool + community” mobile applications.

about the inspiration of product development, yue run laps, co-founder of Wilson told hunting cloud network reporter “in the past we have done sport APP, in contact with all sorts of sports stars or talent, we are currently running in the field of product has a lot of space.” In August of this year, in 360 mobile phone assistant host launch “dandelion business plan”, please run laps gained Zhou Hongyi, deng chao, YuBai eyebrow three mentors will stick, became one of the most respected App in the day.

it is known that yue who is main use of run laps runners and are interested in running. Specific to the main function, has the running data recorder, running process record data and related circuit diagram; Running friend circle, bosom mobile community of runners, can share in the running behavior or result, in a whole new way of realizing the communication between runners; Unique to boycott cheating, anti-cheating system, users can also with national, provincial, ranking compared to people around; Watermark camera, running data or wiring diagram can be integrated into the optional in this photo, sublimation running style; A key to share the running records, each running results can be easily share a key to the micro letter, weibo, such as social networking platform, let the relatives and friends witness running time.

running is now a popular blue ocean. When the marathon registration has to draw a lottery, when many sports brand began to do their own fun run, when H& M has been draw column do running gear, yue run laps team has realized that running is a hot enough career. Now on the market the most popular sports App has very much, so how yue run laps in similar products in the path of differentiation for the user’s long-term support?

Wilson told cloud network hunting, community-based, concentration and mass of yue was running laps is different from other sports the advantage of the App. Yue run laps own vertical community has high activity, run the friends here can see lots of interesting and original content, and to run friends, fun, “yue ran circles have a master in literature creation ran fine content, also has photos from output fine people in the photo, and financial circles of people pursue money body balance, between lovers can be as a dependent, relatives and friends can also take this opportunity to compete.” Yue run laps regularly recommend running circles, through many operation means to keep the community good genes; “We are highly focused on runners, many similar software have radiation to the other areas of the trajectory, the yue run laps is comprehensive care of runners.” Yue has exclusive anti-cheating system run laps, conducive to maintaining the atmosphere of the whole community; Yue run laps in many game won a good reputation. “Side runner, more and more involved in running in the field of brand is becoming more and more various kinds of professional marathon and fun run is also more and more, this let us firmly run on the road.”

at the moment, please run laps users reached five hundred thousand, twenty thousand active users, every day there are a lot of picture and text content, products also had the runners are recognized. “Many better play the function of the (PK, real-time online. Refueling, marathon, function) we’ve designed it, but, after all, one step a footprint, restricted to the development speed of these interesting feature also failed to launch.” Wilson convective cloud network said, “we focus on running and running, we will use better products for users to make the first move, to become a runner, feeling running bring the positive energy of body and mind.” At present, yue run laps qihoo 360 angel round investment has won. Wilson told cloud network hunting, yue run laps in the future will be more interesting offline activities, “through the prizes and fun game of it lit up the Chinese run feast.”

please run laps
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