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First film ferry people start, ali pictures play began to emerge

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since June 2014, announced the acquisition of a 60% stake in China Hong Kong listed company culture, then renamed ali pictures and attract CFG stake executives after joining as CEO zhang qiang, ali pictures started a new journey. After preparation of the past, ali pictures, the first official public disputes.

today, ali pictures, announced by the pitch of the movie project “ferry people”, the film will be held by a famous director wong kar-wai producer, jia-jia zhang served as the director, the famous actor Tony leung as actor. This is not only the company changed its name after the first film project, is also the alibaba group into the film and television entertainment culture after the first full mastership film products, therefore also pay more attention.

ali pictures CEO zhang qiang, said as alibaba group in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business mainly to undertake, future ali pictures will be on the Internet and big data business development origin, build to user needs as the starting point of innovation, accelerate the culture resources integration and business development work, build new culture of industry chain operation mode.

alibaba group had been determined, the future will be “happy” and “health” as the main body of strategic planning, and in the content production and distribution, video playback, and made a lot of home entertainment building layout, ali and pictures will be its flagship in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business.

while the appearance of the ferry people can be seen as ali pictures, product line, which consists of a good story as the carrier, is cast with a line written and directed, super cast as forms of product development and operating system, and finally form the audience demand as the core of culture operation.

as the adjustment of business and resources integration and ali pictures product development work also in orderly progress. According to relevant personage, in the list of ali pictures, product development, many movies and TV product development progress has accelerated, is expected in the future, the company will have more products are available. At present, in addition to the ferryman project, ali pictures has bought the princess huanzhu adaptations of novels and movies “Wolf totem” overseas distribution, and so on. Not only around the popular IP acquisitions, ali pictures, also obtained the wong kar-wai, Peter chan and Stephen chow quality director is the future of the right of priority investment of the project, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the director.

big data as the core, to build the whole chain business ecological

in addition to product development and operational aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, ali pictures more will gradually start to the Internet as a technology, under the precondition of big data operations in ecological chain industry development.

the industry recognized as the world’s largest electric business platform and mobile e-commerce platform, ali group with vast accumulation in the field of big data. And according to these data mining and the development, will become the core competitiveness of the ali pictures. IT also conforms to the ma for industry by the IT to DT (video) data era of core development demands.

with the support of big data technology, ali pictures to deep mining of mainstream movie crowd consumption demand, consumption habits, such as demographic attributes information. In film dispersing pertains to the means of big data for project selling point and publicity channels, improve marketing arrival rate and conversion rate.

in addition, in the field of development of derivatives, ali pictures will be sent to you by ali data master big movie user demand for derivatives, to user needs as the starting point, cooperate with the merchants of alibaba platform, using the merchant’s experience to develop the audience favorite derivatives.

in the aspects of production and, ali pictures will also develop C2B (tailored to customer needs as the core business and industry) of the model, through the alibaba group’s large data, cloud computing, data analysis and electric business platform, based on the data analysis, product design and can meet the demand of the masses of the film and television. In the future, ali pictures may also be specific consumers make customized products, for example, on the basis of property analysis of specific consumer groups, make conform to different generations, different types, different areas of demand of film.

according to the related resources integration planning, ali pictures will be attached and with the help of alibaba group, the industry in order to perfect the Internet ecosystem, through to the electronic commerce, social networking, interactive entertainment, LBS value-added services, video distribution platform and payment platform, and other important business integration and coordination of the plates, constitute O2O closed-loop movie marketing model.

zhang qiang, said the improved offline channels of the inherent advantages, ali pictures electric business platform will be the important ticket sales channels and film propaganda media, make full use of the flow of taobao for the movie, and through the pay treasure to platform to attract users to buy the tickets.

at present, the pictures are and taobao ali movie together, build a new set of product sales system, optimize the online reservation booking to improve marketing efficiency and film, the development of electricity and the depth of the culture industry cross-border cooperation models, to perfect the traditional pattern of film dispersing pertains and ticketing and supplement.

this means that, ali pictures, business scope will be limited to the field of content production, but to use the Internet technology and distribution channels, implement product more gradient development, the content and the content innovation, investment, production and distribution, as well as derivatives, and other areas of the business development, realizing the industrial chain to use ali group has both advantages and build a complete business ecosystem.


Alibaba proposed $575 million investment in India One97 Internet company

note: hunting cloud raised $25 billion, ali is important one job is around the layout of internationalization, the rapid outbreak of market is also attracting interest in ma. The following translated by tencent technology manuscript.

the Wall Street journal said, citing people familiar with the news alibaba group and its subsidiaries of financial services – zhejiang small ants micro financial services group co., LTD have agreed together to India online business website One97 Communications company (hereinafter referred to as the “One97 company”) online payment and marketing business invest about $575 million.

alibaba in the United States in September last year, raising $25 billion, and became the largest in American history for an initial public offering (IPO). Alibaba group is mainly engaged in the network market, the group of zhejiang small ants micro financial services group co., LTD. Is mainly engaged in business, pay treasure to provide online payment service.

people familiar with the claim that if the deal goes well, then alibaba and zhejiang small ants micro financial services group co., LTD., are teaming up to get One97 a 30% stake in the company, in this way, One97 company’s value will exceed $2 billion. However, according to people familiar with the matter, alibaba group, the investment will mainly flow to One97’s Paytm business department. Paytm department is primarily deal with online payment, and operates Internet shopping business. Consumers can through their mobile phone to use Paytm these services.

