Picture is truth! Baidu Uber $600 million strategic investment

, baidu Uber strategic trade and investment, signing ceremony held at 2 PM. Both sides of the future will be in technology innovation, develop international market, expand China O2O service three aspects to cooperate. Calculated according to the C round of financing situation, Google Ventures have Uber about 6% stake. This strategic stake in baidu, baidu and Google search market two competitors will gather in the Uber shareholders. However, baidu has 1.5% at most. A taxi home and say goodbye to the duopoly market, form a BAT three supremacy.

Uber currently valued at $40 billion, last summer, Uber $258 million C round of investment, Google Ventures led; D round after a $1.2 billion investment, Google Ventures also choose to vote. Previously, Uber, founder and CEO Travis Kalanick completed in blog announced $1.2 billion in financing, set aside $600 million for “strategic investors”. There was speculation, “strategic investors” is likely to be baidu.

baidu in recent years to speed up the pace of internationalization, in southeast Asia, the Middle East and north Africa, Latin America and other regions. Robin li said in the signing ceremony, “the Internet company in China and the United States are mostly at the investment level, early company, U.S. companies to invest in China, then there are some Chinese companies to invest in the United States to the United States. But Chinese Internet companies between deep strategic cooperation, baidu and Uber mode is an innovation.” For baidu, strengthen cooperation means that baidu “connection and service” strategy, using Uber user resources and offline service ability, global layout, baidu will speed up its mobile business to enhance the commercialization of the baidu mobile.

Founded in 2009,

Uber have in 52 countries and regions in the world more than 250 cities, business development, including China’s cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen. Karan Nick said, “Uber has operations in more than 250 cities around the world, and the growth of the asia-pacific is the most important areas. Strategic cooperation with baidu, further reflects our commitment in the asia-pacific market development, has strengthened the Uber users close connection and cooperation driver.” Cooperation means for Uber Uber is expected to baidu’s multimedia interaction, big data, and artificial intelligence technology into products and services, enhance competitiveness, expand market share in emerging markets.

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