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Estar, control the ultimate Android mobile phone battery life housekeeper

usually, it’s hard to know which on your Android phone is damn application in swallow your power.

now you don’t have to worry about. By purdue university researchers have developed a new Android applications – Estar, specifically for you to solve this difficult problem. It can help you to find out the power consumption big application, provide you with more efficient battery management alternatives.

once launched, Estar will provide users with two options: “installation low-power application” or “stop using high power applications. Choose the first option, Estar will be filtered for your recommendation, be tested for all kinds of popular low-power applications; Estar will Play Store ratings for these applications.

the second option but it actually reflects the Estar can bring the huge benefits for the user. Select stop using high power application, Estar will display for you, your application is using the power of the installed. It also points out that the power consumption of the highest program for you (revealed: Facebook messenger is likely to blacklist) in the high power program, and then calculate the close these high power applications can extend the service life of how many minutes to your cell phone battery, will each a few short minutes, perhaps is crucial for an hour or two hours of battery life.

this is freeware application developers Mobile Enerlytics company, Mobile Enerlytics consists of four research center at purdue university.

“a way to prolong the battery life is let the user know his mobile phone application the power consumption of every situation,” the CEO and founder Y.C harlie Hu said at a press briefing, “now there are countless applications on the market, every hot applications there are several alternatives.”

at present, Estar provide only Android version, iOS version is under development.


Friction, paid dating sounding strange social new play

(word/flat HongGuang)

according to the statistics, the stranger the probability of successful only one over one thousand, who can ensure that the user sent 1000 pieces of information, it’s only a probability of success will happen in their own? When a mature social APP market cannot completely meet the social demand for everyone, it also makes some of the more targeted, differentiated positioning social APP with the survival and development space, the user habit, concepts of small change is likely to overturn the whole social media networks industry. In the face of such seemingly tend to be saturated market, positioning unfamiliar social APP products “friction” is such a new product.

“friction” friction affiliated with Beijing science and technology co., LTD., by zhu was established in June this year. At present belongs to the early products online, and marketing plans in the near future.

with the most strange dating App on the market products, friction besides location-based positioning around friends, more important is it choose the function of the Internet virtual currency as the breakthrough point, and continue to use YY of separate accounting system on the Internet products. Can say in the beginning, the business model of friction was very clear.

is different from the traditional social software point “like”, friction into a function called “flowers”, value, and flowers 3 yuan a flower function to achieve the social virtual currency cash. Friction flowers is a testing tool, and stimulation mechanism. After a price $3 flower away, if not received 48 hours of each other’s response, the system 7 days return account directly. Once you have the reply of the other party, both parties can begin to communicate, solve the embarrassment of chatting up strange dating. Although 3 yuan a flower price is shown slightly expensive, in fact, it provides a crowd out the paying customers selection mechanism, praise the false prosperity behind the bubble burst point, enhance the use of male users threshold, thus improve the probability of successful dating strangers.

friction also provides a kind of “secret weapon”, namely video authentication function. Now dating software status quo is a figure may not have the truth, and the video can avoid the problem of false identity authentication function, can effectively solve the fraud chat, reduce the mistrust of strangers when dating, greatly improve the real degree of dating.

at present, the friction has got love millions of angel investment in science and technology. At this stage, the lack of friction stability of user groups and the size of the market, plan this year in September for a new product promotion, improve users and user-generated content, and the integrated optimization of user groups and information, to produce more features and value-added services, rich line segment. Friction based on its own virtual currency system, the improvement of the profit model of friction will have more possibilities.


time: June 2014

company: Beijing friction technology co., LTD.


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Mini game consoles in suicide: they will always belong to geek circles

today, I want to talk about what mini game console has experienced. Last year I had a job at OUYA for a period of time.

as early as the beginning of 2013, I said mini game console era has come. Always pursue OUYA technology curtilage, GamePop, GameStick, Mojo, along with a variety of low-cost open-source Android consoles exactly means what. Perhaps they represent some we do not yet know the new things, and to ensure that the app store in the free economy and game developers in the field of TV. Is sad, the past two years, mini game console has been forgotten by the people. What has happened in these two years?

first, because to lead the trend of machine too not to force, performance did not pass. The mini game console companies try to quickly occupy the market, and their main technical leader is a software engineer rather than a hardware engineer. In a software the dominant world this is a typical model: you the most fundamental and most original products, observe the market demand, and then quickly update launch a higher-end version.

technology, in areas such as mobile phones and computers, this pattern is common law. There is no lack of among them “swan”, (those mature products), but more is used to account for “pit” and continuously improve products. But gaming is clearly not so tolerant. The idea of the game world is: hardware decided the product the prospects for the future generations, and the so-called “future” is likely to be a complete failure.

“tease” is one of the reasonable way to solve the problem. Oculus Rift with Kickstarter at first route is also very similar, but the difference is that how they cleverly keep the product in the state of “coming soon”, instead of immediately. It’s a good capture the appetite of consumers. Consumers can’t wait to buy, let a person look forward to its future changes, even at high prices to sell to Facebook remains so. Although I personally is a VR skeptics, I still think Oculus means of attracting customers fairly, and mini game console is in stark contrast. Mini game console developers always sell products to enter the market and then study whether they have the opportunity, rather than the patient to create business opportunities. With hindsight, this step wrong too much, so that after all efforts to become a phantom.

no one expected machines to $399 and $99 to compete. Never. Mini game console in the way is always a poor impression to the person, rather than a meticulously promising products stand up to scrutiny. The product cost cheap, gives the impression of cheap, and they give the user experience more let a person feel cheap. Sadly they connect Wifi, controller induction that the most basic function is a technical problem. So for many commentators, the word “mini game console” is equivalent to “junk”, bad. Business may also have comments mini game console is worth looking forward to the new product “, but it seems to consumers, mini game console soon became a joke, and 3 do, CDi, Phantom and Gizmondo those products, “” blind before buying. Mini game consoles like to wash white reputation is the delusion.

