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A – P – P – L – E data processing: apple how to let customers love it?

the well-known Apple fans are very enthusiastic, thanks in part to Apple’s retail stores insisting on providing perfect services to customers. Business Insider net interviewed Carmine Gallo, he had just finished for the Apple on the feelings about customer service book “experience Apple”, he told the website revealed how about Apple retail stores will do interesting inside so perfect customer service.

the irony is that Apple does not agree with the “constantly recommend they don’t need the service to the customer”, and that is exactly what Comcast, China mobile, unicom, telecom giants such as willing to do.

the Apple store employee will be trained to follow a short name A.P.P.L.E customer service guide, it is these step-by-step guide to customers so satisfaction.

Approach with a personal, warm welcome

A – to one-on-one reception and hospitality warm

the Probe politely to understand the customer ‘s needs

P – polite understanding customer requirements

the Present a solution to the customer can take home today

P – develop a customer can take the product home that day solution

Listen for and resolve issues or concerns

L – listen carefully and solve the problem of customer concerns or

End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return

E – farewell and to express customer again

we noticed from the specification p neither represents “force (Push) customers to buy more expensive but useless service” nor “let customers waiting (Postpond) three hours until the closing”. In fact, Apple is more of a training employees to be truly helpful and able to listen carefully to customer needs and to the people to solve the problem. Just it’s a pity that such a very simple but effective idea has not set up in some industry.


Antivirus search engine Google to become hacker “try” new tools

in these before releasing new software company, Microsoft, apple and they will be tested code, to ensure that the software running, and check whether there is a bug. And hackers and cyber espionage, too, if you are them, you should want to see in the most are the Trojan virus exposure of his own to storm victims system. And, more importantly, you don’t want to victims of antivirus engine detects you put those malicious tools.

so what should you do? You will submit your code to VirusTotal let it to you for the first test, if can pass its testing, So want to stolen So easy. Here, you might want to know whether VirusTotal is a what kind of god, don’t worry, we will talk about it soon.

you have such a doubt for quite a long time, hackers and national spy before the official opening of the malicious software, will use Google antivirus engine test, but has not been true. Not long ago, the independent security researcher Brandon Dixon tracking several high-profile hacking group, including two high-profile national hacking team, in their by VirusTotal hone code technology, development of tradecraft, Brandon Dixon caught them a present.

“VirusTotal against being used,” Dixon said: “this is really a satire. I never thought a country would use a public test system for such a thing.” VirusTotal is a free online services, founded in 2004 by Hispasec Sistemas founded in Spain, in 2012 and was bought by Google. It set including Symantec (Symantec), Kaspersky (Kaspersky Lab), security (such as f-secure) kill soft launch of more than 30 kinds of virus scanning program. The researchers or others if found suspicious files in a system, can be uploaded to VirusTotal, see if the scanner is to identify it as malicious files. But VirusTotal this in order to protect the system and the existence of engine, but inadvertently give hackers provides opportunity, allowing them to adjust the test their own code, until the code can fool anti-virus tools.

Dixon has for years been to upload the file data for online tracking, now he has identified some hackers and hacking team, they have been using VirusTotal refine the code.

he is able to do this, because each a file will be uploaded to the VirusTotal metadata. These data include file and upload time, still can store the IP address of the uploader is compressed, by IP address, we can know in which country these files are uploaded. Although Google hid the IP address, prevent user information, but through the hash, we can still know which several files from the same IP address submitted. And, oddly, Dixon monitoring several hacker groups like to submit the malicious code with the same IP address, don’t understand the word of a wily rabbit has three burrows.

use of their own to create a set of analytical algorithm of metadata, Dixon found some documents submitted by the patterns and rules, he speculated that the metadata belong to two well-known network spy team, one of the points should be haunted by Iran. Dixon has spent months of observations of these organizations, they use VirusTotal gradually perfect code, soon, the scanner is more and more difficult to detect these after grinding of malicious software. Dixon watched them closely, and in some cases, Dixon can predict when they will attack, and even when users suffered attacks – when he saw some once again tested code appear on the VirusTotal, when some victims found them on the machine, and submit them VirusTotal test.

as to Dixon is how think of metadata research VirusTotal so instead of means, that is because there are security researchers repeated the hackers use the site as a testing tool. Until now, he still not willing to publicly discuss his research on metadata, he knows that it will make hackers change strategy, more difficult to catch them after the fox’s tail. But he also said that the current VirusTotal database has enough historical data, enough for other researchers to study and find out those he didn’t find the net. So not long ago he openly developed code, the code can better analyze metadata, so others can also began to study independently.