at present, alibaba group spokesman has yet to have refused to comment on the rumours. At the same time, a spokesman for the One97 just responded that the company is situated in financing process. One97 spokesman told the media, said: “we will communicate again in financing process has been completed.”

the investment will be alibaba group of India’s small but fast growing e-commerce industry’s first investment. Recently, India e-commerce industry develop very quickly, and attracted more than the international market investor relations. For example, amazon, Japan’s softbank and other investment institutions have invested heavily to India e-commerce industry. These investors believe that India’s online shopping market will have a booming spring.

alibaba group has been trying to expand overseas market, in order to let more overseas retailers selling the product to Chinese consumers, but also help China sellers into other international markets outside of China.

Paytm aspect, according to the department’s online market there are about 15000 businesses, the main sales of electronic products, clothing and accessories, etc. Paytm now has about 25 million registered users, mobile money users number about 20 million, and for the Uber, Joyce and reality, several companies to provide services.

according to people familiar with the matter, according to the current new protocol (needs to be approved by Chinese regulators), Indian consumers will be able to pay by Paytm alibaba web site, and for shopping, and Chinese consumers would be able to pay treasure from merchants who sell goods on Paytm website shopping. People familiar with the matter said, a seller of alibaba website will also be able to release on Paytm of products available for sale, the reverse is also true, Paytm website can also release of goods available for sale on alibaba web site.

people familiar with the matter said, One97 will use the alibaba group, most of the investment funds, to expand Paytm department business online shopping website, pay technology and further research and development. As part of the agreement, Paytm technology will be able to access to the alipay, including payment gateway, mobile wallet system and anti-fraud measures and related technology.

Financing hui 】 【 a week: female video talk, intelligent cashier “silver box”

over the weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, intelligent cloud POS cash register “silver box” lake south capital Pre – A round

silver box is a smart cloud POS terminals, electronic payment purpose is to solve the offline businesses cashier end with today’s online e-commerce, marketing system and the problems in the daily management of the store. At present, the “silver box” for lake south Pre – A round of investment capital. , the team exclusive tell hunting cloud network finance information.

2, blue cross culture obtain ten million yuan PreA round

Shanghai blue cross culture ( is a focus on women of Internet media company, main product for 90 interactive network grows talk after the late honey language “. The company has ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment, by pine and fund investment. Hunting cloud network was first reported cross the culture of the new media,, blue cross culture is also the login hunting cloud network investment and financing of entrepreneurial projects docking platform.

3. Seven ACTS life obtain 30 million yuan investment A round

seven ACTS of life ( is a company focused on musical and cultural performance industry, at present the main introduced a Broadway musical. At present, seven ACTS life won by Chinese cultural industry investment fund and China investment capital joint investment of 30 million yuan A round. After the seven ACTS life once in 2013 and the angel investment capital.

4. The basic concept of acquisition of China’s largest cycling community “walker”

walker cycling software ( can record the cycling track, view statistics team for long distance cycling, cycling plan, and cell phone have the function that thousands of yuan of GPS bike spec. At present, walker has been smart bike makers “basic concept” BiCi acquisition.

5. “my work of the net ten million yuan of angel investment innovation works

my work of the net ( is a mobile website for job recruitment, working group’s exclusive agent services, provide jobs mostly from some world top 500 foreign investment enterprises and domestic large well-known enterprises. Suitable range including summer and winter vacations, college interns, social workers and farmers. The company has ten million yuan of angel investment innovation works.

the foreign company

1. India P2P lending site Faircent won $4 million in venture capital

Faircent ( is a peer-to-peer lending site, India to reduce risks, borrowers can through the platform directly communicate with the lender, the platform can also use an algorithm to find out the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and lenders. At present, Faircent get $4 million in venture capital.

2, employer evaluation site Glassdoor $70 million round of investment F

Glassdoor community ( is an employer evaluation, can undertake comments anonymously to employers, employees can work around the company environment, treatment of interact and comments. The company has received $70 million F round of investment, by Sutter Hill Ventures, ‘Ventures, Tiger Global Management, such as Google Capital joint investment.

3, machine learning platform for his $18.5 million B round

his ( is a machine learning platform, users can use its extensible machine learning system for big data analysis. At present, his $18.5 million B round of investment. By the Opus Capital, NEA, Madrona Venture Group institutions such as joint investment. Among them, the NEA and Madrona Venture Group for A round of investment institutions.

4, video decoding technology QuickFire buyout by Facebook

QuickFire Networks ( is a development of video content distribution equipment and transcoding processing software company. At present, the company has a buyout by Facebook, specific purchase amount is disclosed.

5, India’s real estate service platform Common Floor get Google Capital15500 $F round

CommonFloor ( was founded in 2007, is an Indian real estate services platform, providing business rental and other comprehensive services. Previously, CommonFloor mainly provide community-based social service, can let the residents living in the same community to communicate between each other, and can provide them with this community real-time dynamic information. The company has F wheel on Google Capital $15 million investment.

hunting cloud network entrepreneurship is a focus on innovation, new products new mode of science and technology, media reports for entrepreneurial teams free products, hope we can help the power of startups get higher rates of awareness, commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit. Let startup the more violent.

