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The way shi, C2C way to eliminate the mediation segmentation personal second-hand cake

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this year in May to start-up the way shi, is a comprehensive service provider, based on the pattern of O2O eliminated by online mediation integration owners “car” the Internet platform, offline on-site evaluation service, to carry out the offline community car service center, second-hand car trading platform. The way shi disintermediated, is the purpose of directly from the nature to distinguish between vehicles, vehicle use not let the used-car dealer involved, is a C2C platform.

the so-called C2C, namely the Customer to the Customer, is between people and people of e-commerce. Specific to the vehicle platform, is based on a PC, mobile side channels online integration “new car” platform, the Internet according to the customer to buy a car owner needs to its drainage to offline. The entire transaction process, the way of platform options available training, customer direct dialogue with the owners, new car only charge measurements, avoid car mediation, make used car trade market more transparent. Car from the traditional second-hand car trading pattern formation, differentiation competition, segmentation of second-hand car trading market cake.

founder and CEO of li hui, in the first group has served as director of used cars, car plate system integration manager, deputy general manager, also served as a used car appraisal financing project manager. This year, according to many years experience of second-hand car market, consider the way of science and technology development co., LTD., between owners and able to understand customers’ needs, and for used car trade market.

used car market is a typical lemon market. Buyers do not know the value of used cars really, is difficult to distinguish the merits of the second-hand car, only willing to pay a lower price, such as low price will hurt the enthusiasm of the seller. Don’t trust between buyers and sellers, therefore, used car quality information asymmetry, second-hand car trading into the virtuous cycle. At present, the market is a traditional second-hand car trading patterns and used electricity situation, and the way to differentiate competition, designed to break the trust crisis, in the process of the second-hand car trading, in order to solve some problems such as lack of good faith, information opaque.

this is a second-hand Car trading platform, but unique positioning in the “new Car”, because the way shi team aim is “One informs the Car”, namely the transfer number zero vehicle, the registration after the first sale of vehicles. The way (in car platforms won’t appear many times transfer vehicle, there will be no intermediary company vehicles displayed on the platform. When customers find the right vehicle on the platform, can make an appointment to the way the door evaluation service, 208 standardization process evaluation, let alight, bubble water wheel, car accident, secondary spray car, all be evaluating the watchful eye of, nowhere to hide. Accurate assessment comes from the details of vehicle control, the way issue the evaluation report if there is any discrepancy, within 7 days of the road is responsible for the original price to recover by evaluating the vehicle. The way its flagship community car service to auto service center as the carrier, offline take root in the community, to establish a trust, with the owner for a long time for the platform provides plenty of sources.

at the moment, the way shi car platform with 30 line in the sky, because public account before, people begin to notice a hand car special business model, eagerly anticipated by his many users have been hand car platform to launch as soon as possible.

the way shi hand car has success with intention to invest 3 million yuan, the founder, li, said during an interview with hunting cloud network has also come in, there will be a lot of investment funds focus on marketing, accumulating users, form their own brand.

founder Li Huichang said, “in our short life, there is always a thing is worth we spend ten thousand hours to do it, there is always a story worth us use a lifetime of struggle to write, there is always a dream worthy of we use the whole body blood to irrigate.” Li is a man had a dream of reality, li hui convective cloud network said that in the future the way shi will be in the way shi hand car platform and on-site testing on the basis of the development of community-based auto service centers, use five years time, do China’s biggest car service platform, after the car market fragmentation link an orderly integration, let more people to buy high quality used car.

products: the way shi

time: in May 2014,

company: the Beijing road, shi technology development co., LTD.


