Pinterest, LinkedIn, reality on how to build a fan economy

Egg Japan to assist in several big silicon valley company open the company famous Japanese market, in not long ago it held a about how to increase the amount of BBS users with fans. From Pinterest, Cookpad, Moi (the inventor of the Twitcast), LinkedIn Japan (get), Zendesk (provide management terminal customer service web site), the company (notes) impression, TED (global conference) xTokyo, Uber Japan, as well as the reality of Japan’s public relations manager in how to establish and maintain users in Japan (fans) group discussions.

let’s take a look at the following list the five theme audience feedback best

1. create value for your “companion”

of a product or a service chase high enough to produce cluster effect, but this has not been enough to persistently keep the fan group together. For peer recognition and worship to spontaneously industry leaders and trend. Pursue associate identity can create a virtuous cycle, the general users because is famous in the community of identity, thus became a celebrity, bring more fans gather. Like YouTube’s users, Ashton Kutcher (Hollywood actor, the first to receive 1 million followers on Twitter users).

Yuka Oishi noticed her user very like “forward” this feature. Get the more forward volume means that more people’s attention, thus Pinterest makes this phenomenon were dug deeper, opens at every time you forward images will automatically link to the original home page, so it increases the likelihood of creators to increase amount of fans.

in Cookpad Ako Nakayama said they used a week cooking contest to increase user into degrees of site activities. Come up with a 52 subjects will not be easy. Holiday seasons are usually is people the opportunity of divergent thinking to come up with good ideas, but the user want to see more like a good dish “five minutes” common topic.

2. when in Rome, do as the Romans do communication

you might feel relaxed, poking fun at this kind of typical characteristics of silicon valley type communication way and the site’s most senior users as well as the super fans chat is good. Nakayama, however, think that this is not as practice. Cookpad company thinks we should communicate with local fans when in Rome, do as the Romans do etiquette. The company use mergers and acquisitions way all the way from Japan to overseas, but it still keeps the local team communication.

Oishi agree with this view: “we’re based in the United States, here is just an overseas branch.” She began to explain why she had to transformation of the mode of communication. She works in the silicon valley colleagues can easily use “hey!” Such words as email look up, but this way in the Japanese attach great importance to etiquette is difficult to be accepted. Then she began to try some neutralization route. Such as when introducing yourself to call themselves “Yuka” (similar to Yu Xiaoliu) rather than “Oishi” (nickname), in order to cater to local customs.

3. employee is a representative of the enterprise and the user communication

from LinkedIn Rei Hasegawa from Zendesk Shoko Yanagisawa believe company want to open the Japanese market, must pay attention to the Japanese local staff group itself.” You need to let your employees think of themselves as the representative of the company “Hasegawa, Suggestions are given.

every employee, especially establishing a branch of the early employees, will be the representative of the company in the local image. Potential competitors, ally and users, by observing the company’s employees to peep at the enterprise, so the headquarters to establish as closely linked with the employees.

Yanagisawa found frank conversation is to keep close contact with the most powerful one. She said, “both external communication and internal communication, all of us to do feel transparent.” LinkedIn also has a similar way. This is helpful to enhance mutual communication between team members and the opportunity to learn each other. Hasegawa stressed: “connect with each other, each other win-win.”

4. continued growth is derived from the initial user (senior user) carefully screening

a senior user is the company’s products of the company to operate the source of life. Their support for the company in spirit and money through the ups and downs of the crisis. Is because of this, find the right people and keep close ties with them is very important for the group using growth site.

reality just started in Japan, but they are very confident about their future, why is this? “In Japan, an visitors showed great interest in return. All this thanks to someone whose branch “in Japan Yoshiaki Tatewaki such explained.

Mika from company Mr Ueno on expanding use crowd had a similar experience. As TED community organizations in Tokyo, she invested double for this idea. It also makes the TED Tokyo as the world’s most successful conference organization. Mr Ueno think it comes from her team from the first meeting of the organization is very importance to choose the participants. “We selected the majority of the audience also can at any time in this paper, the point of view.” She says.

5. mining the deep value of your product

expansion from senior play home use group is an important challenge. Organic growth lies a huge crisis, but how do you in multi-dimensional organic development? You must know, the value of the product is in the eye of the beholder.

from Uber Keiko Kitao, points out why Uber will deliver to participate in to the mother cat, and the concept of homemade ice cream in trend of the activity. All these for its own products and services that provide the breakthroughs of new ideas. In Japan, there is a new concept is to specify a Uber (user) to the site to take you around Tokyo’s most famous Christmas lights a round trip.

Tatewaki from reality also has a similar approach. “I hope I can create a way to make Japan the elderly can entertain tourists,” he said. He cited a old grandmother lived in Tokyo, in her children left after she gradually gets married, a person alone the story of a big empty lonely room. Japanese has very many pleasant scenery of the countryside, but also with the large population ageing problems. He saw the reality with a potential business opportunities, it is through the development of family hotels and holiday to restructuring of the economic depression.

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