Peers talk about lei jun one hundred million yuan investment you + apartment: don’t play bad

cloud network hunting note: as the lei jun stakes you + apartment news spread, a millet going into real estate, the argument that the real estate revolution began to rise. As same entrepreneurial peers in the field of apartment, you’ll see home founder luo has poured a pot of cold water. ROM meaning that apartment rental industry still in the early stage of development, the industry is far from mature. He wants to work in the industry in this everyone work seriously, don’t you want to hype has broken the reputation of the industry. Hunting cloud network share different voice, only provide the reference for the fellow entrepreneurs.

here is the luo article, hunting cloud network did not censored:

27 November morning, the temperature of Beijing fall badly, get instant meng head by the three things: at the li river, you’ll see a subway shop there are 19 workers on the site and did a whole night, asked the boss to buy meat 20 jins of flesh; Second, all the way from the construction site to the airport to the li river so open, no traffic jam; Third, WeChat circle of friends is lei jun a billion investment you + youth apartment message to brush the screen. Three things that seem no contact, is outstanding, the first comes to money, the second involves the habit, the third involving industry, both don’t let a person easily.

You + I saw last night, the news of recent period of time can see they released some video, very good, creative, also sincerely feel happy for You + the team. Remember at the beginning of October entrepreneur magazine issued on optimal guest from liu and you’ll see the home interview for us, was also caused quite a while in circles of hot strength, millet, ray, always do not help, now the apartment on this industry into the spotlight as never before, we also follow with some light. Principal do for so many years, all of a sudden be caring and attentive by so many friends, but some do not adapt. Came out of the home of the last time you’ll see, the vc and the media are also planning to help us, give us labeled o2o up-and-coming, they help us in the office made the enterprise strategy and development planning. I think, you + 20000 apartments next year, 2016 homes number refresh to 100000 sets of Numbers so out?

the last time I heard such a number is another industry practitioners of 3 million sets of houses two years of planning, although some shocking at the time, but all have, inner struggle struggle will forget about it, as they just need to add a few servers expand expansion of bandwidth is achieved. But this time is different, this is our industry to do your own thing, this question have you’ll see the home of their own to strategic thinking and the current dilemma. Need to declare that you and I + team from unknown, also have no interest in entanglements, and 100000 sets of planning are not necessarily from you + team’s intention.

apartment industry actually already exist, not o2o this year only then arises at the historic moment, the concept of high-end short rent apartments operated by hotel management group, to say the least, even the lower part of the apartment in Beijing also abound, Shanxi Province and fujian province’s apartment investors have thousands of homes are not a few, so pure spell number of houses, together make the concept of “young people live with” don’t have much value. Now the apartment in the industry formats are divided into two distributed and centralized, in different cities have different representative respectively, everybody’s common values and the value of all the hotels. Is in the middle of the high-end and low-end products that rent a house, according to the thinking of standardized products and services for the target market to provide a higher ratio of rental options.

home such as the quick hotel is between star hotel and low-end hostel fight in a crowd, has opened up a new market. You’ll see the home industry is called the economical service definition type residence, why such a name? Media friends usually call we serviced apartments, I seriously research serviced apartments standard of form a complete set, we are not qualified, operating mode is also different, or rent our products, or means of livelihood. That Hong Kong has serviced residence industry data, I found that their pricing or a local two to three times of the bedroom, but service concept and process more similar with us, so I in front of a economical prefix. So convenient for customer friends know, mostly we rent products, standardized, there are many elements of the design and service, but the price is very friendly, you’ll see the Asian games village shop at pricing is a little more in 4000, ten mile river metro store is 3000, basic and business circle price is quite a bedroom, or is the price of class master bedroom. I also saw pricing of rubik’s cube, some projects than you’ll see below, guests from home and green, mushroom apartment prices are close to the rental products, sales is good too. In Beijing, and friends home and the price of the new school, when I was in the analysis of the industry, is generally not considered them, because I think, they ran to the high-end apartments in the territory, without stepping on the rhythm of most people rent consumption upgrading.

say again the plight of this line, no matter how ring horn blowing media friends, capital circle friends to we look forward to have more strong, practitioners is faced after all. I know some of the market of Beijing, is primarily concerned with Beijing’s situation, we all know that the real estate strong regional, other cities I have no voice.

the first, with room, especially with centralized apartments room. At present our model is that taking the commercial real estate to do buying and selling of houses rent, from value sequence is upside down, Beijing is now 2.5 yuan/day * how many square meters below the project, the next two or three years and at what frequency, quick hotel and economy service for starving homes two industries whether enough large project requirements, whether because of the imbalance between supply and demand will further raise our property costs? Even 2.5 yuan/day * square meters, we have how much profit? Of course, some brand not consider profit out of place in the discussion.

industry supply chain, the second dilemma, you’ll see, now and throughout the year next year will be on the optimization of supply chain integration. Provides a view, wind up the industry, we all want to run away, in fact, we have a lot of things to do. Starting from the actual needs of customers, we have to do what kind of products? Organization to cheap money from? Where to get cheap house? Can the project cost control through what form? How to buy a cost-effective furniture and appliances? Through what is cheap and reliable channels to bring customers move in? These are the problems, a group of practitioners are our responsibility.

the day before yesterday evening, when I arrived at the snail house trial apartment management software also in leaves and total exchanged ideas about the industry. Xu and I agree that industry is a long way, way to go for early into the companies slowed expansion drive, adjust strategy made in different degrees. Peggy xu before engaged in independent business in real estate funds and apartment companies have very long working hours, now aware of supporting industry, founded the snail rent, fully for the apartment industry OTA platform to build a third party. I’d like to, with the development of the industry, such as apartment industry service of form a complete set of chamber of commerce is becoming more and more industry the situation of flowers will come slowly.

the plight of the third, industry talents. Rental industry product upgrade is a big trend, is a lasts for ten years or twenty years “consumer movement”, as fast and hotel “golden decade”. Our industry talents from several aspects, has the principal lodger, intermediary personnel, have the hotel staff, have o2o paratroopers, have investment circle of friends, I believe that will have the property of background people to join in. But an industry to form the echelon personnel, to form the talent of professional takes time, not on the computer several loops can solve.

in fact, a mature industry from the rise to the need to meet the conditions is embodied in all aspects, including market acceptance, and the game of traditional industries, as well as practitioners to debate internal development train of thought and exploration, and so on. So, the employees must be settled down to, in the practice of the market constantly improve and modify our career direction. Not satisfied, the crowd in charge. Real estate industry is never short of concepts and slogans, and finally can like vanke, the product perfectly and strategically, ten years like one day to adhere to, I think this is our workers should have some attitude. Also seriously remind and investment media circle friend, apartment industry fire now, you can play, but try not to play with her broken.

in the end, I have an expectation, apartment industry can have more discussion on the level of business, such as product innovation, financial innovation, supply chain integration, internal personnel training, etc., if one day the newspapers is that kind of information, it will be good for the consumers. If it is the industry’s friend to find a meaning to discuss this topic or provide cooperation, I ma LiuEr, buy 20 jins of flesh, filling. Also, please friends friends don’t send me a gave you lei jun investment + link to add a “you who fast”, ok? All adults, understand, fast is not the only measure, persistence is a kind of ability, you know.

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