PlayStation 20 years old! When SONY will change the world again?

PlayStation series products since released in the past 20 spring and autumn period, the console across age has changed the lives of many people. Today, cloud network editor jun hunting with you look at the past success of PlayStation. At the same time, we are sincerely looking forward to SONY can introduce more products to change the world.

on Wednesday (Dec. 3), the series products of SONY celebrate PlayStation 20th anniversary birthday since Japan’s sale. As the PS4 this year of sell like hot cakes, PS platform legend is still continuing, SONY is there are too many reasons to celebrate.

however, long-term follow up of SONY products observers are promising and expressed some concern: although PS series legend still, however, since PS released 20 years ago, SONY launched one product does not have any to PS at the beginning of the release of the height to change the world.

at the beginning of PlayStation is a console iPhone epoch-making works, its release to start and has led to a new host from generation to generation. Nintendo, video game market leader was busy with sega on all details on this a series of brutal game, SONY PlayStation was released. SONY was meant to launch a named PlayStation contains a cd-rom read function of super nintendo machine, they at CES 1991 shows this new concept product. The day was that SONY conference, SONY and nintendo is terminated the cooperation because of the profit distribution problems. Long health lead SONY betrayed nintendo 夛 good wood, after a series of restructuring, they released it to change the world, but also subverts the nintendo PlayStation.

nintendo after suspend cooperation with SONY to philips, but their cooperation is more short and has no effect. Soon, nintendo will focus your attention on the updating the game card and the old nintendo game machine can produce 3 d effect, caused the nintendo 64, 1996. Sega, saw the potential from the PlayStation, they released their own have a CD read and 3 d display console: Saturn, but Saturn bad 3 d effect and high prices ultimately led to its downfall. PlayStation at the beginning of the design is used as a support cd-rom technology platform for the 3 d game, SONY on the timing is very precise. With 3 d technology into the mainstream, the game makers tend to produce more vivid picture of the game to attract older players, and PlayStation stability performance is becoming a perfect platform of 3 d home game.

SONY playstation series the 20th anniversary of the game to review

although nintendo 64 look better on paper data, and have made a certain progress in cassette, SONY’s new product has the advantage of the two cross time. First of all, a cd-rom can store a few times more data than tapes: for dubbing rich an epoch-making masterpiece metal gear solid (metal gear), is famous for its high quality score of Wipeout the pre-rendered and final fantasy 7 arrive at the grandeur of the CG, is crucial. Second, cd-rom end game in production cost and production process is much less than the tapes, it allows manufacturers have more opportunity to test their game. Vendor soon abandoned the nintendo and his critical terminals, while for the PlayStation game with unprecedented depth and breadth.

put aside those wonderful game, PlayStation give a person with a master of previous game platform of the image. This is the first I persuade my father to buy game consoles, I believe it beautiful modelling, of course, there are the classic SONY logo – prompted my father decided to buy it, then my home is not a CD playback devices, PlayStation function obviously in this respect is also a factor). But as SONY first-class marketing, such as the classic “double life” television advertising and nightclub in London to open the Wipeout booth ideas, PlayStation lifestyle is the first to make the game become a fashion of the platform.

SONY way to bring you back twenty years PlayStation

the PS2 to bring more success, SONY playstation 3 after experiencing frustration of release at the beginning of the series in the legend. However, without a SONY console on contemporary society had a PlayStation as significant and far-reaching culture shock. We can even say that we don’t have a SONY product even close to the height of the original.

SONY today in celebration of his greatest the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a product, there is no thought PlayStation such reason to celebrate. In the SONY walkman, armed with DV machine and even the validity of patent has been in the past for a long time old Trinitron TV s, PlayStation is undoubtedly the great and remarkable pioneering products. SONY is not without foundation invented the PlayStation, but from mainstream console manufacturers requirements and integrates the target subversive products for adults. However, no matter how successful the PS4, we will only remember he is 4 PlayStation. Indeed, the success of the PS series continues today, but we still can not help but ask a way: when SONY will launch a product to change the world?

Source: TheVerge

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