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Ms zhang value sohu homemade drama troop surge, the acura 3″

in homemade drama has frequent power sohu video, and new work. Yesterday, so-called home “girl best comedy” the third season of the best lady in sohu video online, on September 3, 0 points on the mobile end first online, 8 am PC online, a total of 8 sets last Wednesday launched a comic “laugh” on Wednesday.

a new season of the acura ms was born for the Internet and fragmentation of micro comedy, by “Internet first play god” “the dream silk man” player-wise, full build up is still continuation of the previous two seasons easy humor of urban style and brand positioning, will also enable “the dream silk man” series “for 30 seconds A punchline, 1 minute a star “phenomenon of production mode, full of the acura ms” best girl’s comedy “and the content of the brand, which makes the sohu video phenomenal homemade brand.

network homemade drama in the years to explore gradually formed after the boom, the root cause lies in the video website differentiation competition needs. In 2014, is China’s Internet industry recognized “homemade” of the first year, the competition between the domestic online video sites is also increasingly fierce.

in this case, the sohu video is also increasing investment. The heavily to build the best female collection and dozens of the most popular the most of the stars of the big coffee disruptive, with the most real life or the stand out side to play “gourmet ms 3”, in addition, the “gourmet ms 3” will enable “the dream silk man” series “1 minute 30 seconds a joke, a star” phenomenon of production mode. New online “lady acura” script, production, subject or card words are carefully screened, sohu video will push it the Internet after “the dream silk man”, another phenomenal rise again homemade brand content.

sohu CEO Charles zhang launched in the third season of the finest lady online conference, “sohu video main entertaining, national is dedicated to provide you with more fun. Sohu video has launched online self-control, achieved good social reflection, future sohu will increase capital investment, continuous innovation, gradually improve sohu video phenomenal homemade brand.”

Interview Wu En: join baidu all faster than expected

Wu En, baidu’s chief scientist and technology business card, the Chinese speak so chinese-american be baidu world 2014 “eggs”. Wu En not too long speech will challenge the audience’s ears. It was his first public speech in Chinese, set the complex language English, mandarin and cantonese accent also pauses from time to time, it is said that this was in the rehearsal 3 after achieved the effect. However, this does not prevent him clarify things.

morning Wu En to put forward the two core ideas about artificial intelligence.

is a “artificial intelligence needs positive cycle” , “do you have a good product, you can have a large number of users. With a large number of users, you have large amounts of data. These large amounts of data used in artificial intelligence, your products will be better. Artificial intelligence is cycle rolled faster and faster.”

second, three elements of “artificial intelligence”, good AI talents, huge amounts of data and the solid infrastructure effectively. It is because the baidu has the three elements, so he is willing to switch to baidu.

in the speech last Wu En to express the self: science and technology of China has been the chaser, saw on the artificial intelligence that Chinese companies have hope to catch up with and even leads the world, he chose to baidu is to help Chinese companies in artificial intelligence.

Wu En, 4 months ago to leave Google to join baidu baidu silicon valley laboratory set up, high responsible for brain “baidu” project. and Google what’s different, whether artificial intelligence theory, baidu lab in silicon valley? with Wu En of face to face interview in the afternoon, I found the answer, the whole interview for both Chinese and English + the form of translation, the author from memory to share to everyone to avoid omissions, please understanding.

Wu En da said baidu now has more than silicon valley laboratory 60 employees, in the 4 months all goes well, “not so hard to do”. baidu silicon valley lab in silicon valley and high-end AI talent, easier than one might think, appeal beyond their expectations. “Poaching”, however, is not the main task of the lab in silicon valley, its core is to be given priority to with artificial intelligence and deep learning research in cutting-edge technologies.

this laboratory is “task oriented”, the team around deep learning and artificial intelligence research, baidu will soon apply results to other department product, the current deep learning achievement has been applied to the baidu advertising system and improved the conversion rate of advertising, and baidu baidu big data engine deep learning techniques are used to predict platform also. In baidu world “ BaiduEye ” can fetch from a distance, difficult points and the technology is the core image recognition – note that is not a simple face recognition, but the dynamic, complex and changeful environment for precise identification, to achieve this it has to depend on the depth of learning.

Wu En says, baidu and Google there are many similarities, such as search engine as the core, advocating and is keen on investing in frontier technology, but is also different. baidu more emphasis on the rapidly applied to the production of products based on the results of the study. when asked “ Google I/O assembly is very similar to baidu world conference location, what is the difference between”, Wu En answer is, two assembly has issued frontier technology driven products, as a believe that artificial intelligence is the future of people, he is very like. Though Google driverless cars, Glass the world famous “smart device”, such as but baidu on the conference to launch the chopsticks search, BaiduEye and CoolBox (a dialogue with people and play music devices) really let a person shine at the moment, especially baidu Eye is a typical application of artificial intelligence, it is very dependent on image recognition technology.