‘s regiment blood, how can rob a head start

focus on buying industry must remember that on May 25, 2011, online is more than a year’s group was held in Beijing “IPO startup news conference.” The bombing of events also let many people’s group and Xu Maodong wore “speculative and marketing” label. Because almost all companies are the secret in the process of IPO, not like the company to agitate.

in the process, a mind-blowing’s regiment in the cold winter, the underwriters to exit, business transformation, cuts and a series of events, group purchase is already fully the industry reshuffle. Three years later, still in the struggling to support’s start going public plan again, and the SEC filed in the United States in the early hours of today morning IPO application.

the prospectus shows that’s listed on nasdaq, the stock code is “WOWO, plans to raise $40 million through initial public offering. The IPO underwriters for the Axiom Capital, an investment bank headquarters is located in Boston, USA.

with the last fired but had no details remain the IPO issue different data disclosure, finally was formally submitted this time, also make some stick old people relieved, finally have a hope. But from the data’s next development was not the light.

on the financing amount of it, almost u.s.-listed shares of $40 million is the lower limit, and for’s eyes are in money management dilemma, is a drop in the bucket.

according to’s group in the prospectus disclosure of financial information, according to the company the first nine months of 2014 net loss of $32.4 million, compared to the same period in 2013 $21.1 million in losses significantly enlarged. More importantly, the first nine months of 2014 net revenue of $20.6 million, compared with the same period in 2013 compared with $2013 is on the decrease. According to the loss of speed, the $40 million raised can be burned off in a year.

after a few years,’s has been losing money, 2011 losses of $2011, $39.01 million, 2012, 2013 losses of $2013. In may of this year’s group chairman and CEO has revealed that the original shareholders team has to inject $50 million again.

9 months, 2014 years ago’s group’s total operating expenses were $47.4 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $43.9 million. Among them, the first nine months of 2014 marketing spending to $8.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 for $2013. Selling, general and administrative expenses of $38.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $35.8 million. ‘s team the first nine months of 2014 operating loss was $32.3 million, compared with the same period in 2013 operating loss of $21 million.

can be seen from these data,’s current operating data was not beautiful, listing has not yet learned of the success of the time. In the long run, even can rob group in the United States, public comments on the IPO, but still faces more challenges in the subsequent development.

in terms of equity ownership situation is as follows: the chairman and CEO Xu Maodong stake is 37.35%; Xiaoyi Niu, beneficial to hold about 80.5 million shares, stake is 17.19%; Jianguang Wu beneficial to hold about 38.1 million shares, stake is 8.13%; Frank, Zhigang Zhao beneficial to hold about 10.4 million shares, stake of 2.21%. ‘s regiment directors and executives in total number of shares held by the beneficial to about 312 million shares, the total stake of 66.61%.

before submit a prospectus, the major shareholder’s group ownership situation is as follows: CDH Barley Limited beneficially owns about 80.5 million shares, holdings ratio is 17.19%; Tianyou Investment Limited beneficially owns about 47.4 million shares, stake of 9.94%.


Old the readme is a white shirt, and the team a few degrees collective despair

note: hunting cloud like PPG from star aura to rapidly falling, founded by the old man also stepped into the footsteps, gather together after a circle of lively old began to more reflection, product manager, contraction strategy assembled product, no longer blundering, look at the reflection of his latest summary.

oral: aged (vancl (Beijing) technology co., LTD. CEO)


blog world | li, finishing

in 2011, when every guest the most lively, more than thirteen thousand people in the company, light the leadership of President level there SanSiShiWei, that is in crisis. Now, every guest is only less than 300 people, do the core team shirt is only seven, but business is running very smoothly. I wonder, at ordinary times before so many people are doing?

in retrospect, the company the more lively, burning money along the more people. Every guest once in order to achieve the purpose of the annual sales of 10 billion, backward need to expand the number of categories, how many SKU (stock), need how many people to take on this business. According to the principle of one tube of seven people, company has dozens of vice President, director of LiangSanBaiWei will be.

at that time, I also revel in the busy, put all the energy in how to manage the more than ten thousand people, but don’t know real management should be the value of the company.

in the height of the man, I began to faint feel wrong, but I don’t know where is wrong. First real point wake me up, let me thoroughly reflect every guest mode, is my good brother lei jun for many years. Lei jun and I were born in 1969, his 8 months younger than me. In the past 17 years, we work together, a lot of communication. Because of the peer relationship, we on the life and soul of feeling also has a lot of synchronization.

lei jun and I first met in 1998, he and I are 29 years old, I have just started review weekly, he just do the general manager of golden hill software. Two years later, lei jun invited me started joyo together; Sold to amazon joyo, lei jun to me I have started by the web and online investment and Suggestions.