what’s more developers to quickly lose confidence in this line of products. At first, the micro consoles Android operating system and its engine compatibility is the key breakthrough of attention, it means that the mini game console can connect multiple ports and openness as a selling point. This is the Xbox 360. However there is a difficult problem. Many mini games host USES prototypes 3 processor at the time, and this leads to many problems, such as processor and coloring technology is not compatible. More important, than the openness, production team focused on: money.

when OUYA and at the beginning of the login GameStick Kickstarter, their background is the premise of independent game production team are now facing the danger of the television. Independent games on Steam and mobility has done very well, but gradually by the Kinet and television integration platform, such as project to the edge. Sony’s PS3 platform is available only for a few people, and Nintendo is closed completely. The business model of the three companies tend to hit the independent production team, the development of expensive equipment, customized hardware, the high cost of TRC execution, unfriendly revenue sharing, etc.), that independent development team no place in the App Store.

mini game show host is at this time. But things have a turn. Sony company will only choose the Journey before such as few project funding, but then Sony much positive in terms of independent game production. Sony company began to signed a contract with independent game production team, and by this plan launched PS4, at the same time reflect the shortage of the company on the policy and technical constraints. Games, such as the Unity engine works so well, so that the port is no longer a major problem. Sony also got the favour of the game world. Microsoft underestimate the importance of this point at first, but soon have also changed. Nintendo, too.

for independent producers, the result couldn’t be better. It is estimated that this trend will continue until the end of 2015. But it also kills the mini game consoles the most basic one of the most important selling point. They had hoped to build a stronghold for the independent production team cooperation to attract them, but when suddenly the producer has a stronghold, things become “(mini game consoles) you can do for me (team)? I and others to make the deal.” So far, most of the content of the mini game consoles are class B or C grade, and A level of this game is, and even spit on.

there is another way out at that time, perhaps only a television or streaming media player can provide missing link. However, this did not succeed. The Apple doesn’t seem to be going to do any improvement based on existing Apple TV, Roku is focusing on making the best video box. Amazon’s Fire TV set in the game world and starts to make controller, however these are sold separately. Anyhow, streaming media market seems to prefer to $39 can watch YouTube and Netflix function HDMI TV stick, rather than a $150 mini game system. Smart TV may lead the new trend, but for now, it still stays in the shallow layers.

total and, mini game console of heavyweight rivals poached key talent by it, out of the market. For it is only the reputation and sweeps the floor obviously interest off the market. Many early into market makers have been cold and cheerless were eliminated after a dismal sales. Is not general competitive game hardware in this field.

but after the above all sorts of things, I still think mini game console there is hope. Indeed, it has scarred, already vicissitudes. Need to rethink, it is inevitable. But OUYA survived. It’s recent success in the 1000 game ranking, also on Playcast platform released game flow package, mainly recommend Lego Lord of the Rings and the GRID of the game. These games does have some old, but is not yet out of fashion or lose their value. They are still in the effort. I think this little game box can still do something.

I have to say the hacker box has a continuous appeal. In various ways, a leisure game console market may not exist, and the media player, smart TV these are too far from us. But is it set up for these cool equipment market? I believe there is. The analogy may sound strange, but we forget, those who create a mini game console on Kickstarter, their motivation and support people Rusberry Pi is very similar. They don’t have to be a professional platform, they just want a place to quietly to develop games, to try. In and miniature games host the same period, Rasberry Pi undertook this faith to nearly 4 million machines, and the customers are used to all kinds of strange purposes – these consumers are curious about what the machine can be used to do.

I think the mini game consoles as “my first development machine” the tone of the product, at the same time combines the family system platform shun niche and the contents of the literature and art, it still has a market. I can see it has education purposes, it can teach game production techniques, and provide social platform for developers. Does that mean that I think mini game main chance to counter attack, beat high-end host? Unfortunately, they are hard to do that. There are so time I really think so, but perhaps more out of my own some silly force behavior of game industry. But the mini game consoles, what it is, is what.

although I was one of the most loyal supporters of mini game console, but the truth is, that have the potential to make mini game consoles survive conditions has been turned into a phantom. Maybe these conditions will also change, to change, but maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Silence is golden: don’t talk negotiations let startup saved $200000

most of the startup founder did not consider himself is the company’s main negotiators, at some critical moments, they often struggle. These moments on the exercise are sales of the most valuable skills – “silent” the best time.

in the process of negotiations, due to the level of determination and discipline requirements, silence is difficult to be accepted. This, however, is an amazing tool, it unexpectedly saved $225000 for our company.

so why silence can play a role in negotiations? In negotiations silence will give others to create a very awkward atmosphere, which in turn will induce them to continue to chat. And then, they will be very easy to get wrong, and largely exposed them the thinking of chaos in the negotiation.

that’s right!

if you continue to express their views, so you have to do is keep silent, waiting for the right time to appear. This is how I successfully in 10 minutes of phone time savings of $225000.


the development of things is so Close. IO’s founding team is doing and when we start is completely different. We have provided a simple service that allows consumers to register their credit or debit card to let us help them to complete all the deal, and the change to charity. In order to do this, we have to buy other people’s technology. In order to get a copy of money, we and the company signed a three-year contract.

we think very smart, so we work out a special agreement with them: the first year of the contract, we almost do not need to pay any money, the second year in a little more, and then in the third year we need to pay them a large sum of money (about 90% of the contract).

this is how we thought: three years later, our company or the development of good that is sufficient to afford the money, or the company bankruptcy, this also won’t have much trouble. The company’s customer manager don’t mind, because his commission is paid according to the contract value rather than according to the payment terms. This can be a win-win situation.

however, a year after we have completely changed our business line. We don’t use them again these super expensive technology, also have no money to continue to pay for them. So, we try our best to out from them. We phoned them, use of network to contact them and visit their office and write to them. We have tried every way, because we are in is in despair.

the agent of our company constantly tells us that he is willing to lend a helping hand, but he said “the bully financial doesn’t allow me to help you to do things, so if you want to break away, you must pay the full contract amount.”

he’s actually not too willing to help us from suffering, but we will not blame him. For him, if we fail will be more valuable than let him provide the contract. In the end, we contacted them a board member, and persuaded him to let him give our agent email, and let him to help us out. This success caught his attention.

the next day, the phone call: “hello, Steli, I’m John (not his real name). Convenient to chat with me now?” Me: “of course!”

