Pet box: customized pet feeding scheme, regularly for pet food distribution

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with rich material life, the change of the traditional family structure and the increase of stress at work, make more and more people are betting on the emotion pets, many pets are seen as an important member of the family. But for many people who feed pet, often forget to buy pet feed, what kind of feed is high-quality goods, how to choose healthy pet toys and so on, these questions become the most headaches people feed pets.

it is not difficult to find that, around the pet entrepreneurial projects emerge in endlessly, said pet, pet class pet community, or a pet pet bear, star class pet pet remit electric company, all have no good solution (pet feeding. Recently I had the opportunity to come into contact with a product called “pet box”, its logic is user will pet product customization and structured, place regular orders for delivery of goods, thus providing a set of professional pet feed solution. Breakthrough in this regard, pet box homogeneity serious pet community and pet electric business level, using customized solution, direct aim at the core of the pet feeding pain points.

why have the entrepreneurial idea, still use from Leon and Daphne’s founder growls Ohyeah method (from France, dou). Leon, in the process of feeding Ohyeah found full of fake, fake pet products on the domestic market, choose for your beloved pet feed let oneself every day is a headache; In addition, with their more and more busy, busy sometimes even forget to eat themselves, let alone to lexy instant purchase feed. Leon thought of, in fact, a lot of people will face such a problem, then together with his girlfriend Daphne choose entrepreneurship “pet box”. Leon convective cloud network, “as a pet, I can feel the trouble of pet owners, and pet box can make pet feeding more convenient, save time, let people have more time with his own lexy play.”

specific to the use of pet box process: first, the selected time period. According to pet’s age, size and activity to select the most suitable feeding cycle; Second, the screening of goods. According to the pet’s breed, age, special requirements and pick out the most suitable health products such as pet box is added to the user; Finally, the regular replenishment. Box in the order of goods regularly sent to the user to specify address, the user can don’t have to worry about any feed, greatly improve the efficiency of the pets are bred.

pet box of goods involving dog food, cat food, toys, snacks and a handful of clean beauty category. According to hunt cloud network understanding, pet box quantity less than other pets website. For that matter, Leon, “believe that the user’s pets as their family, and we need to spend more time to confirm, strict screening of the good quality for the user full of goods, let lexy eat more at ease.” Platform according to the author, pet box almost no domestic goods, the store provide feed of WDJ recommended, sources have been foreign original factory confirmation. If the website can’t find the user wants to goods, you can feel free to contact the pet box, site analyzes the composition of the goods, if it is assured a good commodity, the platform will try to find domestic of agents, but the process can be a bit long.

from the perspective of the experience of hunting cloud network, it is the first time you buy shopping process similar to the general store, but from the start shopping, shopping process will be relatively simplified, only to return to pet box system notification time payment, can receive regular ordered goods; The user can modify before the order payment yet pet box with embedded goods delivery time. At present, pet box support alipay and micro letter transfer payments, but must pay a delivery at a time, Leon said, “because of the limitation of domestic bank system must pay the manual repetition, but along with the sound system and trust mechanism, will consider automatic intelligent means of payment in the future.”

in addition, pet box before delivery cycle, will need to recalculate the number of distribution of food, such as time, such as considering the growth of the pet, logistics, a series of factors such as time, to ensure that quantity of adaptation and instant service. I also learned a product called “love box”, its thinking mode with “pet box” and its similar, but the author observes, pet box of customized service is too rigid, a custom will no longer be modified, and the pattern of customized pet box relatively flexible and convenient, the design of logic thinking more humanization.

pet box, launched in July this year, in the absence of market promotion, the user’s registration and commodity trading volume is steadily growing. Pet box model of innovation, the maximum value is to take a more precise feeding, directly address the pet feeding pain points; On another level, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the pet feeding, to give more time with pets. Leon convective cloud network said, “the social recognition of pet box remains to be further increased, the distribution of the current pet box business from Beijing area, the future will be in other domestic cities, so as to bring more convenience to pet feeding.”

pet boxTime: in July 2014,

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