Wu En da best known experimental project “machine learning to identify” cat in join Google X Lab after done. Did baidu with X laboratory corresponding or cool new products at the forefront of research institutions? Will there be in the future? Wu En answer is that it is not important. Baidu throughout the company to let him feel a kind of innovation atmosphere, the contact of each employee are eager to innovation, baidu has to be a global innovation center is put forward. Baidu institute assume the position of the frontier technology innovation and obvious achievements. the implication is that baidu institute is X lab.

what is the difference between a deep learning and machine learning? Wu En thought, deep learning is a kind of machine learning, but it’s more like simulating human brain for learning. A child after a certain external training will be able to understand what is a computer, don’t need parents to all types of laptop told him one by one, because the human brain with reasoning, memory, thinking ability. deep learning do is completely simulate a human brain, the learning process only needs to be limited, don’t even need to external supervision. Common machine learning requires supervision, need rules, artificial correction algorithm. the author understanding is deep learning algorithm of the algorithm, it can make algorithm machine’s thinking matures self evolution and finally let the machine is growing up.

li had revealed that baidu has brain 3 years old baby’s intelligence. Wu En, says baidu directly to the brain or a deep learning neural network compared with the child’s age may not be appropriate, he couldn’t tell you baidu brain intelligence to a few years old now, but he believes that as time goes by, in “infrastructure, huge amounts of data, and the excellent talents” under the support of these three elements, baidu will be able to realize the positive cycle of artificial intelligence, continuous progress, people can direct dialogue with the equipment and make the future to complete various tasks, will become a reality.

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Dozen deathless of jack Bauer, Windows XP “dead” are still in the torture of Microsoft

Windows 8 officially launched in 2012, when Microsoft began an effort to persuade users, let them also made corresponding change. Because to be unfamiliar with new user interface and the operation is slow, so a user to a great extent, responding to critical this Windows 8 system, and Windows 7 itself does not exist any problems. In fact, two years later, the Windows 7 system is still far ahead of Windows 8, but with the latest software update, finally began to users to new Microsoft operating system.

, according to the latest data from StatCounter Windows8.1 in August this year, with 7.46% of the market share of more than the Windows system, has become the fourth most popular operating system. OS X with a 7.82% market share, barely more than a Windows8.1. But this may not be enough to wonder, both all formal options by April defeated the Windows XP operating system.

Windows XP despite falling sharply since last August, but in August it still retains a 12.92% global market share. This means that within a month, Windows XP market share fell by only 1%. At that rate, in the next few months, Windows 9 listed before, whether Windows 8.1 can go beyond the Windows XP operating system is a worth looking forward to the tournament.

, a Russian hackers group WZOR reported

if the upcoming Windows 9 system can through various means to attract the attention of consumers, and help to push users to give up now more vulnerable to malicious attacks Windows XP system, to use more secure systems. If Windows 9 systems such as outlined in the report that the function is all ready, it will be able to bury Windows XP.

until now, Microsoft has just know how to persuade, holds a 50.31% market share of the world’s Windows 7 users to upgrade system…


A logical thinking of investors (dry)

guide language: whenever entrepreneurs to meet investors, mind will always be some germination compared to recognize (qi) (pa), really very want to ask what had happened. Many of these entrepreneurs and investors want to know is in the judgment business project investment logic is worth the investment. Most entrepreneurs are embarrassed to say, however, worry too stupid too naive. Today, we bring is its capital share Mr Zhang zhiyong, believe that after reading this article, you’ll be thinking logic of investors with an update.

the author: Mr. Zhang (yue capital founding partner)

often watch project or party in communication, often have friends or entrepreneurs ask me: “how do you determine the project? What is your investment criteria? What kind of program do you like best? …… “I think every investors are in themselves have their own compliance rules and preference, in fact this is a kind of investment logic. Teach fish to swim today to talk about some thinking on investment, hope to have value.

