Parent-child education APP, “king” fix bear children

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fun is children the most easy to accept, and actively participate in a learning mode.

king want to do is this model, the king is a parent and child interactive integration of social relations, family education mobile APP, green children’s products are mainly positioning 5-16 households, aims to build a new system of education of science education.

not bear a child, only lazy parents. Interactive education application is the trend of The Times. Now, parents increasingly busy, more and more precocious, increasing the gap between parents to children. “I am not an educator, but I was a father”,, “says founder YanYongGuang for children education problem around scriptures, diverse methods mixed and disorderly, looking for a scratching his head. In the mobile Internet industry unique professional sense of smell, he decided to make a short answer out effective education products.

king focuses on building is that parents and children grow interactive integration of social relations, family education system, in the interaction, realize efficient way of education. Considered the child grow the comprehensive demand, king the team developed a unique training mode and modes of relationships between parents and children. The system to provide the “punishment” and “reward” two options. Each option is subdivided into them, life, moral character, such as parents can click on the corresponding to plus or minus points for the child, score set within 1 to 30 points. The last child points can change the value of the goods accordingly. The rationalization of reward and punishment mechanism, help children to set up the correct values. Personal growth of the child the event log and teach children to keep his promise, understand the significance of convention. At the same time, between parents and children will be to a certain extent to avoid unnecessary quarrel, parents dote on behavior also have a certain degree of restraint.

king founder YanYongGuang tell cloud network currently hunting king is the most primary version 1.0, only the main rewards, punishment and the function of exchange gifts. In the new version 1.5 will join several interesting features, such as medal hall, pocket, etc. Medal pavilion is mainly used to improve children’s sense of honor; Pocket Banks through the child to get gold COINS that freedom of choice in the bank a deposit or current account, to cultivate a child’s financial management consciousness and the ability to choose. In addition to this, and he worries, New Year’s money, friends birthday, such as module, are the characteristics of attract kids continue to play.

king team is currently 4 people, including three have in school-age children, the other one has a rich experience in the field of children’s education application development. King pattern is free system platform at present, membership services and businesses advertising model, hardware products will be involved in late qing children’s intelligence, make green children’s favorite cool product and robotics education platform, train the next generation’s interest in high-tech research and development of intelligence and ability.

but also belong to the king of the primary stage, has now completed the iOS V1.0 in both English and Chinese versions, the android platform will be late, and they are also looking for the angels, in the field of education funds for expansion and product promotion team.


company: shenzhen king technology co., LTD.


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