Platform publishers: attack of the new media platforms, traditional publishers

cloud network hunting note: today, the way we create things, distribution and consumption has had the earth-shaking changes, the boundaries between publishers and online platform, never like today so fuzzy. So what lead to this kind of fuzzy? In recent years, social media site Facebook and Twitter these new publishing platform boom, similar to America’s most famous political blog Huffington Post, the us news aggregators BuzzFeed and famous American sports media Bleacher Report these new media also have mushroomed, and flourish everywhere. It should be said that the emergence of led to such a fuzzy, because you don’t know whether they are classified, the other side of the publisher or just a platform? Or is this kind of clear rules are already out of date?

in the past, platform and publishers has significant difference between the two patterns, to distinguish them, it is not too easy.

platform model is to provide a platform, make it easier to create and publish content, who is for the creator and the content itself, don’t mind. Each user can use it to create and publish content, as to the content have any meaning, weight is not important, let the audience to judge, everyone feel good, then the content will be placed at the top. This largely by the algorithm, user behavior and feedback to decide together. Platform will not pay for content creators, only need to spend money on technology. Platform usually will not be responsible for the content, inappropriate content or tort, had nothing to do and platform.

compared with pure publishers pattern is completely different. In this mode, only the professional editor or written freelance talent has the power of the press, the audience’s voice, from beginning to end is publisher at them, they are an audience between authors and readers to draw the eurabia, don’t allow any provocative behavior. They will give the author rewards, but cost much less in terms of technology. They must carefully review content to be published, once appear inappropriate content or copyright dispute, they first will be accountability.

this pure publishers pattern has been in the mainstream status, the situation didn’t change until five years ago. That time flat pattern of the network platform, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and bursts of appeared in succession, and publisher of pure model of the New York times, bloomberg, ESPN ESPN are booming. But now look at the boundaries of these two kinds of model is hard to distinguish.

YouTube recently announced it will invest heavily in content creation, Facebook directly and brand advertisers, cooperate high-end advertising form and content creation. Twitter has an editorial team, Reddit scholar-officials also has opened up a q&a section AMA, let people can see above celebrity profiles. And traditional publishers, for example the Forbes began to platform model, announced to the public.

because of the two modes of mutual penetration, hybrid model gradually grow, become the mainstream model – BuzzFeed as previously mentioned, the Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Medium and lightweight content distribution platform, Bustle, Mic and Elite Daily news Elite Daily, etc., they are more or less mixed this range, embrace of democracy and science and technology. They even to is no one registered with open arms, give them space to create and publish content.

in the past decade, driven platform for science and technology rapid development of science and technology, and they brought great impact to the media, before the people of the industry may not be completely through the door and the platform and the emergence of break the barriers, participate in content creation, stepped into the door began to reduce the cost of this brightness, and digital contents is to let the almost everyone can easily create, whether text, photos, audio or video, and let these create can reveal the content of the show. At that time in the past, divided between platform and publishers, but today, for almost all people, as long as small a smartphone, all become can create, edit, publish.

now we will find that we have been overwhelmed with the content of the vastness, we entered the era of a content highly correlation, and broad platform is finding is not clear, the contents of these platforms but they have to act as the role of the publisher, to ensure that their correlation. Especially when they see new competitors Snapchat burn after reading the picture sharing software, instant messaging application WhatsApp. The link between individual network, there is no the same problem, perhaps so they can instead more successful.

one might expect in a traditional publishers in this new world order, can still held the diaoyutai, give play to the role of command guidance. But in fact most of them can not accept democracy, nor the development of science and technology, to do his duty, sleeping in the past glories. Yes, they are monopoly in the past, but people always want to live in the present.

a new generation of hybrid media companies began to try to go its own way, in this moment of fuzzy, to create their own new pattern. Part of them has hit a brand, to help readers find and find relevant content. Others for a smart business model, smuggling route of custom, the electronic commerce and related specific target audience have a significant impact. No matter what, all are diligently between the platform and publishers, to find their own foothold.

the content innovation and reform of media industry, the first challenge is not to let all people to be able to create content, not only has to solve this problem, also has become the mainstream.

the main challenge now is to let the related content QuWuCunJing, reach a certain height, realizing the deep, pluralism and diversification. This innovation the publisher of the challenge is not just a single model or platform can do, of course, a new hybrid model, evolution of flat screen mode, pure publishers seems to have gradually started to find a suitable location, to face these new crisis.

so, at that time we should take a name to a new generation of content providers? Platform for publishers? Publishing platform? Publishers or Platishers (platform platform + publishers combination word)? Or is it pubforms (publisher publishers + platform platform combination word)? As you like, love how to call what, however, we can expect, that is the future of the media.


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