John: “I really want to help you. I know, you endured a rocky start process, I just feel very willing to help you these entrepreneurs. I argued with financial department won an excellent treatment for you. Hearing the news, don’t be too surprised oh, now you only need to pay us $100000 rather than $250000 you can from the contract.”

in an instant, I pressure is $150000, couldn’t be happier. But this is the most easy to use are the most powerful negotiating strategy – the most appropriate time to keep silent.

after a short period of awkward silence, John continued: “ok, Steli, you know, we should maintain a good relationship between, it is very important for us. I hope you know: (ten thousand) is omitted.

this is the limit of what can I do for you, I have for you to a lot of benefits to financial department. I hope you can understand that.”

23… 22… In the 21st… 20… The 19th…

then he went on to say: “you know, if you delay until January and then cancel the contract, and we also for you to win more benefits, reduce the amount to between $25000 and $50000 rather than $100000 now.”

it is November, wait two months seems to be nothing can’t.

“in January, 25000, sounds good.”

John say again: “the forehead frontal forehead… Very good, very happy we can be on good terms. Later I will send all the relevant information to you.”

that’s it. The result is far better than we had expected. Just then a phone call to our saved $225000. I don’t think if I speak I’ll have the results. So I just closed his mouth, listening to him.

it must be admitted that, this is I have seen the most amazing talks. However, you can tell you is: the appropriate shut up nine times ten times will be smarter than yourself to say much more meaningful.

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Cyber crime old methods are commonly used often get: user fluky psychology is root

cloud network hunting note: review 2014 computer field events, most notably network security incidents. Especially at the end of an alarming SONY hacking scandal more. When we talk about a new generation of network security technology, the irony is that Internet crime means hardly changed over the years. Rather than discuss strengthening network security, intensify efforts to improve network security awareness of the common people.

it is very common, just like usual case, this is a restaurant owner in a panic to call we call for help. Through the phone and we can feel his anxious. Restaurant he said that he just received notification that he leaked the payment card information, the bank asked him to find the relevant investigators to investigate.

the layout of the restaurant belongs to a typical small and medium-sized restaurant layout model, several point of sale (POS) terminal distribution in the main dining area, a computer as a backend server for POS network separately on the manager’s office.

in the process of investigation, we found not only in the POS system and the background server steal payment card information of malicious software, also found the restaurant there are serious security hidden danger of infrastructure network. A simple example, also used as a backend server computer is used for timing, accounting and procurement. To this, the restaurant boss admits that doing so is wrong, but he also confessed is currently the equipment, also has faster than he buy the computer and the budget for the security services.

we found two on the backend server computer remote access services: one for the POS system to provide remote technical support services, the other is accounting used to inspect the books and the receipt of service. We also noticed that the whole restaurant the did not install any hardware firewall in the network that some important data (payment card information stored in the POS system, for example) and not important data. When we asked about the matter, the restaurant boss hasn’t opened the firewall equipment, said he would not set this thing.

we check all the running process of the backend server, and then found a file called “ncsvr32. Exe” unknown executable is from “C: \ Windows \ Temp” run path. The suspicious file name and non-standard operation path for executable files immediately caught our attention. Abnormal path, the known malicious file name, and how the implication in the remote access server is this is a very common event, but we still need to play it safe the data back to the laboratory analysis further confirmed.

based on the analysis of the remote access log, there is a continuous logon failure has attracted the attention of our IP address, the address is neither accounting access is not POS suppliers to provide technical support to access the address, but after login failed several times in a row, the address entered the background service system at last. Display from the log, there are three files from this address on the local computer. With the deep data mining, “means” gradually surfaced.

thieves by malicious software package of the first file to install the second file. After the first file is written to system, disguised as a Windows service, maintain the operation of the malicious software on your computer, will also be able to restart the rest of the file if needed. While most of the key operations performed by the second file – read memory, data acquisition card tracking. Find the data, the program jump straight to the last step, perform simple encoding. And so the payment card information is stored in the computer, at any time.

we also found in the remote access log record of additional display against the computer and then through the IP address to access the backend server and go get payment card information data. At the end of the survey, we speculated that hundreds of payment card card number may have been leaked. We told the results to the boss, and finally cleared of malicious software in the system and repair the system vulnerabilities. Hope the restaurant owner can act as a deterrent, completes the network security protection work.

today, most of the data reveal that investigators is accustomed to this kind of spill. In the past year, we have met a lot of similar data theft. However, the investigation took place in 2010. That is to say, five years later, “means” nothing changes, not only people’s data security awareness is still so weak.

let’s take a recent case. The victim is no longer a single address, but a national chain of franchisees. In the whole course of the investigation, we found that the POS to the supplier chain enterprises to provide technical support for remote access service, also used in other dozens of companies across the country.

from the remote access server logs we quickly found an unauthorized access the server IP address successfully, and then transferred to the part of the file. In another a typical application running under the path – “C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ OracleJava” – we found this malicious software. The malicious software called “javaw. Exe”, is one of the famous series of Backoff malicious software. This series of malware infection successfully in the past year thousands of companies.