Dixon said, get data can find out the hidden BOSS this upgrade is not exist. “Find out they are a very difficult thing, when I just begin to pay close attention to these data, just a confused, very anxious to grab land, I don’t know what I should look for, also don’t know how the hacker is tempered, until I find a hacker.”

Dixon track to Iran of an unknown hacker or hacking group, in the past only a month in June, file upload about 1000 virus, thus acquired a lot of the soft kill experience. In some cases, they can always keep not hair, until the successful completion of the adjustment, to bypass any anti-virus software.

now hacker groups on VirusTotal activities have been exposed, but there is no doubt that they will not converge, will continue to use this engine, just will change the way, let you more difficult to find them. Dixon happy about this. As long as the security company to determine who test on VirusTotal malicious code, they can find the opportunity to find their clues, grasp the features of them, before these code drop out, create good corresponding defense mechanism.


Lego box $37.19 million B round, millet and led

(word/qing nan)

the domestic investment and financing platform for P2P network announced today that lego box to complete the total $37.19 million B round, millet and led to capital, partners China, temasek’s investment, the intime capital and jade auspicious peak are involved with.

this is also in the earlier this year the intime capital after A round of funding, lego box in the latest action of the capital level.

the news about lego box B round began in a few days ago on the Internet, then the investor is millet and for capital.

block boxes and millet, revealed that both sides will embark on a number of resources in the field of Internet financial complementary strategic cooperation. When it comes to why investment block box, millet co-founder and vice President of flood peak, said the “very important building block box team rich experience in the field of Internet financial and operational ability, and the two sides in common in terms of values and business concept.”

after the analysis thinks, this millet investment lego box is the main purpose, and millet production chain produce synergies, millet financial supply chain. At the same time also can let millet chain of developers to complete capital needs more efficiently.

the data shows, since its launch in 2013, lego box platform on the total amount of dealmaking nearly 2 billion yuan, the top quickly. Although P2P regulatory problems in Taiwan, but relevant policies also gradually began to clear. This is investment institutions begin to choose filling the Internet one of the reasons for the financial sector.

the lego box the raise of funds, in addition to strengthen the team construction, will further expand in risk control, technical support, product development and brand construction, etc., and to expand our business to more industries and regions.


After dominating American ambition, softbank masayoshi son locked vodafone?

after the setback in acquisition of t-mobile U.S. wireless carriers, Japan’s softbank CEO Masayoshi Son (Masayoshi Son) have turned to the European, and began to pay special attention to vodafone?

Vodafone (Vodafone Group) is the international mobile phone operators, it is also one of the world’s largest mobile communications network company, headquartered in Berkshire, UK new bliss (Newbury) and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Japanese media according to an unnamed softbank personage, speculates that softbank might in recently contact vodafone, the UK mobile communication company. Vodafone is the world’s second largest wireless carriers, its users is second only to China mobile.

softbank with vodafone has a long history of origin. Softbank, in 2006, $15 billion deal to buy the vodafone operating company in Japan. In 2012, vodafone underweight softbank shares worth $5 billion, accordingly to reduce their overseas “territory”.


with the help of the deal from Internet service providers to become Japan’s third largest mobile phone operator. British Enders Analysis, market research institutions (Enders Analysis), said analyst barfoed’s “softbank when it comes to the deal, just say oneself to what extent the good vodafone’s Japanese business.”

since last year, there are rumors that the two companies will be combined. Vodafone will Verizon wireless sold a 45% stake for $130 billion to the United States after Verizon telecom, vodafone, the UK market valuations are reduced by half. The giant American telecom AT& T last may agree to a price of $49 billion acquisition of satellite operators DirecTV, become pay-tv and giant in the field of wireless phones. Since then, softbank, also hope to actively to make acquisitions, in order to expand in the global market share.

according to an unnamed analysts said, because softbank mainly focus on its scale and improvement of the network, so maybe for its acquisition of vodafone is very meaningful. “Softbank aspires to become the world’s largest telecoms operator, which requires them to buy some big companies, while vodafone will be a good choice.”