2007 and lei jun are very important to me. Jinshan lei jun this year left, I began to prepare for every guest of startup. Lei jun to jinshan deep emotions, left for the business for many years, to give him the pain of it is self-evident that many of the comments that the real reason why the outside world. The pain let lei jun to the jedi rebirth and start again, but since then set out to be so beautiful, others did not think of.

from 2007 to 2010, lei jun brewing process of millet, in business and brought him a huge increase in one’s mind. Lei jun so want to through a lot of things, such as how to achieve a product brand, and adhere to the focus, acme, word of mouth. In the lei jun awakening time, but I lost in that dramatic growth and blundering expansion. Lei jun was carrying a bag filled with dozens of mobile phones, excitedly told me about the difference between these phones, I am not. When every guest collapse, I deeply discuss the future of every guest with him, and his experience painful process, I didn’t realize how deep his change.

in June 2013, I with lei jun in every guest to drink a wine, chat very unpleasant, talk about not approach. Call a spade a spade, lei jun said that this kind of blind expansion is the practice of last time, the future companies will like millet, guided by the demands of users, to brand with product. His words were a great stimulus to me, I think from the user’s growth to forecast growth of the business, in order to decorate the thinking of SKU is also established. I thought to myself, what do you do millet developed, JiDui I don’t have to.

this conversation with, I really to convince them to lei jun is in two months. On August 29, 2013, me to anger, looking for his visit every guest. I emptied the half floor, hang that all of the samples. When lei jun in hundreds of hanger and I passed by, I feel like shit, because this is my first time to see so many real products. I am frustrated to find that no one is take shots. Lei jun says, he feels not standing in a brand shop, but the department store market.

it makes me fall completely, after, lei jun and I had a long talk for seven or eight hours at a time, seven, eight times. Insufficient focus, lei jun says, “extreme a mundane guest is the cause of the problem.” He give me that offer “to gross margin, organization structure, KPI” three transformation direction. Lei jun ask me, you can first concentrate on just doing a basic product? Shirt, I think the most basic, also can embody the technical content, the shirt is the most basic in the white shirt.

I didn’t think to do a white shirt is difficult to the man has done 14 million shirts. But once you begin to focus on and take a hard look at problems came.

in 2007, the product I also participated in the discussion. After the second half of 2009, they say “old you don’t know to wear, let alone the opinion”. I really don’t understand, and I got a lot of traditional garment industry people, yourself to let go.

when I want to seriously do a white shirt, and I ask the professional, want to use what fabric, what version of the model, how to make, no one can say. Stylist says, a white shirt with nothing to do, why not design, pattern of design and color more? – now, they have all left that basic.

in the past year, three-quarters of the time I was not in Beijing. In order to do a good job in a white shirt, I began to densely arranged on a business trip, to meet suppliers, for the factory. When I see suppliers, I didn’t know the past how I made the mistake, they told me that they used to Beijing to visit me, but I was too “drag”, busy watching the PPT, don’t have time to see them. They can only deal with every guest grass-roots staff, in order to get orders, entertain them singing a bath.

these things could hear my hair stand on end. It is conceivable that every guest has been filled with many coincided with a man before. How to let these people get away as soon as possible? A malicious action to me, I no longer maintain that false prosperity, the headquarters from west bicyclic YongGui center upscale office moved to the far south rings as well, who can’t adjust to leave at any time.

most people feel quickly drop in moving and psychological impact. Before moving, that more than 5000 people, after the move, I thought to is good, more than one thousand people ended up to more than 300 people. When every guest to focus and extreme route, I found that those who need it can be so little. This process like peeling Onions, more peel more uncomfortable, the stripping the cruel, discovered before we make the strip much coincided with a matter and coincided with a person.

once every guest shirt department alone more than 200 people, now is responsible for the shirt has a team of only seven people, their main job is to design, version type, fabric, documentary, the shirt is, in fact, I’m product manager. We make sure the quality in xinjiang as a leading producer of long-staple cotton fabrics, next, we were left in the white shirt design problem of pain, no matter what to do, even if it is copied, can not copy the temperament of a big white shirt.

before and after the Spring Festival in 2014, the team’s collective despair, at one point I want to give up. I am supposed to south Vietnam will visit Japan shirt master JiGuoWu, before seeing him, happened to be our mood lowest. After down too much, I’m not very hopeful to make the trip. Because I’m depressed, everyone don’t want to talk on the plane. The hotel in Hanoi, I let the team of people go to the south mindset JiGuoWu, think on me in the past. At that time I already ready to fly back to Beijing.

team take this depression in the south, also experienced dramatically broke down, lost along the way such as drift from place to place. Then, this kind of lost mood suddenly enlightened the next day. JiGuoWu is a true ace. What did he do in Japan for more than 30 years shirt, service companies have 120 years of history. He told us a lot of the secrets of the design details. Add a half under the collar lining, for example, lets the neckline crisp; The sleeve choke out 6 fold, with joint arm; How to design the shirt different fillet to conform to the Europe and America or loose or cultivate one’s morality shirt style.

Japanese teacher on the production process of excellence let us admire and admit defeat. For example, we used to study why clothes to soak in the water will produce floating hair, all the people. Japanese teacher let us first look at the clothes when dyeing machine speed, if the speed too fast, can produce hairiness; Speed too slow, gloss is not enough. Teacher told us a callback, until the optimum result.

these seemingly simple question one by one, finally fundamental blundering are made in China. Before we have challenged products, partners took out a variety of quality inspection report to me, said manufacturing meet the national standard, European standard, Japanese standard, but conform to the standard and user experience are two different things. These things made me realise that I used to produce the garments are rubbish.

when I began to do that, then I say unequivocally, future successful international brands in China only luxury goods, consumer market will be occupied by a Chinese brand, uniqlo is bound to lose in China. Seven years later, uniqlo and Gap has march into in China. This is the greatest punishment to made in China.

