Pick up my car pool: seize the success rate “carpool” pain points


after Beijing “Beijing committee of Beijing’s opinions on passenger car and take a trip, together with” yanjiao to guomao “classic commuter lines unbearable situation, the flow of a carpool market popularity soared rapidly, many carpool APP quickly online, carpooling market increasingly busy, online search carpooling, has poured into the new company will find continuously, it is a pity utilization rate and success rate is not high, difficult to meet the core requirements of users. Pick up my car pool to catch the “success” this pain points, quickly became the carpool dark horse of the market.

carpooling, be about to the car, this is the original intention of meet me carpool CEO liu. carpooling success rate is the core indicator of carpool software. for example “ha ha carpool” is to create a community relations to solve, and AA carpooling emphasises the reservation period longer long-haul carpool. The way there will be some effect, but have failed to effectively solve the high frequency point in essence, high density, high concurrency short-haul carpool matching problem, problem is the core of the algorithm and offline resources integration ability. Pick me up solutions for the above two points, liu told cloud network hunting, algorithm testing and change alone spent more than half of the time limit for a project development team, for the offline, “meet me” team China auto rental background, using the experience of operating and resources , the development and integration.

it is worth mentioning, I cut into the mode is “coach”. International trade specialized service yan jiao twins workers back and forth, the user through the APP release route appointments, and completely free, and free breakfast, the shows and other services at the same time, the bus come from formal rental company, only from yan jiao to guomao, carpooling demand has close to 30000 people every day, through this effort, not only can meet me carpool to attract users, cultivate the seed users, but also can accumulate to line resources, through post data analysis, implement effective car-sharing business matching.

founder liu, since 1998, has been engaged in work related to cars, the automotive and transportation industry have a deeper understanding, founding team comes from China auto rental, lenovo group, samsung group, tsinghua tongfang and other famous enterprises management. Now the angel financing has been completed.

many carpool software on the market, such as ha ha carpooling, AA carpooling, love carpooling and tick carpooling earlier than “meet me” first put on the market, and has produced the number of users. But the feedback from the market, carpooling software expert currently still utilization rate is low, the habit of a lot of users or offline carpool. Hunting cloud network forecast, if the user publish carpooling information, “meet me” immediately to carry on the reasonable and efficient allocation of resources, assist users in a timely manner to the car, travel less pressure, ensure the higher success rate, the result really could be quickly stand out. However, ha, ha, etc into the first lines of competitors first-mover advantage, also to be reckoned with, if you want to play to the advantage of backwardness, not so optimistic.

Meet my carpool

Company: Beijing HaoXiang express technology co., LTD.

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