| One. I understand business

entrepreneurship refers to a team comes from your own beliefs, interests, and ideal, find and identify commercially valuable opportunities and needs, integration of existing or through business rules to have resources, innovative solution or a viable business model, persistence and efficient execution of benefits, the realization of value. (the definition of entrepreneurship)

the entrepreneurial process is just like an adventure of Robinson. new companies and new products are often derived from the mysterious dream (ordinary people is not easy to find the target). Entrepreneurs with hot entrepreneurial dream, to prove his goal is not to delusion, entrepreneurs will give up ease and comfortable environment, gathering on thorns, troubled entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurship is not just money, more entrepreneurial wit test, endurance and courage. If there is no passion, dreams and interests, entrepreneurship is easy to give up.

| Two at the beginning of the venture entrepreneurs must ask your questions

in my and a large number of entrepreneurs in the process of contact and communication, I often told the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial success of the primary factor is not money, money is necessary but not sufficient and necessary condition of entrepreneurial success), business what is the most important is to clear the direction, do you want? Many people want to entrepreneurship, but only a few people to establish what kind of enterprise has the concept of clear thinking and practical.

founded many entrepreneurs do not care about what kind of companies, they are just a moment of passion and impulse into the business, to start a business, entrepreneurship, more care about is his control of life. In fact, passion for the selection and cultivation of interest will have very good guide, but to choose business direction effect is not so obvious.

so, any entrepreneur in devoted himself to the road of entrepreneurship, all need to torture yourself very practical reason: market have such requirements? Will that be a large market? I really can meet this demand? I want to learn what kind of skills and resources to turn these ideas into reality? Why market lack you described and ready to provide products or services, and why the market need to him? Whether your product or service to win and maintain a considerable share of the market? I have which perform the critical success factors and core competence? If my team can come up to this job?

these problems, as an entrepreneur is not only a shallow thought is, but to serious thinking deep and clear enough.

| Three. The Three core elements of entrepreneurship

in the formula “entrepreneurship” of life, business as a result of the three core elements – “people”, “thing” and “executive force” of the product.

is refers to the team, this is the core elements of the entrepreneurial success , I don’t think that all investors are denied.

the members of a team and experience is what investors particularly valued. Investors when making investment decisions, and the primary focus is the team, team members need to have a very good complementary, to find direction in uncertainty, to have enough flexibility, quick learning ability, dedication, focus, strong competitive, cooperation and sharing, have very good problem solving skills, must have the tireless passion and screwing. They’re not necessarily battle-hardened entrepreneurial experience, but to the division of Labour in their respective areas and locate matching skills, not everyone is good, but can play a strong team working together.

the process of entrepreneurship is a dynamic process, in particular, from that moment on, start-ups in constantly face the product, market, competition, finance and other challenges, team must be able to correct course continuously in the dynamic change of the environment, to find the right direction in uncertainty, reduce the cost of trial and error, improvement strategies, sometimes even need to do big changes. the whole team in the face of uncertainty and change to disagree agreeably. So a good team, especially the pioneering experienced team can be greatly reduced the risk of failure.

another key success factors of entrepreneurial success is “matter”.

the so-called “things” actually means the entrepreneurial choice of industry, market scale, business model and profit model. Industry choice is key factors in the success of the “thing”, lei jun once said “standing on the tuyere, pig can fly”, actually refers to choose the industry and business direction, you are going to a big step closer to success.

second, market size and imagination is very important, business entrepreneurs to choose their own familiar areas, there will be a problem, the but must choose with imaginary space and market potential of fertilizer market , you know, on a piece of barren land, you even hard water and breeding, but can you harvest food was limited.

risk investment for the future and the expected, in a limited market, even if your project is a money-making business, but still it is hard to get favor of investors. Again, the business model and profit model is a startup project must be thinking and gradually clear, is also a good startup project must explore and practice the fundamental path, clear business model and profit model is to support an enterprise to the source of sustainable development, and strengthen the entrepreneurial finance first prime mover is to explore and practice, the best operation mode and profitable way.

the last key factors in the success of the venture is “execution”.