this case in the reverse engineering analysis shows that not only can the malware to steal memory data, at the same time can also automatically to the attacker’s transmit data to a remote server. And 2010 cases similar to the Backoff after installation also disguised as a Windows service, so that accident can continue to run after restart. In-depth survey POS technology providers have previously encountered a phishing attack, had no idea of this technical staff for the convenience of the important documents containing password was named after “passwords. TXT” save directly on the desktop, lead to file easily be stolen.

the tragedy is the POS supplier management all the address of a host name and password are stored in the desktop text documents, including natural host name and password for the chain enterprises. So, too, was the chain enterprise nature of Backoff malware attacks. Not only that, cyber criminals attacked dozens of total service address, to steal from the thousands of payment card number.

two cases of highly similarity of different time prove to us that the most cyber criminals over the years to take “means” little changed. But there are still many enterprises lack the necessary safety management and effective measures to prevent the occurrence of these attacks. In some cases, the parties just don’t have enough resources to perfect the security system, while others still hold the idea that “I won’t have this kind of situation, by luck.

but have the past 2014 years, is the Internet’s messy, also the network attack almost no one can escape the wake-up call. When more and more enterprises begin to raise their level of network security, the chances of firms are more likely to become a target for cyber criminals.


Before startup, to fall in love with you do this thing

cloud network hunting note: all entrepreneurs need continuous preparation and later learning strengthening can slowly on the road to success, while studying entrepreneurial experience can ensure everyone succeed, but at least can let a person less detours. So every prepare poineering person should ask yourself well, I’m ready?

assume that allow you to list some of my favorite thing to do, the first thing you mind if it is “shopping”, “party”, “go to the beach”, “meeting new friends”, “travel” and other things, then you may be ready for a trip for yourself. If you give the answer is “learning”, “decision”, “listening”, “adventure”, “sales”, “work hard” and “self-made”, it means that you’ve been close to the entrepreneurs. Based on my experience, the entrepreneur will take the time to do may not be enough to attract people, but it is really worthwhile.

so if you want to start their own business, then the following these things you have to like it, or at least a day to learn to tolerate:

1. recruiting

create a good team is the key to success. Of course, you’re looking for team members must be good, don’t play and agree with your business idea, is to be able to together for a long time, hard work earnestly, has the kind of person. Others, however, want to find is such a person. Compared with other excellent startups huge budget, resource scarcity will greatly increase the difficulty of the recruitment team.

investors tend to be more like a bet on the team, this is very important, because of your products and ideas may change, but investors for team ability to measure often lies in its sales ability.

founder, must have the ability to convince investors to investors selling their ideas, and co-founder of the outstanding and the staff is the most powerful evidence, it is enough to prove to investors that someone is willing to work with you together before seeking investment risk.

formation of entrepreneurial teams, the sooner the better. Can not only more opportunities, more early to find a partner, also can test the waters, early to get the most honest feedback.

2. financing

some ceos hate financing, but some people like it very much. Like all things in our life, if you find that you are very good at one thing, you’re more likely to enjoy and do it.

overall, most start-ups to additional investment, which means investors can with less budget for the production and distribution. Not all entrepreneurs are able to meet all needed for startup capital, many companies will need to bring in outside money. If the entrepreneur’s performance is quite good, so investors money will find you, but the process still needs some money auxiliary.

fortunately, startup accelerator provides entrepreneurs with many good financing platform, and now more and more like this platform, such as 500 startups, satellites, and YCombinator three big business incubator. Of course, can be used to start and track the financing activities of AngelList is also a good platform. However, additional external investment affect product development and marketing. This not only because the financing cost a lot of time, but also because during the period of financing, entrepreneurs will consider investing more introduction, introduce the request, the upcoming meeting and financing speech, rather than a product, marketing, and business growth.

all in all, the financing behavior is a good way to get feedback, it can help you look for potential investors, receiving experience.

3. customer service

maybe you will feel as the company’s chief executive, time is very precious, spend time on the customer service is a waste, it is necessary to customer service outsourcing. But from another Angle to think of it, if you provide customer service, can more quickly find the needs of customers. I want to in addition to chat or live communication with customers this way, there is no better way, talk to the customer, after all, and it is very important to listen to the needs of customers. Their own customer service can not only find customer demand, customer experience accumulated, will also be more entrepreneurial zeal.

so customer service is to provide long term? Of course not, sooner or later you will customer service outsourcing, leave time to do more important things. But with previous experience, thus outsourcing customer service management is relatively simple.

4. commodity fair

light, expensive hotels and food fair, everything is in place you will be long standing in the exhibition site ready to introduce products to customers.

for most of the industry, commodity exhibition and related meeting is very important. They provide a platform to help development of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial firms, industry journalists as well as the relationship between the buyer and the seller, at the same time also can provide entrepreneurs with accumulated contacts and harvest the chance of friendship.

maybe you don’t want to become a communication specialist, but there are so few times every year best experience, when you look back, may find that those encountered in the trip is very valuable.

5. long work

Hollywood blockbuster “the social network” after the release, some people have the idea that entrepreneurs can spend 20% of their time on the job, the other 80% of the time will be used for social activities.

in fact, self-employment compared to working for someone else to five times more difficult. My partner and I are still working in 500 Startups, usually to work 80 hours a week, but it is easy in silicon valley. Thankfully, though, if you are enthusiastic about what he had done, that he would never have feelings are at work, but can feel is the opportunity, in the case of time flies try hard to fulfill the mission.

6. always make difficult decisions

do you remember distance yourself when was the last time you make an important decision? As an entrepreneur, you will encounter many times the cause of intersection, had to make important decisions to decide the way how to get to the next.

when you need to make major decisions, often with the product, the types of financing, partnership, business model, pricing, cooperative law and recruitment and so on all sorts of things, this time only to keep the mood, calm thinking, to make the right decisions.

although you might have their own advisers and think-tank, but after seeking help, you may still can’t get answers, because a lot of things often do not have a clear right or wrong, or at least there’s no way to know right from wrong, can only wait for time to prove. As a spectator, often can be easily to criticize other entrepreneurs, but when the boss, you’ll find that it is almost impossible to get criticism from employees.