do white shirts this year, I want to give up many times, almost all the people around you also have wavered. But as a leader, I’ll give up is finished. Luckily, running help me insist on down. Now I need to run more than 10 kilometers a day, running the release of dopamine great help on my mood, once you start running, you will find, or continue to run, or life die; Either sat sigh, or persist become so healthy.

and LeiJunZe mentally gave me a decisive support, in my future a puzzle, he battle righteousness before shareholders backed me, investment every guest again in the crisis. He said on the phone one evening and old even in the dream I think you can do it. Two more than forty years old, late at night to fall in love. That person also said that both of us feeling they can’t find the right words to describe.

lei jun says, getting the product to have a firm belief. Good products will grow up in word of mouth slowly accumulated, and then one day in an outbreak. Lei jun once asked me, you said that nokia phones their boss will use? The height of the man, I’m wearing a Prada and ermenegildo Zegna. Now, lei jun and I wear that T-shirt and jeans and spent the whole summer, think about feel incredible.

every guest temporarily no further financing plan, someone ask me when will the remanufacturing like “every object” hot spots. I said, I am good at marketing brand, but I don’t want to deliberately make what event, then a mundane process of accumulation of word of mouth.

I hope in the future, you want to buy a shirt or change garments according to the ultralight down jacket, can think of that, that’s enough. That uniqlo is a step towards success. I don’t want to go to, I gather together, have seen many of the traditional company, finally they are all gone.

Easily Shared jingdong and tencent $1.55 billion strategic investment

easily Shared, jingdong and tencent announced that the three parties have reached a final agreement, jingdong and tencent in the form of cash and exclusive resources Shared that easy to invest about $1.3 billion. At the same time, easy car, auto financing Internet platform, a subsidiary of Yi Xin capital will get jingdong and tencent totaled $250 million in cash investment.

under the terms of the agreement, jingdong will be in the form of new common stock subscription easy car to easy car investment totaling about $1.15 billion, including $400 million in cash and about $750 million exclusive resources; Resources including jingdong involved for easy car contains exclusive open mobile terminal applications, new and used car channel of all the electric business platform, and provide other support core electric business platform. Tencent aspects will be in the form of new common stock subscription easy car to easy car to invest 150 million dollars in cash.

in addition, jingdong and tencent will with $100 million and $150 million respectively subscribed Yi Xin capital newly issued class A preferred shares.

the deal is expected to be completed by the first half of this year. After the completion of the deal, jingdong and tencent will hold easily Shared diluted 25% and 3.3% of the total issued shares outstanding shares. Jingdong will also get a board seats easily Shared. At the same time, jingdong and tencent will also hold Yi Xin capital respectively 17.7% and 26.6% of the shares.

easily Shared in nyse listed at the end of 2010, the company business mainly for the four parts: easy car advertising, easy car used, Yi Pai platform, digital marketing services business. News, easily Shared shares jumped 12% opening, at present, the market has nearly $4 billion.


Evening: easy to transport to raise 8 billion yuan, Facebook QuickFire

hunting cloud network on January 9 (text/who)

easy to transport to raise 8 billion yuan established leasing company is easy to

easy to transport announced today that its engaged in car rental and other business “is easy to rent a car” will be established recently. It is understood that the current easy to transport has raised 8 billion yuan, the assets of the Internet technology platform through light, heavy assets the passage between the car rental companies and financial business, set up across the driving service about car rental, car rental, three traditional areas of innovation model.

Facebook announced the acquisition of video processing equipment manufacturers QuickFire

Facebook said, has acquired QuickFire in San Diego, California Networks, the company developed video content distribution equipment, and transcoding and processing software. The acquisition shows that Facebook plans to make up the lack of technology, to provide more functions, and optimize the service. Facebook is building its own video platform, improve user engagement and potential of advertising revenue. Meanwhile, Facebook is also attracting video content producers. Facebook earlier this week also acquired the natural language software vendors Wit. Ai.

apple hiring HP senior executives to develop the enterprise market

the apple has been hiring HP senior executive John Solomon, is responsible for the products for the enterprise market marketing. It is reported that Solomon had left HP leadership positions, started work at apple. He is likely to participate in the forthcoming Apple Watch international market sales.

Chen Chaohua Ren Nafang metropolis daily general manager As sohu editor

according to sohu has confirmed, southern metropolis daily, managing Chen Chaohua has joined the sohu, served as vice President and chief editor, sohu content, formerly editor-in-chief of sohu Wu Chen light served as executive editor, report to Chen Chaohua. Sohu CEO Charles zhang recent focus on content, not long ago CCTV famous mouth officially join the sohu Qiu Qiming, induction sohu news center of finance and economics, is responsible for the construction of related content, the poached Chen Chaohua also hope to continue to breakthrough in the content.

sohu CEO by netease mail notification friend, Mr Zhang said he huawei honor 6 phones on tencent WeChat friend circle out about his opened sina weibo message headline news on baidu search.

ali speed cloud + side: the highest entrepreneurial teams may obtain 5 million vc

ali announced that will accelerate the cloud + end “strategic layout, increasing the financial input in bacc the plan, and promote more life in the community service and vertical type start-up APP development rapidly, the greatest degree meet the needs of mobile business groups. Won 30 start-up team, will be awarded the highest 5 million yuan of vc funds, incorporated into the “incubator” in bacc the entrepreneurial base. Excellent team can also and sequoia capital, IDG capital partners China, very serious fund 300 vc institutions such as face to face communication.

cloud network special hunting tip: ali has joint such as angels bay, pegasus brigade major well-known incubators, in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen and so on nine big city planning bacc the entrepreneurial base. Every APP start-up team, can be submitted in entrepreneurial base application.