vodafone 2600 MHZ radio spectrum of assets to softbank has a lot of appeal, because softbank is committed to using the same spectrum to develop the fourth generation of wireless technology.

at present Europe’s wireless telecommunications industry is in a state of weakness, so maybe for softbank is an opportunity to buy. Behind the network, the intense price competition, the strict regulation and consumer confidence in the downturn, these unfavorable factors together, all with a heavy blow to the European telecom company’s earnings. Prompted the company began to integrate scattered industry competition. For example, in order to support its ailing European business, vodafone has spent tens of billions of dollars in Germany and Spain in asset acquisitions.

last month, some reporters asked Mr. Son how European telecom market, and the European telecom market is so attract people’s attention. Masayoshi son joking replied: “on the other hand, Europe is a crowded and competitive market. The European market, on the other hand, poor network. Otherwise I will no longer say more.”

although softbank didn’t immediately to make any comment on rumors acquisition of vodafone, vodafone also refused to make any reply, but most observers keep tend to be approved by the attitude to this matter.

softbank to its t-mobile Sprint subsidiary with its subsidiaries in the United States, which is the third and fourth largest mobile operator in the United States together, but strongly opposed by regulators last month, so the plan ended in failure.

the Enders Analysis, market research institutions (Enders Analysis), an analyst at barfoed’s (Barford) said: “the Vodafone in Europe (Vodafone) is essentially a traditional carrier, you can’t transplanted softbank, the Japanese mode to Europe; Similarly, the Japanese model of the softbank transplanted to the United States is also unrealistic.”

for softbank, in the United States that there was no hope of market integration, so it might consider looking for acquisitions within Europe. However, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities analyst Ivan? Palacios (Ivan Palacios) said that softbank must show that it can be an effective strategy in Europe. In the European market, telecom operators have been struggling to compete for the realization of capitalization of its assets.

bought vodafone may need to spend $100 billion in assets, it is difficult to digest for softbank. And the year to October in order to acquire the wireless products distributor research majority stakes in companies, softbank has spent more than $1.26 billion.

“we don’t think that softbank at the moment have the desire or have the ability to buy large companies such as vodafone.” Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (Mitsubishi UFJ Securities), an analyst at rick? Marty pull (Rick Mattila) said. “Softbank need to adjust the strategy, assets and away from the Internet. And acquisition of vodafone, seems to have been with the company’s trend apostasy chi and the farther the line.”

an unnamed analysts said the “softbank is now busy with its us subsidiary Sprint events. Acquisition of vodafone may become very difficult. Though not without hope, but probably not now.”

Palacios said softbank’s financial flexibility is “limited”, especially after its takeover of the Sprint, softbank has appeared on the balance sheet debt problems, and acquisition of vodafone and need a lot of money.

Mattila also said that if softbank want buy vodafone, the only funding way is to sell it in about a third of the shares held by the alibaba, in theory it is worth $60 billion. However, it is difficult to make this decision for softbank, Mr. Son has made it clear that he has no intention of selling alibaba stake.

Mattila also said that compared to buy each other, softbank is more likely to form an alliance and vodafone company.


Intel “grandpa, grandma,” exclusive tablet

tablet for us is one of the most easy to use computing devices, but the American association of retired people (AARP) be sure that older americans would not feel that way. AARP decided to develop a suitable for the elderly their exclusive tablet.

a baby boomer advocates claim to be the largest non-profit organization, just unveiled a $189 RealPad tablet. This kind of tablet is designed to be easy to operation people over the age of 50, and ensure that when they use the difficulties to offer help.

“old people have resistance to new technology,” AARP’s executive vice President and chief information officer Terry Bradwell said, “they even feel fear for the rapidly changing technology.”

meanwhile, flat as a simple way to connect to the Internet also attract older people – for example, to help the elderly to quickly get the mail, know the weather, health knowledge, and relatives to video phone calls and so on.

AARP to eager to enter the tablet market chip giant Intel to seek help, for elderly users create customized version of the android tablet.

