PC game undead: providing customized hardware services “money” riches

cloud network hunting note: although laptop computers become more and more popular, the game industry as a whole in the mobile terminal development, but will not be easily defeated PC game. Two hardware startups TechGnome and Xtreme Solutions not only saw the potential of PC, also can’t be realized only by hardware retail, so in addition to hardware, also to provide customers with personalized custom services.

start a business is never an easy task, especially in the absence of physical products can be defined under the condition of your company. Go this way in the field of science and technology hardware especially hard, a lot of startups are considered for some unique products in the research and development, the lack of clear product is, however, these startups in common.


Long live the

PC game

two 24-year-olds Eugene Cheo and Gabriel Lee recently opened a call TechGnome Asia company, they have described it as providing service also provides a mix of hardware, mainly take the PC game enthusiasts, its good sale of related equipment, to want to build their own custom game device is too lazy to ourselves or not too will operate the customers with one-stop service.

Cheo said the company’s tenet is “designed” for you, Lee and he is actually make the product according to the requirement of the customer, rather than sell ready products to customers. “You will find some old brand although there are a lot of customers choice but are still limited in a specific range.” Cheo explained. He said recently there is a demand, customers want strange PC devices such as multiple graphics, color theme or water cooling device.

you might be curious that how a company for home desktop computer is how to operate in Singapore, after all, Internet cafes all over the place. Cheo said the popularity of Internet cafes to stimulate the demand of custom gaming computer instead, customers often TechGnome to buy than they used in Internet cafes obvious good computer.

“I think there must be a lot of game players think the performance of the computer in the Internet cafe and a far cry from their standard.” Cheo said.

Cheo and Lee are playing games in Internet cafes, in most cases it is not very happy memories, there is always a player drops or midway through computer card dead, because they are not in the best running status. “This game players for us it’s really annoying.” Cheo explained.

“we want to do is for customers in striking the right balance between price and beautiful and it does not affect performance.” He said.

but in today’s laptop gradually occupy the mainstream, PC game is more important? “Nothing can really beat the PC game.” Cheo replied, “they are customizable, from a certain extent is never out of season, almost always have to upgrade. If a game notebook out of date, it would be like? It can only be deposited stays in a corner.” Most performance better, according to Cheo PC game are cheaper than laptops, and merits of laptop does not have such as overclocking and extra RAM.


hardware retail is not enough

Jeremy Soh runs another want to hardware companies in the development of service classes. Soh is Singapore’s technological enclave forest square a game hardware stores Xtreme Solutions, owner of the shop with the other shop does not have a peripheral and brands, including from all over the world ranging from 60 to 108 keys of mechanical keyboard.

Soh from 2011 began to sell the game in the goggles, 2012 started selling computer game with water cooling device. It recently started selling water-cooled computer desk, let you see will buy buy buy!” The sort of.

Soh is considering providing services. He told us that 2015 Xtreme Solutions will have a team specially designed for the core of the need to customize system PC players services, like TechGnome. “We are in the game to the society has higher demand closer.” Soh said.

the game industry development may be moving to the end, but the game desktop seems to be still in a period of time in the future occupy the important position. The two startups is proof of that.


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