7. flight

I don’t know whether someone like flying, but I know the two pilots all love their work, but if it is as a passenger, they all can’t stand.

should say so, not everyone can seek help from you, but you will need the help of others. Especially when just starting a business, you must attend all kinds of exhibitions and meetings, all fly to meet with investors, meet new employee recruitment, etc.

you should pay more attention to the comfort of flight, such as the total length and flight departure time, rather than to save $100 and let yourself fly very uncomfortable, which affects their alertness and strain capacity in the meeting.

8. the pinch

startup launched two basic way is to rely on their own funds or access to external funding support, sometimes, on its own can help investors’ money. When startup only rely on their own capital support, entrepreneurs are paid even couldn’t send out, but once after the success of the financing will improve.

but investors want their money can be careful to use, so the first year of business will be hard for entrepreneurs. This is a common phenomenon, there are many entrepreneurs in silicon valley bank account despite millions of dollars, but still lived a simple life. So, if you are considering their own businesses, it would be ready to pay my tuition.

9. risk

use one word to describe the success of start-ups, is the “uncertainty”. Market, customers, runway, investors, and your social relationship, these are all on a whim. Because you did not know that he is doing the thing whether can continue to eight months, planning for the future is very difficult.

no matter whether growth over the next month, your business operating model is likely to be a success or failure. It is necessary to have a thick hide, keep passion for entrepreneurship, not afraid of obstacles along the way, aim at the top of the mountain.

10. rapid growth

as an entrepreneur, the most valuable resource is time. Every time you want a race against time, ensure that funds do not dry up, competition is not defeated by the market, to minimize the opportunity cost, achieve rapid growth.

although starts you may not have huge capital investment, but you will be in the process of pluralism, seldom have their own time.

like I was a musician, you haven’t touched a musical instrument, often several weeks there is less number and meet family and friends. Before go to the movies once a week or two will, and last year’s movies are few and far between. Set foot on the journey you will be ready to disappear from the existing life, just like you have a child’s friend, suddenly have never met, and you will often suffer from insomnia, always feel very tired.

but entrepreneurship and gave birth to a child is the same, as most of the parents said, this is what they have done the most meaningful thing. You will find yourself in life, for the first time go so deep, you will lost it even after the return to the real world, shining eyes all the sparks of wisdom.

11. learning new things

learning as the most valuable part of an entrepreneur. According to statistics, most of the startups are not succeed, but entrepreneurs can gain experience and skills. Entrepreneurs are also more, marketing, human resources, accounting, pricing, business development, product management, such as with part-time, so have to quickly learn a lot of things in a short time.

fortunately, under the background of information age, transparent entrepreneurial culture provides a lot of help, entrepreneurs can get a lot of information. Although time is pressing, but I have to spend hours reading every day. Although you have to be in the output state for a long time, but you also need to absorb more knowledge, it is good for you.


confident sales

if you don’t like sales, the business is probably not for you. If you don’t like to speak in public, that you may have to be a CEO.


“Big data” also is not equal to “great wisdom”

cloud network hunting note: technology developers and media early painted a picture for us the upcoming “era of big data.” “Big data” omniscient omnipotent; With the support of the “big data”, the company operating efficiency by leaps and bounds; “Big data” can also help you make the most informed decision, make you invincible. Is not too great! But hunting cloud network editing jun to remind everybody, just like all the high-tech propaganda, “big data” is inevitable hype. So, do you still believe in the future?

in recent years, the “big data” has spread. Technology developers and the media frenzy of propaganda, how could you not know that the “big data”? Even if you don’t know there is always heard of it. Let’s take a look at how they trumpeted the so-called “big data” : “big data” omniscient omnipotent; With the support of the “big data”, the company operating efficiency by leaps and bounds; “Big data” can also help you understand the data, make the smartest decisions, make your company all the time full of competitive advantage.

how tempting propaganda! Of course, we can’t say one hundred percent reported against the facts. People just for high-tech publicity is always too optimistic ahead. In fact, many companies are found at the current conditions to realize the “big data” difficult, ideal is very plentiful, reality is very skinny. Indeed, in the aspect of data collection and processing, may have a considerable advantage. But the real use of these data, and with the help of the better decisions it is another thing. So where is the problem? Said most companies in the “big data” and “understanding” between of big data, the lack of certain important link. If this problem is not solved, so people just is a pile of seemingly useful data, but hard to dig out the useful value.

as a senior in the industry of silicon valley recently revealed that although the recent startup activities and financing conditions, large data collection and data processing seems to be widely followed, but a huge gap between reality and expectations are still unable to turn a blind eye. He said, “big data haven’t really into big knowledge, insights and wisdom.” With their predictions, we from real era of “big data” has a long way to go.

hype and the reality, cannot confuse STH with STH else

we want to capture value from big data method is as simple as possible, such as import data, run the program, the visionary conclusions finally. Do you think it possible? If wisdom so readily available, that everyone can be a jobs. In fact, gain valuable information from large data than “import, run, output trilogy” is much more complex. “Data prediction: the strategy of Big Data (Data Divination: Big Data Strategies),” the author of Pam Baker (Pam) Baker, said the Data directly answer instance does exist, but is only found in certain cases, rarely happen. We don’t hope that the exception, we need is a universal law.

“perhaps, some would argue that we can cite many examples, in these cases, data often can give a very clear answer. Such as prediction analysis can accurately predict the plane or a dead time of the parts and components of water supply system can also tell us the best time for replacement parts, in order to maximize the use of before in the old part scrapped its residual value.” Baker explains.