RealPad and ordinary tablet main difference is that the custom proprietary software and special function.

user interface, for example, at the start of the screen provides a larger text and ICONS. A called RealPad the function design of the Toolbar provides fast Internet access for older users, use the help, and other applications.

one called RealQuick Fix function, it can display such as battery life state, also the application of suggests there may be a security risk. Normally, it can fix these problems, a key for additional operation without the elderly. This RealPad also equipped with all kinds of the content of the AARP, including how to use this device and connect to the Internet using guide video.

in addition, RealPad also provides users with 7 x24 hours of uninterrupted artificial customer service. AARP promise, as long as consumers to buy the tablet, that will be a lifetime to enjoy the human help. This is thanks to the emergence of the network, let manufacturers a chance to get a closer look at the user’s usage, so as to help the user to solve various problems.

RealPad have 7.85 -inch screen configuration before and after the camera, with Intel Atom processor, support WiFi connection. Most tablet using ARM chip maker licensing technology, but Intel vow this year to 40 million sets of such equipment installed in its chips. Many of its customers in China, RealPad is specially built for AARP in China.

this tablet design does not solve all problems, affects older users will still be some problem. For example, although RealPad can increase the size of the relevant to the user interface and icon, but have no way to make the text in an application.

“is not a specific function to avoid the problem.” Intel’s new director of business development and market for mobile communications, Jim Bodio said.

RealPad have allowed from AARP and wal-mart’s website to book and is expected to the middle of October shipment. Large retail is expected to start selling this kind of equipment is also in that month, but for this tablet cases should not include it.



Is more interesting than the company, new nokia just released two new accessories

in 2014 ifa conference has just ended, nokia has a few very interesting new accessories and two new the company mobile phone photograph echo – a leisurely can show the wireless charging pad and a notification will phone wirelessly share the device to the TV screen.

the nokia this pad, the official name of DT – 903 wireless charging pad, it is like other pad works and the principle is the same: turn on the juice and then connect your mobile phone can start wireless charging. It also has a very cool place: when bluetooth connection with mobile phones, in the mobile phone has a message to push, pad automatically light screen. If your mobile phone in charge, and you stay in other places, if you need to shows the cell phone has a message, it will be a very practical technology.

another is also very practical: it would be appropriate to remind you need to recharge the device. If put in my pocket of mobile phone is in low battery state, pad vibrate remind you need to recharge the in front of the phone. The pad with Qi wireless charging standards, can apply to any intelligent models, but we can’t determine whether light push for non – the company mobile phone screen is applicable.

there is a very magical function mirror screen equipment, namely the company mobile HD – 10 wireless screen sharing. It is only the size of the ice hockey is a black circle, can on TV via HDMI connection, and be able to play any content on the company mobile phone screen. It has the NFC (near distance wireless communication function), just click the connect the phone’s screen could have finished the process of mobile phone is connected to the TV. After connected, we can by sliding the phone’s screen synchronization to share photos and video on TV.

this “projector” also comes with a black NFC (near distance wireless communication function), the size of the device like a poker chips, you can put it in any position of the room, through which you can by clicking on the cell phone to connect to TV set up. This means that, from now on, you don’t need to go up into the hands of the TV set to match your equipment, the equipment used in the meeting is more convenient also. Through such a wireless connection, for example, you can more quickly paired device, in the meeting are need to be in on the big screen to display the contents of the can quickly realized.

this is quite similar with apple mobile phones and apple TV, but nokia device does not include such intelligent function and cloud service. But the good news is that nokia this projector is more cheaper. Nokia forecast starting later this year at $102. However, the industry is expected to set a wireless charging board at about $78.

it is important to note that current converter and pad of IFA technology conference in Berlin and new nokia 735 and 830 at the same time the company appears on the company mobile phone the company.

source: CNET


Search radar, blue-collar recruiting new location-based applications

(article/who 闫森)

“it is not necessary to go to, can serve efficiency.” For blue-collar recruitment industry, from the old products out of tencent Zhao Dong have their own views.

