Personal credit registry open gate, ali tencent, etc. 8 the company take the lead in dancing

(wen xuan/day)

today is China’s Internet financial history is crucial for a day, because the central bank for the first time let go of personal credit registry system access gate, allowing business institutions involved.

in the afternoon, the central bank’s website published a notice, sesame credit management co., LTD., tencent inquiry co., LTD and so on eight institutions to be prepared for the personal credit business, time to prepare for six months. This means that after the preparation, the eight official involved in the central bank business company personal credit business.

the eight institutions respectively sesame credit management co., LTD., tencent inquiry co., LTD., shenzhen sea before credit reporting center co., LTD., peng yuan credit co., LTD., chengxin credit ZhiCheng credit in co., LTD., co., LTD, la cara CDG credit credit management co., LTD., Beijing co., LTD., etc. 8 companies for the first name. Credit sesame belong to ali ant gold clothing company, tencent inquiry under tencent group, this also means that the two giants will again be a frontal PK in a new field.

high-speed Internet financial development, counterparty more by business institutions to spread to the individual end, for the construction of personal credit system as the foundation for the development of the industry is very urgent, more correct and comprehensive information is essential to the healthy development of the Internet financial, it should also be central to the Internet giants such as ali, tencent stretch out the “olive branch”. Because of using the Internet tools can achieve 24 hours a day record, extension type, the data is wider, more can be said to be a good complement to the central bank personal credit system.

lateral comparison, the good faith of the people have to issues. Optimistically, the ultimate goal of personal credit reporting system is to build “the good faith society”, and thus formed the user on the basis of daily consumption, borrowing such as reference, today reference range is from the traditional banking institutions to the broader Internet wide range extension.

for credit system, the ant financial already have plans. This from the alibaba group chairman jack ma in late October the insurance on the opening ceremony of the speech. At that time, he said, China is now no shortage of finance, but a lack of consumer, the young and small enterprises credit system, ali and small micro financial aims to build credibility system.

credit business attracts a lot of companies to participate in, not only can promote themselves to carry out financial business forward on these platforms, behind also contains large business opportunities. According to several brokerages, mature credit market development in China is only personal credit business scale will reach 100 billion, far more than the current size of less than 2 billion. The current personal check my credit report before twice a year for free, query for the third time charge per 25 yuan and above.

at present, alibaba and tencent have personal user data on the Internet end more, but the main focus on both ends of electric business and social respectively. In comparison with social data, based on the trading behavior data contains more accurate and more extensive information associated with the credit, the meaning of credit business. So for now, ali department has been in a leading position in terms of personal credit.

as ali is the ant gold clothing subsidiary credit sesame, has a very broad sources of credit data, data processing in more than 30 pb (the equivalent of 5000 national library the amount of data), which contains the user online shopping, payment, transfer and personal information such as all aspects of data. Plus the ant gold served for many years the accumulation of data processing ability, engaged in credit for its laid a good foundation.

after the ant gold suit was XinYongHua try to data in a variety of business, one of the most typical ant micro lending business, according to the data on the user in the platform to its credit, a user to apply for a loan without collateral and collateral. Introduced in 2010 to March 2014, has more than 70 small micro enterprise loans 70 yuan.


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