“but,” she went stressed that “more cases, we can’t get to the answer directly. You can choose from a number of possible actions one or do nothing, particular case is particular analysis, this is the reality we face.”

baker fits. Some decisions it is based on the data. Data is not “cold number”, they are “elves” sentimentality, as Bruce springsteen sings in a song, they need to be “a little milk of human kindness”. People can by developing good indicators and powerful algorithm to data mining. But this is far from enough, people must through their own understanding and insight to truly understand the “inner world” of data, to make full use of the value behind the data. Some data is very “obvious”, some is “euphemism”, we cannot treat as the same.

algorithm of the limitations of

a step further, we hope that big data can make enterprise users instant access to the data directly, so that they can, charmed life anytime and anywhere to make every one of the best decisions. Desire is a good thing, just by our current technical conditions, we also can not reach such a complex magical level.

to do this, first of all, we need enough data expert to help us to analysis the data, extract useful information from large amount of information. Together with Kholsa Ventures invested several big data technology companies (such as Parstream) investors Keith said, the company is very need an expert to guide data processing complex data analysis, but the majority of business users is difficult to do this.

the Persian said, you will need these experts to develop the application data and algorithms, to undertake a large amount of data research task. But in already have these data expert company, the data is not experts have been engaged in these advanced complex data work, perhaps in part because they need to take the time to deal with some simple data analysis. Data of experts can greatly be buried here.

in the ideal case, pull the Persian continued, experts developed a set of tools, data when there is a party need answers can quickly find out the answer to analysis throughout the organization. In this day and age, speed is everything. The last thing we want to see what happened is that when we urgently need answers, we can only hope that experts, data and passively waiting for.

the starting point is good, but the problem is that even the smartest people developed the most complex algorithm, for complex problem is still not the most direct answer. No matter how complex algorithm, also can’t do overall consideration, the difficult to measure the specific factors of more helpless. If a method can do all of these, it is a human brain, the more trouble.

I need a good “midfielder hand”

a baseball game that can help us better understand the limitation of the algorithm – level two players, they can. Data geeks will tell you that after years of research and development, they created Sabermetrics algorithm, can provide you with choosing the best players of all decision-making information you need. They also developed a whole series of data statistical algorithms, such as “replace winning percentage (Wins Above Replacement)”. FanGraphs explanation to replacement “odds” are as follows: “if a player can’t play wounded, their team had to find a minor league baseball player or team” lesser “doing the substitute bench, loss how many?” To this, they adopted a series of standards to measure the winning percentage difference between the two.

if the complexity of this algorithm only used to accurately measure the value of the player, that’s no big problem. But there are some problems, such as a player performance under pressure? He practiced hard? He’s the captain of the which kind of type? Or with his players how to get along with? All of these problems how to use the algorithm to calculate? Don’t these problems is important? If you want to into the consideration of the algorithm, and how to quantify these factors?

pure data analysis of the following will tell you everything can be quantified, maybe they said yes. But I also did see a lot of the same players, under the condition of nearly the same, they have the gap, though their performance on the data analysis of it should be very close.

in the enterprise, human resources experts in recruiting free programmers will encounter similar baseball player. You may have two professional skills level of applicants to apply for the position, but one of the better interpersonal skills, good cooperation with colleagues, and the other candidates are hard to get along with and cooperation, apparently only from your resume, it is hard to see how these “soft power”. Even has the support of a large amount of data, it is difficult to take into consideration all aspects to the possible results, especially and involving people.

aware that one false step will make a great difference

any a responsible doctor rigorous to tell you, even if both the patient’s symptoms are very similar, the treatment is not the same, still need to be in strict accordance with the individual to decide, the difference of the age, weight and other health problems and special factors and so on, will affect the final treatment effect.

take the medical procedures used in the intelligent analysis platform for IBM’s Watson. When I asked a friend about some doctor recently started using Watson auxiliary diagnosis and treatment, he immediately fry. He insisted his own health problems and treatment does not need a machine to decide. His worry about completely reasonable, but in Watson’s case, the machine did not directly give the doctor can follow blindly answer, only signs, patient information, according to the existing conditions and combined with the current conditions of scientific research results, reference scheme of the treatment is given.

as I described before data experts, doctors are also very busy, they could not give patients a doctor while also be familiar with all the latest developments in the field of themselves. There are so many related research (of course this is a good thing). So they need Watson auxiliary. Watson, able to quickly filter the current study, but I still need a doctor according to the actual situation to determine the final direction of treatment. I prefer to put this process is called the art of science. Brought us infinite possibilities of knowledge, but in the end it’s still is a doctor and not a machine.

enterprise will also face similar uncertainty, this requires human intervention, using their knowledge, through the power of the data, make a decision to uncertainty.

in the future we can walk far?

a lot of the time machine can give people need to take years to be the answer and vision. Baker pointed out, such as big data has been in helping us more profound understanding of the disease, especially cancer, there are many aspects are human researchers has never been involved in. “There is no big data to provide us with enough information, we will never find the best treatment plan (at least in recent years, there is no hope. Here, I want to say is, ‘big data’ can be very accurate.”

and she also believes the machine learning ability in the near future will reach a enough mature stage. When the machine may do more for our decision, after all, because the human brain capacity is limited, can’t deal with the use of all available information.

I can’t say that her thought is wrong, for now, however, the ability of collecting and processing data has gone far beyond the comprehension of these data. Baker says, forecast analysis has been developing in advance, sometimes data can answer directly, but in more cases, it is still a complex interactive process. nullnullnullnullnull

Everyone is talking about startups, but almost everyone was in the wrong concept.

cloud network hunting note: everyone has his own definition of startups, but almost everyone’s definition is wrong.

if you often read technology article, I will not worry to tell you that you may have a wrong understanding on “entrepreneurship”. Many startups are those of human eye is small but very fast growth of the company, and is expected to replace those dying, try very hard to maintain and couldn’t stop himself into the decline and fall of companies.

so, in the true sense of startups do what? I will have such a question because there are many company itself as the startup, but completely don’t deserve. Uber is a start-up company? Of course not. Your crazy uncle that entrepreneurship by gang sticky rocket toys accessories co., LTD. Is a venture company? No, this is just a hopeless period.

that is made up of 14 people, was established only a year of science and technology company, raised $437000, then by burning money every month to maintain their consecutive quarter of growth, the company is a start-up? B: yes.

of course, it is a grey area the definition of the scope, so I’m going to explain.

each of us has our own definition of startups, but almost everyone’s definition is wrong. Recently, I send this question to a lot of people, then get a lot of answers: what use it to define the “startup” company, profit? Fixed number of year? Management structure?