Zhao Dong made children’s computer and the old man’s social application, team the latest product “search radar” for blue-collar workers, with the concept of LBS and community service for blue-collar workers.

simple, search radar allows users through LBS location quickly screen out near work, is a fast cover software of location-based information. Software and other recruitment, recruitment information on the direct display of the dealer contact information, the user can directly contact with the employer. On clients and merchants, search radar are free mode.

hiring a lot of software, why have you. Similar products have many blue-collar recruitment, such as work, work, another olive commune, etc. Recent olive commune to get news from thousands of financing in the media circle is very fire, but the real in the blue-collar workers, can find a job for them is king.

information authenticity should be ranked the first . Search radar for recruitment information will do artificial audit at present, enterprises also need to submit a business license certification, unauthorized companies they stepped in to the certification process. Initial work information they crawl through technology, but audit the success rate is very low, Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network pass rate is about 30%, grab the mediation and unreliable will filter out a lot of information. The future hope is a healthy pattern, merchants their recruitment requirements, in the background are more likely to trust the end user.

if only solve recruitment, find jobs more radar is a tool. But in Zhao Dong point of view, they want to do more of a community. September conference line search LeiDaXin version of try walking direction of blue-collar community . Young voters who can be critical in the community of wages, complained of injustice, find the countrymen. Zhao Dong during the survey found that they are doing the blue-collar workers in fact already have a friend introduced to each other, also is in commonly known as the Internet push . But it is more a offline mode, search radar to move the model to line up. Merchants by hire broadcast a demand that the right person of hometown can get commission recommended to each other. Blue-collar workers in the offline through recruitment process is very simple, look, you know you probably chat, the new search radar online resume, let this pattern line also go smoothly.

recruitment is big market, industry segmentation is also the future trend. Team: search radar founder Zhao Dong previously in tencent product director, has nearly 10 years of industry experience. CTO Song Wei is tencent, after in tencent’s technical director, in the research and development, safety, operational areas have rich experience in the industry.

when it comes to finding work above radar for customers and merchants to take free, then the future profit way have? Aiming at this problem, Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network, really early not to profit as the goal. Subsequent fee is on the business side, the future will be for large businesses such as large electronics factory, chain super pay development background job management platform. They manage the job seekers and small business is not an order of magnitude. free, that is, small businesses, large businesses through the value-added service charge . And the hire broadcast can also be used as a revenue model to explore. But the main focus on the user growth and brand communication.

search radar

company: net house edge technology co., LTD.


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Exclusive lesbian Lespark: les dating applications

(article/’ hope)

Lespark is a dedicated to create a pure les community, exclusive labradors mobile applications. Founder Liao Zhuoying graduated from China people’s university computer science department, engineer saw the Chinese gay market, their products Lespark introduced under the condition of the zero promotion fee less than half a year, more than 300000 users. In June this year Lespark have angel round.

founder Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network a set of data, China’s gay population 70 million by conservative estimates, potential users of more than 40 million. 40 million gay, lesbian, 20 million. In the global scope, the gay market gradually surfaced, is the number of people know also will be more and more big.

as opposed to a lesbian application Lespark Gaypark, comrade Gaypark is their another application, both with high ZiHang far technology co., LTD belongs to Beijing. In relatively mature mode, Gaypark Lespark also has its specific user consumers. At home, a similar Zank, Blued, G friends gay social applications such as the “pink economy” is bringing a new business world.

the future business model, Liao Zhuoying tell cloud network, hunting for application at the same time, attempts to develop O2O offline businesses do. Develop and les related products at the same time, try to do some relevant electricity products.

when it comes to do the purpose of the product, the founder Liao Zhuoying quipped: “development is the inspiration from friends, my students in the process of making a good cool, friend, one month down, relationship is getting better and better, but unexpectedly found each other is actually a ‘T’!”

in fact along with the social open degree rise, in the future market there may be a male and lesbian serious relationship with marriage as a form of asexual marriage application, the two sides together, make the welfare of the gay market together.

for now, however, this relatively new market, lesbian group was more implicative, social and economic strength is less, more reliance on family and social pressure on lesbian. In the long pent-up demand, lack of open communication channels. Lala market the market far less comrades excavating, is in a state of relatively backward.

and Lespark to do is “have gay men + women at the same time with the user community, let Gaypark + Lespark, common to create synergies.” This pattern is like a Gay products abroad Brenda, walk Brenda – les + Brenda – Gay double product strategy. There are similar female similar applications such as frequently L.

Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network, currently Lespark users is relatively high quality, high proportion of UGC, willing to share high quality content. The user can according to the mobile phone near location to find like-minded people, personal data model are carefully designed. By voice, images, pictures, text and other chat mode, or by Les exclusive community better communication and understanding between the individual user. In addition, Lespark also USES data mining, automatic push the user’s preferred type of users, the future want to create a high viscosity of tribal exclusive lesbian community.

