Parents help: children manage parents health, again far also can early filial


give parents buy some smart devices is far water nearly thirsty, or too late. Hunting cloud network hope is through the power of science and technology, the network is convenient, close to the distance of the parents and children, for only one finger at a distance of parents and children. Parents help is such a sweet and practical APP, learn together.

parents help is the datang wireless innovation center launched a concern of parents healthy APP, divided into parents, children 2 edition version, for children to assist parents to manage their health. Let the filial piety is not bound to a distance, let children in distant as if is near.

parents edition provides data acquisition function, told the daily blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate measurement data, physical condition, record and management. Also close to making the health chart, present the change process of measurement data, abnormal data. Version at the same time, the children can look at and parents version of health data synchronization and trend, parents’ abnormal data will be promptly sent to the children’s version of the user. Parents version can also add multiple licensor, real-time understand and help manage their parents to their children’s health. Children, of course, also can add more focus on the people, at the same time more than help manage your family’s health data.

we all know that high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic disease is incurable disease, the need to follow the doctor’s advice medication to control the disease. But in real life, the elderly patients with chronic diseases medication situation is not optimistic. Medicine did not take medicine on time, the right time and dose, and so on and so forth, chaotic medication compliance often cause illness repeatedly let worrying about their children. Parents help their children’s version of reminders, children by reminding function can be set up for the parents remind, measurement and other remind taking the medicine. Medication reminder will be detailed to specific drugs, medication, dose, duration of cycle; Remind is specific to the measurement project, cycle, etc.; While other remind can set some such as payment reminders.

in addition, there are some commonly used functions, make life easier for parents. Such as parents away from home, no matter where, all provide home route map. And detail every step of the way home. If appear unusual situation, can call family, a key at the same time, the system automatically send parents’ current position to the family. Can also be a key to call emergency telephones, seeking the most accurate and reliable to help in a timely manner.

hunting cloud network version also found that children home page to provide health care, the elderly health and longevity, diet, elderly fitness, senile diseases and prevention knowledge. Parents help folk prescription big session for the small folk prescription of some lines and effective, with chronic diseases of the old man in the home, often run hospitals and the effect is not obvious, might as well try with folk prescription. Parents help comprehensive literacy not only helps to form the whole family good health consciousness but also help children better pay attention to the old man, give timely and effective care.

we focus on the software can have the effect of save for a rainy day, after all the trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, son to raise and kiss. Hunting cloud network understand that the parents “to” high-tech integration platform as a way of pension, around 100000 m new subscribers since its launch, this fully affirmed its social significance, not only let parents get instant help, also let the children can have their parents at any time, to give parents, meticulous care in a timely manner. A few days ago, the parents “to” new version released, the new new children to parents recommended application function, and optimize the children version list page display and abnormal remind delays, let the love their parents more detailed!

parents help
Company: datang wireless innovation center

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