I asked some venture capitalist ideas, Christopher Calder, Epic investment adviser, addressed the issue of management structure; Kleiner Perkins Matt Murphy mentioned point of profitability; Charles River of Rafael Corrales, focus on ability to grow it.

if so, amazon lost a lot of money, Uber has been set up for many years, even there are a lot of startups at startup management team structure, it is very funny. As a result, the VCS have given advice is not reliable.

I think we can use 50, 100 or 500 principle, this principle put forward by me. Here are explained in detail: if your company meet the following conditions, it is a startup. And you should be aware that it is a technology company looking for or should actively avoid IPO:

5000 million ($50 millions) revenue funds rate (12 months) before operation;

within 100 employees;

company valuations within the $500 million millions (” 500 “).

so, if your company is worth $4.99 billion and has 99 employees, with $49 million and are in motion, so to celebrate, your company or a startup (in fact, if you have startups, that means that in the future you will have more than 10 times the revenue and millions of dollars in profits).

let’s give some interesting examples. Mattermark and Buffer are start-up companies. Mattermark recently published investment valuation, operating income and the number of employees — $25 million, 25 million annual income, and 27 worker – these are consistent with our standards. Buffer, valued at $6000 in the previous round of funding, average annual income of $4.8 million and has 30 employees. All meet.

but millet, Uber and other emerging technology industry companies are already no longer is the startup. They are emerging companies. What is the new company? Those success stories in 2010, green shoots in the loose economic policy and low interest rates environment, be boring vc firms with high growth potential as an excuse to packaging listed company (is). Moreover, they are worth $1 billion or more.

but emerging companies are already on the market, they are no longer the startups.

in the end, who thinks that a company has $40 billion would be a startup? Usually for the scale of the listed company (market value) definition:

small companies: $300 million to $2 billion.

medium-sized companies: $2 billion to $10 billion.

large companies: more than $10 billion.

so, generally speaking, the open market statistics show that not only Uber overvalued for $40 billion. There are a lot of company growth quickly, but are not all start-ups.

before you go to sleep tonight, please lie down on the bed silently and 50, 100, 100. You will understand it.

Not online has won a $80 million investment, the amazon five challenges Jet

note: hunting cloud believe you’ve heard the project launched a small angels, but have never heard of before as online. 80 million investment. According to after hearing, founder of interpretation, some people think that it will be have the potential to be launched over the past 10 years the most ambitious of e-commerce sites, and even let amazon CEO bezos of anger. The following for Re/code coverage, tencent technology translation:

if from the point of view of advertising, seems to have become the best in the field of the current e-commerce industry website. The site created by a co-founder of, has raised $80 million in investment. However, has not yet officially launched. Some middle-level staff have been added to the site, in fact they also didn’t exactly know what these shopping sites through what way to carry out the work. Under such circumstances, the Jet will attract the investment of investors as well as many employees, mainly with the company’s chief executive, mark raul (Marc the Lore) won the trust of the parties concerned. Raul had to sell the parent of maternal and infant products website Quidsi to amazon, market price of about $550 million.

a few days before, raul talked about the new company. After hearing the raul’s explanation, some industry insiders believe that has the potential to be a thing of the past 10 years to launch the most ambitious of e-commerce sites. This sounds a little weird. People can not help but ask, really? This would allow the amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) angry? May, of course, but in any case, indeed reflects the raul’s ambition.

from the point of view of high-level, is trying to re-establish the Costco membership club models in the network. is an online marketing market, on this site, like the online shopping website, and other hundreds of similar sites such as the size of the retailer can sell their goods. Jet website will sales ranging from sports equipment to the cleaner to cereal to everything, sneakers, etc.

consumers to shopping on Jet website, every year will have to pay the membership fee of $50. In return, the Jet will these members return shoppers usually expect discounts: network the lowest price, and has always been like this. According to Jet estimation, this approach can make an average consumers save $150 a year.

in the present process, the Jet will try to attract consumers on the amazon site, as well as to attract consumers who don’t often online shopping. Here are Jet site plan of 5 kinds of schemes, Jet through the five kinds of schemes to implement the initial dream, including called Jet, Anywhere in the program. This is raul publicly for the first time and Re/code talk Jet Anywhere.

the first scheme: cheap

raul said that Jet website commodity prices, on average, will be better than all the other sites (including amazon) overall price 5% to 5% cheaper. Therefore, raul also and part of the industry on Jet website and other website of diapers and cleaner to compare the prices of goods such as, it has been proved that the price of is lower. , industry insiders and online search the Sonos Connect equipment, concurrent now for $301, the price of this device is much lower than the price of all other e-commerce site, while in other e-commerce site, the lowest price is $349. Members of the club like Costco can at a low discount prices to sell goods, mainly because consumers always buy wholesale goods. However, this is not the Jet method. So, how can Jet bear such high discount?

raul said, when retailers selling goods on the Jet, every sales to Jet a commission. The specific amount of commission according to the product type and is not the same, but is more or less of this amazon commission mode (amazon extraction percentage range from 8% to 15%). Next, the Jet will receive these commissions, and then use these commissions to fund all discount consumer first. Jet plan is only as the only profit channel through membership fees, rather than to sell the goods from the site to get commission as its revenue streams.

raul said: “we are on the website of all basic goods sales in accordance with our cost price, at most only a little bit higher than the cost.”