“future young people are more willing to share and activities in different circles. So the future is the trend of the outbreak of a vertical market segments. This is especially true for les. Because of social factors, they more and more people prefer to choose such relatively hidden way of online dating. The market will continue to grow. At the same time around the world, this is a blue ocean, the market is enough big, users with high quality, consumption ability to guide will be big enough.”

at present, Lespark has started to expand business overseas. Lespark future goal: lesbian mobile social tribe. Liao Zhuoying also to make their product positioning “Lespark lala WeChat, comrade Gaypark Momo.” Legs power can be more outstanding, remains to be seen.


time: in May 2014,

company: Beijing high ZiHang far technology co., LTD.


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Apple’s 2014 launch speed reading: no surprise

(/horse relief yi wen)

today early morning, apple product launch was held as scheduled. On the grand carnival, apple previously expected, launched three new products. They are a bigger screen iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus; Apple smart Watch Watch; Apple Apple Pay Pay system. Overall, happy is the product of new performance, jing is in mainland China for start, please listen to xiao yun road from them at all.

iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus

as revealed by hunting before cloud network, a new generation of the iPhone has a bigger screen. Apple is called the iPhone since its launch, the biggest innovation. But did not use a tour before the sapphire screen.

Basic configuration:


4.7/5.5 inch LCD screen;

750/1920 x 1334 x 1080 resolution;

carry A8, built-in M8 coprocessor;

8 million pixel camera Lord;

thickness of 6.9 mm/7.1 mm;

iOS system;

support NFC, Wifi. 802.11 ac, LTE.

highlight window:

appearance and outstanding differences on the generation of the iPhone: equipment around the rounded, rather than the metal cutting process. Overall feeling giving a person the iPhone 6 more rounded (Plus). Although there may be no metal trimming looks more tall, but apple suggesting that the purpose is to let the user experience more comfortable;

a bigger screen, bring more exhibition space. Many future applications will be in view of the landscape display mode of the iPhone, special optimization;

64 A8 processing performance, processing speed increases, power consumption reduced by 50% 25%. GPU processing speed up 50% compared with the previous generation;

M8 coprocessor help undertake all related health track of “transaction”;

a new generation of the iPhone new barometer;

new LTE voice calls function, let the call quality is higher and more stable;

the new sensor, automatic focusing speed 2 times, maximum photographed 43 million pixel hologram. In addition, the iPhone 6 has a digital image stabilization function, while the iPhone 6 Plus adopted more advanced optical image stabilization technology;

apple did not disclose the iPhone 6 battery capacity, but it pointed out that a new generation of the iPhone’s battery life improved: the iPhone 6 Plus can maintain 24 hours of 3 g talk time, while the iPhone 6 to 14 hours of 3 g talk time. IPhone 6 Plus 14 hours of high-definition video watching, while the iPhone 6 to 11 hours.

new called “Reachability” gesture, double-click the decline in Touch ID can make the whole display screen, and display all of the things is at the top.

listing and price:

it is understood that the new generation iPhone will officially begin to accept reservation on the 12th of this month, but China is out of place in the starting state by accident, I’m afraid that will disappoint many fruit powder. Apple said, log in at the end of the world’s 115 countries and regions.

the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus depending on the size of the storage space, a total of three gears. 16/64/128 gb iPhone 6 two-year binding contract price $399/199/299. Bare machine the price of the iPhone 6 did not say, but analysts say may refer to the iPhone 5 s bare-metal price ($849/649/749). (16 g hk for 5588 Hong Kong dollars, or 4424 yuan)

32/64/128 gb iPhone 6 Plus two years of the binding contract price $499/299/399. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 s binding contract price will drop to $99, while the iPhone 5 c will be sold free binding contracts.

Apple Pay

details about Apple Pay after press reports are true, basic hunting cloud network editor you comb for you to do some important information.

first, Apple will Pay in the NFC and Touch ID, with the help of common finish goods identification, selection, to complete the payment process. Simply press the Touch gently ID with the purchase can be completed payment experience;

second, new Element called the Secure chip, is used to store a user’s transaction total user key information such as credit CARDS account. This means that even if the hacker to steal the user’s account password, the clouds also these payment information cannot be obtained;

third, retailers cannot obtain the user’s credit card information, apple will provide a one-off transactions for each transaction code;

4, so far, the United States Amex, Mastercard, Visa, bank of America, Disney, McDonald’s, Whole Food, Subway, the company, OpenTable relationship with apple or being negotiated.