Content marketing desperate situations: interactive content pick up the slack

cloud network hunting note: Scott Brinker is popular marketing website “behind”, at the same time he is Ion Interactive CTO, he is a man of extreme investment is also very patient, his web site there are as many as 947 of the companies, the present difficult situation of the content marketing patterns, Scott Brinker has its unique insights, he particularly likes the future of Interactive content.

recently, content marketing mode in the field of Internet marketing has experienced another wave of development, it as a new marketing mode of the ideal, and help the Internet company to get more subscribers, this is a more civilized era need lean marketing.

the content marketing mode because now pursuing is far higher than the actual value of the income, but is coming to the edge of the darkness. In too many companies, content marketing has become mechanization, just released some wooden articles, incomplete survey, collect some data from a large number of e-books, infographics, white paper and Internet discussion content.

is the direct cause of the above situation, the marketers are afraid of backward advantage content distribution plan, this fear will lead to the sharp increase in the content, the number means that the content of empty, thus resulting in embarrassment, content marketing which has more than not jing, user suffer, marketers are more injustice.

every day, there will be a variety of content marketing is filled with the network, so that any kind of content marketing is one of the success rate of only 3720 points, or lower.

may have marketers will say “this is not our fault.

“attack of the clones” : the content of the wanton use, passive and marketing

at present, in view of the content marketing mode of the battle of life and death of the two core problems.

first of all, most of the content is a one-off. User, as long as a look at this part of content is out of date. For marketers, want to close to the user, need to release new content, so they will do their best to update. But, under the condition of the content is limited, and it is difficult to use different words to describe the same thing. So frankly speaking, even if the large number of content marketing and update frequently, but didn’t say anything, the fact is so cruel.

second, most of the content of the consumption is passive. User or reading, or watching, or listening to the content, but all of this requires time and effort. And the user’s time and energy are limited, once feel vacuous boring, will quit reading. What’s more, in the user’s line of sight drawn before, caocao such a large number of e-books is also available for users to browse and network research content for users to kill time.

in fact, the above two problems through each other. The user has in many ways huge one-time, the content of the passive jamming, avoid like the plague. Therefore, the effectiveness of the content marketing has also been gradually weakened, but there are still many marketers use the means of content marketing is to continue to release more content, it is a vicious circle.

ray of hope: the emergence of the interactive content marketing

however, in the middle of a vast content marketing market appeared a glimmer of light, the interactive content marketing.

interactive content marketing contains the participatory elements, content is not a simple passive consumption, but the user include come in. So there are many kinds of interactive form, such as small, games, questionnaire, evaluation, workbooks, configuration program, calculator, competitions and so on. There are other graphic interactive version of type, such as e-books, fashion magazines, infographics, help users to operate in the form of content rendering.

it all goes well, interactive content would seem to be interesting, but it is not just fun. As is known to all, since the ancient times of education research tells us that “genuine knowledge comes from practice”, to put an ebook on the user’s computer users carefully designed for a small test could be more effective, more quick help user key knowledge absorption, and certainly more interesting.

in addition, interactive content marketing also resolve the “one-off” dilemma.

first, interactive content marketing provides various forms of content rendering and display space, to the user to convey the new idea. This is not just a self-conscious form “in its form, but a really different material reading, express way. For example, the return on investment (ROI) white paper with a calculator function, returns to demonstrate different circumstances; The bittorrent client with an assessment tool to compare view; Can also through the little game sample test to make some common pitfalls.

second, important interactive content with recycling value. Again is not like other people reading your blog posts so simple, but is the interactive content with calculator and configuration tools to users with the repeated use value. This is why content marketing planning, Jay Baer said “woori marketing” (YOUTILITY), he said in his book u-real marketing, “today’s marketing must get rid of the framework of to sell things, to think about how to help customers, for practical use”. That is to say, the interactive content marketing content before the one-sided pursuit of reverse to the value of income level, a truly useful and interactive content of reusable assets, long-term dividends can be obtained.

content marketing: “this is not we need to guide data”

for many marketers, content marketing and potential customer development process constitutes the mobile platform sales system. Is one of the most common type, issued a “limited edition”, like “out of print books,” and “exclusive report”, “new online commentary” and so on, then under content marketing form, to get the visitor’s name, work unit, the information such as email address.

the majority of users of this type of content to see the first reaction is: “this is a trap”.

because in most cases, the so-called “limited edition” end point in a watch found nothing, not originally a few words can tell information exaggeration to lengthy cumbersome ebook, advertising is the explicit euphemistically called “objective research”. Even if in the future marketers don’t want to release such information, the content of the infamous but already save users psychological line of defense.

instead, interactive content marketing through a free value-added model, can overcome the shortcomings. Makes it possible for potential users of the obstacles to the application of content, and assessment tools, the use of calculators or configuration program, there is no any other form. So that the user can immediately find the value of interactive content, and thus established its product reputation and customer trust.