number two: more discount

this is the beginning of the discount strategy. Raul said that if consumers ordered a few items at the same time, so they can save the cost of 10% to 15%. Is the way it is, if consumers ordered many items at the same time, Jet technology will be behind the scenes to search, to find a retailer is one of the two goods in warehouse. If this is the case, then the Jet system will automatically apply for more discount, because it to the user delivery cost effect will be higher.

the Jet system will also be looking for a warehouse closer to home consumers, so it can give consumers shopping play more discount again. All these happened behind the scenes, and shoppers in the shopping cart to add more new product, you will see more discounts shown in heaps. Raul said: “is not to say that the way we delivery more intelligent. In fact, we are to show the real deep economic factors. If we will be announced the discount more transparently to the customers, so we can effectively increase more effective order.”

there are more price cut. If user use credit card or bank card to pay, rather than a credit card, so the Jet will also be able to play more discount, because if consumers do not use a credit card payment, the Jet will only need to pay for less payment processing. In addition, if a user will tell E-mail address to the sellers, that also can get more reduction opportunities. Every retailer to provide a business Jet, decide which goods order what kind of discount can be obtained.

the third way: fast delivery

if the order price is not less than $35, so consumers can enjoy the free shipping discount. If the order is lower than $35, so consumers will need to pay $5.99 shipping fee. Orders for most commodities, often in three to five working days after the performance.

however, for consumer goods, such as paper towels, grains and toothpaste, etc., it will take less than two working days to Jet aspects can the goods sent to the hands of consumers, this very much like Amazon Amazon Prime service, but also does not charge any additional fees. Jet was able to do so, mainly because the company has two warehouse (soon there will be three), the geography effective area to store these goods.

in addition, the Jet also believes that shoppers really hope, also need to get these goods faster. At least compared with the camera or a toy car, consumers always want to get faster paper towels, grains and toothpaste and other similar products.

4 kinds of solutions: help shopping guarantee supply

raul said: “this is a very simple brand promise. Consumers pay $50 a year, to purchase any goods can save money.” Feeling that sounds good, but also has a problem: Jet website once launched, but the sales quantity will be millions of, at the appointed time, how can the Jet to let consumers to purchase each item can save the cost of commitment? To this, raul believes that his company had the answer. If consumers on the Jet website search a product, but failed to find the goods, then Jet companies can still make consumers continue to order the goods. After that, the Jet website will help consumers to purchase the goods, but also provides consumers with some special discount, however, raul did not disclose specific number of such discount. This strategy is worth attention, because it is unclear what the Jet will be how to implement this strategy on a large scale.

5 kinds of solutions:

this is a final solution. Every large online shopping sites had never want to be able to sell these through its own store or website channel sales of commodities of the popular fashion brand products of the company. Amazon in this effort, however, ended in failure. Jet aspect also knows about it, they may also face the same fate.

however, Jet has introduced an affiliate program, called “Jet Anywhere”, the program will offer rewards to Jet members, as long as these members in affiliated with Jet Anywhere retailer website shopping plan. For example, if the members of a Jet site at Gap or j.crew (that is, the so-called raul has signed a contract with Jet Anywhere project cooperation of the two brands) website to buy some goods, then shoppers will receive a Jet integral card, can exchange and the volume of 20% to 30% of the value of the goods. Raul said: “this is a special kind of reward, this allows consumers to easily buy goods in our web site.”

in general, the value of the Jet proposal sounds impractical, difficult to achieve, perhaps this was the case. However, for an entrepreneur, it is full of great opportunities, of course also faced with enormous challenges. Amazon, for example, may be on their website the same popularity as the Jet website commodity big price cuts, and may be treated as, to squeeze the Jet from the industry. In addition, the Jet may also found that the company’s business model is difficult to attract many U.S. consumers, as more users want to get a faster delivery service, or a Jet of a wide variety of discount method makes consumers dazzling, overwhelmed. In any case, any one of these reasons will make Jet face larger the struggle to survive, and only by the membership fee is used to implement the company’s profit way will face a bigger dilemma.

maybe, raul’s concept of the cost is very expensive, and lead to can’t perform. After raul said that Jet company has plans to spend $500 million over the next five years time, used for marketing. However, for many in the industry question, raul scoffed. In the eyes of raul, Jet completely have the ability to challenge amazon website.


Hungry for a new round of financing, take-away O2O war and “swan”

the take-out O2O increasingly fierce competition, sold at home and abroad platform hungry to hunt cloud confirmed, the company has recently completed a new round of financing, precise information will be announced at the end of this month.

there are media reports that one of the number of domestic Internet giant for the investors, the amount in the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars. Another news that amount is $300 million more than the end of the rumors, is expected to reach about $1 billion. But from the point of the data comprehensive comparisons, hungry? The round line 3 – about $400 million, $1 billion data there should be a lot of water.

was founded in 2009, the online jingle is its main business. Financing process is as follows: in March 2011 for GSR ventures millions of dollars. In January 2013 from partners China, millions of dollars of GSR ventures; In November 2013, from sequoia capital China, warp/weft, GSR ventures $25 million in financing in China. In May 2014, the joint investment on public reviews, both investors $80 million.

the latest publicly, according to data from the hungry? Coverage has reached more than 200 city, the number of employees increased to more than 2000 people. Orders at the same time, the hungry yao announced the day also to present the growth of the ten times, from accept public comment on the investment of 100000 single shot up to 1 million. Rapid growth of a large part of the reason behind is to rely on capital booster.

at the same time of rapid enclosure, hungry? Are competing with American take-away, baidu take-away rivals in three or four line city’s “subsidy”, even fisticuffs broke staff events, which also sparked controversy. Some media even external attributed hungry? Cut subsidies measures to “capital chain rupture.

although hungry? Top to deny funding breaking news, but in a race with rivals now, hungry? Does need more “ammunition” funds to support.