Apple Watch

when we think of the conference is coming to an end, inherited the “legacy” apple, jobs presented to change the world for us again “One More Thing… “. However, apple for the smart watches, if really can change the time, only to the time and the public to verify.

cook and others not in the conference revealed details of Apple’s Watch. At present, we only know the device configured sapphire screen, with apple custom processor.

highlight window:

back with four sensors, data is used to monitor the pulse and so on human health;

introduced Digital Crown key, similar to the iPod Nano manipulation of the wheel, can complete the return to the home page, expand the proportion of narrow application shows, select applications, such as skin changes;

– very interesting Digital Touch social communication function, when activated, the user can quickly select contacts, and send text, voice, vibration and other instructions;

a similar MacBook magnetic suction charging, watch appearance without additional charge socket;

support Siri voice commands interaction;

apple will appear to the third party application developers provide WatchKit development kit.

listing and price:

unfortunately, Apple Watch will be listed at the beginning of next year, priced at $349, with different material strap (metal, leather and rubber), and selection of different versions (movement).


Meizu MX4 step out of the box is too big flaw incompletely

cloud network hunting on September 9 (word/Jivi)

on September 2, suppressed for a whole year of meizu finally released a new generation of flagship – MX4. The price of 1799, 2070 w pixels, MTK solution triggered exclaimed with a question.

hunting cloud network has got MX4 prototype, using two days later, to bring us a simple box.

MX4 packaging is still the continuation of the previous secretary meizu phone yes packaging design, the overall simple and clear. Despite a meizu identification, a MX4 icon leaves three lines of color extremely weak yield is introduced.

xiao yun to prototype, so there is a “SAMPLE” prototype labeling.

out of the figure. There is a MX4 mobile, manual, power adapter, cable.

Before and after the

phone with dust-proof membrane, dust-proof membrane with mobile phone instructions, by the way, indicate the key position and role, card slot, the back cover opening method.

xiao yun is from here that the meizu phone home button on the slide gestures is to return… Xiao yun has close MX2, MX3, MX4, from flyme2.0 to 4.0 this gesture.

here to say is: the meizu have long press the home key lock screen gestures with voice assistant shortcuts, lock screen have to press the power button, will pain for used the function of the user. And past unlock gesture is replaced by double-clicking on the screen, need to open in the set.

with the front panel of glue suspension technology, there are 100000 turn down side milling cutter milling.

MX3 compared with MX4 home screen interface.

the back view.

metal frame, open hole, with the cavity, microUSB, Mic.

MX4 night tear sheet. Mid-Autumn festival night.

users pay attention to several problems

system stability.

MX4 current carrying system version based on the android 4.4.2 Flyme4.0 A, this version of the system is not yet perfect. The use of two days of though card machine crash restart did not happen, but there have been some application crashes, function failure. The app store and download and install collapse phenomenon, and the application of camera flash camera is making and skin care function also is unable to use.

when night shooting pictures of camera does not capture best flash effect, is the photos of the camera to find out beauty effect, not beautiful face all white place! Address book can’t import (this is the most serious problem). But is a software problem.

this kind of situation is on the one hand and flyme4 relative to flyme3 add system function too much, hard to step optimization in place; On the one hand, the first time with the meizu with mediatek plans; While on the other hand is with xiao yun download several hundreds of M on mobile phone test app, game.

the other is normal, the system is very smooth, even with a few hundreds of M’s app.

life problems.

MX4 of contrast before the meizu phone I don’t know where is excellent! High strength in use in xiao yun (to play big games, listening to music, all kinds of test), easily get through the day.

and fever is not as hot as previous conference display prototype, in equilibrium mode play for an hour, then in a state of partial warm. If it is a big game is global warm state, hot did not happen.

and you worry about mediatek scheme “overwhelmed” problem, don’t have any feeling. In the GPU test, cell phone most of the time frame rate in more than 60 FPS. But have some frames in the desktop switching low feeling, but it is also associated with flyme4 icon is too large, after using the color slants dark, small ICONS, frames the feeling of too low a certain improvement. But this really should attract the attention of meizu engineer.

the subsequent xiao yun will bring you detailed review.