once the customer pull in after, can continue to provide for the user to choose upgrade options, in order to get more potential customer information. For example, in the end of the interactive content evaluation items, can add the personalized recommendation according to user’s score. After the integration of these functions in good, can realize the incredible high conversion rate.

however, interactive content marketing is not only a typical boot record. Passive content marketing, only tell marketers users where is the point of interest, and customers like presentation of information. And interactive content marketing, marketers can get a lot of information from the user’s participation behavior, including the user how to do evaluation, calculator what situation calculus returns, as well as the final option in the configuration program, and so on.

content marketing is to contact record mixed with ambiguous orientation points to marketers, often rejected, “this is not what we want is oriented data”. And through interactive content marketing, marketers can obtain abundant qualification profile and data, then, sales staff can focus on the correct potential users, for their needs special response, like a psychics magic.

interactive content tomorrow: “you are my cloud computing platform”

until recently, interactive content marketing increasingly higher requirements of user customization development, so that the development cost is higher, more time-consuming, establish and maintain technical complexity increases.

however, marketing technology companies are now developing a new generation of cloud-based tool, let not the programmer or unskilled marketers to easily make IT resource application of interactive content, these companies have Ceros, ion interactive, SnapApp, Wishpond etc. And they develop the application of content, not just the Facebook, but have a soft touch web experience, were far more advanced than you might think, can be run on any device.

The content of the

this is an excellent marketing model, through the interactive content marketing, we can reverse the current content marketing dilemma, and then turn to a good beginning, really useful user experience will be inspired and entertainment vast potential users.



Evening news: super speakers won tens of millions of little wisdom financing, ma dong mingzhu challenge

on January 8, hunting cloud network (text/who)

little wisdom super speakers won tens of millions of yuan A + round

domestic artificial intelligence startups get entropy intelligent officially receive tens of millions of yuan A + round of financing, the investor for GSR ventures. Little wisdom super speakers gather entropy intelligence is the main product, the product can realize the remote intelligent speaker voice interaction, the core functions of intelligent voice interaction, high quality wifi speakers, voice control intelligent household, and at jingdong starting from 27th of this month. Gather entropy smart CEO He Yong said that this round of financing is mainly used in artificial intelligence technology research and development and production of the goods required.

peer-to-peer lending site of Faircent founded in June the wholesale funding

India P2P lending site Faircent recently for vc, corporate valuation of $4 million. Faircent catered to a retail and commercial loan demand of the market, the pattern can make the agency costs to a minimum, so as to benefit the user. Borrowers will be able to communicate directly with the lender, negotiate rates and terms and conditions of the loan term, and finally reach an agreement. Borrowers and lenders need to pay for one, called “listing fee”. New money will be used to strengthen the construction of technology, talent introduction and branding. In addition, Faircent will and other lending platforms such as I – Lend, MicroGraam, reaching De and Milaap sharing P2P lending space.

dong mingzhu named challenge ma

chairman dong mingzhu, gree’s talk show “the best guy will”, the host asked yuan yue asked which bosses to relay with her challenges, ma dong mingzhu immediately roll call, and this is the ms dong lei jun after 1 billion, once again challenge bosses of science and technology. Dong mingzhu also claims that gree do destroy millet mobile phone every minute. This is the shell millet beauty is the liars, announced two to get rid of the bad brand all evacuation plan, released by dong mingzhu malicious words again and again and again.

dong aunt always grab headlines recently, what to do with Mr Wang. Millet is hunger marketing, marketing jingdong is gossip, gree is big marketing?

wanda started 2015 university students business plan

wanda group released 2015 annual support college students business plan and will continue to invest 50 million yuan of money, provide 50 wanda plaza shops, boost fresh university graduate of 100 reach their dreams. At present, the startup project covering drinks, desserts, snacks, high-quality goods, such as a variety of formats, the vast majority of start-ups has stable operation, 95% of the venture project sales flat effect higher than other similar shops in the square, on average, flat effect. College students entrepreneurial project record sales of 42000 yuan, the highest monthly sales of 300000 yuan.

friends, half the rent, water and electricity is free yo this attractive, grasping the opportunity to try it on.

lost jobs for the first time the company history

cloud notes developers, the company has cut about 20 people, hoping to increase revenue in 2015. The layoffs including Austin, product director, and some of the engineers, designers, and support and quality assurance staff. Concerns that the company may even close our office in Austin, the main responsible for developing Skitch and Scannable, etc. But the company said that they will continue to develop Scannable in Austin.

hunting cloud network friendship remind related companies in China, people can choose from these cuts in a hey, lay off, after all, not because of not good enough, but the location is not suitable.

Intel released the world smallest computer

Intel released the world’s smallest Windows PC Compute Stick, size only as a U disk, can connect any TV or display to form a complete PC. Through the HDMI plug connection between it and display devices. The only 4 inches (10 cm) computer installed with Windows 8.1 operating system, 2 gb of memory, the 32 gb hard drive, users can also through the microSD card slot extension storage, access to the Internet via wi-fi. Of course, the user needs to be equipped with bluetooth keyboard mouse as an input device. Compute Stick sells for $149, plus a $89 running Linux version for users to choose.

