Partner: apple pay was officially opened on October 18

on October 12, dispatch of sina science and technology news in the morning, Apple paid (Pay) Apple launch partners – the us Walgreens pharmacy chain (Walgreens) recently through an internal document that Apple will Pay was officially opened on October 18. According to industry insiders speculated that Apple Pay will come with iOS 8.1 at the same time.

on September 9, when apple released payment released a large number of famous American retailers, including Disney, Nike, McDonald’s, macy’s department store, office supplies brand Staples and Walgreens. These retailers will be equipped with NFC payment devices, allows users to use apple’s two new phone and watch.

Apple can Pay by near field communication technology, fingerprint sensors and Touch ID can encrypt all data “security element”, this service will allow the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch users in online shopping or to the entity shop shopping when using these devices for payment directly.

so far are similar to Apple Pay mobile payment service is not really an opening in the consumer. So the industry is to wait and see the upcoming Apple Pay services, in order to see if this service can prompt consumers to the large-scale mobile payments. (stone)

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