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Edward snowden has revealed secret government has been through the network media watch on the movements of the people, the fact will undoubtedly make Internet users in the electronic world is becoming more and more suspicious. If all your data is stored in the user’s cloud server, so there is a strong possibility of your information has been obtained by intelligence agencies (possibly with the server vendors to business interests and to sell out your information to other businesses). Today’s society, users won’t even notice when they first register to use cloud services (such as Dropbox, etc.), their privacy has been between intangible as trade secrets to be traded to other businesses.

now, there are more and more people are against this damage behavior of its users over their privacy to business interests and there is a privacy movement is carried out step by step. At present, there are many emerging industry is leading the movement. When it comes to user privacy, they want to give users more autonomy to choose which one to use the cloud server. In order to achieve this goal, they build a cloud server used to store information and to send and receive Email, this is the Wedg. The server can share in the cloud server storage, the content of the synchronization also supports the streaming media technology, web sites and applications. But this is a personal cloud server – all of your information is stored in your own home, rather than on the third party to provide space. So, you can anytime on your mobile phone to gain your own files.

Wedg is booming now, its headquarters in the UK are all through Indiegogo raise. The financing platform to raise money, thus Wedg prototype design into a product launch market. In fact, this is the second time the Wedg try to raise money by means of the raise, obviously, the first time the fund-raising activities did not succeed. Conformity of raising activities obtain the feedback opinion, in order to speed up the Ethernet and support USB link, Wedg replaced the original hardware facilities. Wedg continuously updated version twice, the first version to update is the use of ARM processor to run, and the second version is with the Intel Atom chip Wedg Pro. There is no doubt that the latter is much more powerful.

nowadays Wedg designers are trumpeting their safety of cloud services. If you are looking forward to is a privacy cloud server, you might as well can try. Wedg USES AES and endears – AES algorithm to transfer 512 characters, a built-in key management, mobile application of two-factor authentication, SSL connection, and management share content and GPG/OpenPGP secret key. Due to some sensitive user data cannot be stored in third-party applications, the data must be present in a safe space, so as to prevent the server for the encrypted information. The technology was developed by using open source, although so far, the technology of code has not yet been made public.

the Wedg designers hope to interest other developers, in order to apply the cloud service technology and other functions together, so they can at the time of launch Wedg provide more services. Founder and chief executive Shehbaz – specifically describes the characteristics of the Wedg so: “Wedg not only can store files, it can also send and receive mail, to provide users with the media services, such as share movies, music, photos, its function just like other intelligent devices. Wedg, moreover, can also get to the Internet, and it has a very big development space, other developers can develop new applications on the Wedg.”

in addition, Shehbaz – in an interview, said: “we had done more, including design album set, set the password store, coin purse, etc. If we can be on Indiegogo fundraising platform goal we expected funds raised 135000 pounds, we will set out to develop web platform on Office software, such as Google Docs, Office 365 these more practical tools.”

“now our privacy is under the structure of the infringement, the more terrible is in most cases we don’t know our privacy has been exposed. We don’t have a lot of choice is, after all, most of the cloud server there is the danger of privacy. Wedg trying to solve the user all the concerns about privacy, once and for all users of cloud services become the preferred. It considerable autonomy to users, moreover, Wedg internal have a hardware driver update program, there are multiple security backup choice, we also just using cloud services for novice offers dynamic DNS routing services, to help them familiar with the use of cloud services.”

anyway, Wedg was also the first horn blew the privacy of personal cloud server. – not only to see Sherlybox as his greatest rivals, he also followed by Pixeom (another personal cloud services) development pace. These personal cloud server bubbled up like mushrooms, are in order to cater to the needs of Internet users – they want control of their own private data, rather than the data to the large cloud server. Since users find large cloud server cannot protect the user’s data, they no longer trust the cloud server. They are eager to see more small personal cloud services appear on the market, the user’s data scattered in small store in the “warehouse”, this will bring great convenience to users as a control.

Wedg Pro version in the Indiegogo price of 219 pounds, this version with 1 TB of storage space. Another for 1 TB storage space based on ARM processor development Wedg price is 149 pounds. Wedg also for those who just need to extend the storage space of the user provides a without the version of the driver. Fund-raising goal of 71000 pounds of Wedg has so far successfully raised 59000 pounds. It is now over from financing activities still have a month or so, at this point of view, the trend of Wedg probably can raise goal successfully. It is estimated that the investors in the coming year march will receive a delivery schedule of Wedg.


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