American operators AT& T also launch flow not reset policy

AT& T announced plans to “share mobile value-added” of new users and existing users, will launch a new policy – users monthly doesn’t use Internet data traffic, can automatically roll in next month, AT& T will not charge any additional fees. In December last year, America’s fourth largest Mobile operator t-mobile launched this kind of service.

cloud network unable to hunt poking fun at China’s three carriers, moving die is expensive, telecom can’t buy more models of mobile phones, relatively speaking, unicom is pretty good yo.

unicom was revealed loopholes in call records or to users of information

on vulnerability platform clouds white hat submitted a “stranger a” entitled “China unicom loopholes in one system” of information, through this hole can query any user call records, SMS sending and receiving records, the geographical position and landed on social accounts, etc., the hazard rating is “high”, has been to a third party vendor (many countries Internet emergency center) for processing.

you also enough is enough, unicom, had just finished kua you, spluttered pa hit my face, good pain…

We can make with haier U + soil, why “asymmetric cooperation”?

weibo @ ultra micro letter o Internet luo (luochaotmt)

recently, soil science and haier U + platform, intelligent household opening laboratory in Beijing for developers to provide the necessary research and development of creative design, equipment, technology, environment and other resources to support. The cooperation in the intelligent hardware unprecedented: haier is the old hardware giant, soil is just emerging entrepreneurial teams, is to forget; Strength is sea er home appliance household, soil is wearable devices as the main team. Can achieve this “asymmetric cooperation” and intriguing.

smart home each dry lack of standard

smart hardware is a system, rather than isolated item. The system can sense the environment and the user, connectivity, linkage type of response, giving people more comfortable, simple and smart life. But the most intelligent hardware only can be connected to the Internet, by mobile phone App remote control, can put some data synchronization to the cloud, in addition, there is no much practical significance, is far from intelligent, core reason lies in the intelligent hardware players is numerous, the Internet giant, as between the entrepreneur and hardware company, there is no uniform standard Can’t interconnectivity between each other, exchange data sharing and service, do not give users a good product and service experience.

so, the most important is intelligence household industry has been a lack of a strong platform to provide a DE facto standard or protocol, let different vendor products can be based on the standard and platform for connectivity. As the largest home appliance giant haier, to intelligent hardware transformation and the most active.

haier launched in March 2014 U + intelligent life open platform, U + intelligent life open platform is a set of intelligent household standard, through an open SDK, API interface, and cloud platform can not only make haier can interconnectivity between its intelligent home appliances products, also can let other third-party equipment and services to join U + platform, realize the connectivity, data sharing and service.

choose the soil of deep significance is haier more to bring the entrepreneurs

U + intelligent life platform for haier has a future. In addition to make haier has its own intelligent household products users have a better experience, real intelligence, will also help haier to build an ecological, begin at the bottom of the intelligence and physical league in the world in the future they hold. Haier U + intelligent life open platform landing, you need the support of other hardware player.

relative to the Internet giant, entrepreneurs are more likely to be “win”. Very simple, baidu, jingdong and ali player has a corresponding intelligent household health and intelligence platform, to a certain extent can think they compete with haier U + is relationship. Haier joint laboratory, do U + select soil, it is because of U + need close relationships with entrepreneurs, haier should bow humbly and dimension is not so big players in hand, flexible learning entrepreneurs play and create customer’s mind.

soil is well-known wearable equipment start-up, because a skip events in the industry has a wide range of visibility. Unknown, soil, main members of the team is mostly hardware geek. Wang Wei had a meal with the author revealed that wish to build a lab. Some pit, one is the soil, meet some frustration experience sharing for entrepreneurs, 2 it is to want to use the geek promotes the communication of commercialization and share in a guest creative thinking, 3 it is with an open mind to the connectivity between different hardware products, rather than each to each.

soil laboratory, want to do, haier U + want through opening laboratory to entrepreneurs to join U + ecology, exploring an effective ground model, coupled with both advocate open mind, against a closed ecological system, success will come together.

smart home are not isolated, and wearable, intelligent, healthy, intelligent vehicle

soil strength is wearable device, main product is based on the smart watch e-ink screens, haier U + position open platform for the wisdom of life, haier’s strength lies in the user’s home. Look do not have too big to do both. But the haier’s appetite is bigger, do is intelligent life, covering all aspects. It must be out of the scope of household, because part of family life for only one time – although it is the most time.

smart home is not isolated, the future control of smart home interactive terminal, not only the phone, will also have a watch, bracelet. Also, since they can interact with household, naturally, some with intelligent car or something intelligent hardware interaction. Or go back to a problem: connectivity, not only the electrical appliances to connectivity between, all intelligent hardware connectivity requirements, the physical world will be a huge of sensor network connectivity.

but watch has extraordinary significance: because you can completely replace the intelligent hand ring, and close-fitting associated with people, watches can have interactive terminal, information equipment, data upload and personal ID identification equipment himself in the watch the future users can use voice control lighting, home appliances, automobile, can receive reminder from various devices, other devices can use the cloud for watch data-aware user who is it? Where are now? What kind of personalized needs?

U + cooperation with soil, haier, is the traditional hardware companies and a geek, entrepreneurial team cooperation, is also a smart home giant cooperation with wearable rookie, final purpose is to promote more products achieve interconnectivity in lab. It’s not hard to guess in haier U + with soil, after the successful cooperation, there will be more intelligent hardware team will receive a haier an olive branch.