I understand execution is learning ability (analysis, insight, creativity), problem solving ability, cooperation ability, social ability, market power, sales force, financing ability, faith, persistence, a complex of efficiency. kazuo inamori once said “the so-called real skills, there will be screwing, thoughtless attitude, is not only intelligent, but also can see in any case, can with a how seriously to do, and when encounter difficulties can not flash not hide instead of confrontation, sincere, one hundred percent earnestly, to work hard, that’s the way of success.”

use micro letter to see a few words: “do any cause, not the smartest people success, also is not the most stupid people succeeded, but would like to learn people succeeded; Not be the fastest man success, nor did the slowest people succeeded, but most believe that the success of the; Not the strongest success, also not the weakest success, but most want to stick to success; Not grow beautiful success, also not ugly success, but a man who knows cooperation a success.”

a good startup is to let every startup key elements as far as possible, the maximum efficiency, the biggest equation to entrepreneurial success.

| Four. Investors care about?

your looking at a project, follow the logic of thinking is: understanding to judgment, plan.

simple explanation is the first thing to understand about the entrepreneurs to do, to make sure that the correct understanding and no deviation of project; Second, to understand and judge the project can be cast or not, there is a blend of experience, professional knowledge, research and analysis of investors, talented people and independent judgment, not blindly follow, follow, have their own faith; Finally, judging by the way, also look at implementing scheme right, patterns have verified, at the very least entrepreneurs use logic to convince investors your startup project is feasible, and can be implemented.

when their preliminary judgment, a project, the most concerned about is four dimensions: direction, team, business model and profit model, a plan of action.

in the wrong direction, entrepreneurs even achieved 100% didn’t help, if you on the choice of direction into a niche has smallpox market is doomed you could not grow into a plant trees, no imagination it is only a small business to make money.

What kind of team or

like entrepreneurs? The answer to each of the investors are not the same. But there are some common genes are all investors value:

1. Passion, ideal and mission

a little jokes circulating on the social media – horizon decision concept of width, height, thought decided to good future for this trait. Entrepreneurs must have a great ideal, have passion, whether meet what kind of trouble are able to adhere to.

2. The ability to resist frustrations and positive and optimistic attitude

entrepreneurs must have a strong psychological quality, excellent ability of self-regulation, in the face of any challenge has a positive and optimistic attitude, even if can calm in the face of setbacks and actively seek countermeasures.

3. Open mind and team cooperation ability

CEO be humble, sincere, generous and open mind, CEO can’t be perfect, but he must know what kind of person is indispensable to start their own businesses, and know where they are, and have the personality charm to attract them to come in, still can make these brilliant talents together happy cooperation and contribution.

4. Strong learning ability and the ability to solve the problem of

the process of entrepreneurship is the process of continuous learning and problem solving, good learning ability and a strong ability to solve problems is the ability to decompose problem and processes as a whole, is the ability of IQ and eq mode switches at random, is in the process of learning and problem solving constantly accumulated and summarized, to join the experience and the efficient positive cycle.

business model and profit model is a problem that investors are concerned about, but for early project profit model is also the most no answers. In textbooks, the business model have a standard definition of a “business model refers to the business logic, is the enterprise how to operate in the market competition, and create and capture value for shareholders.”

in short, the what kind of business model is that you can provide products or services, for what the user how to create value, in the process of creating customer value, with what kind of method to obtain commercial value. to have the user value to have commercial value, the business value can truly profit model.

the perfect business idea is also to be able to be born to be meaningful, a plan of action is the key to the whole project implementation, the a pragmatic, grounding gas operable action can improve efficiency, reduce the blindness of execution, goal clearer and more quantitative evaluation.

for early startup, the principle of “lean startup” mentioned in the book is beneficial for you develop a plan of action – “first to market a minimalist prototypes, then through continuous experiment and study, with the minimum cost and effective way to verify whether the product in accordance with user requirements, flexible adjustment direction. If the product does not meet the market demand, it is best to “fast, cheap failure”, not “expensive failure”; If the product by the user, should also be constantly learning, mining user requirements, the iterative optimization products “.

| Five. The start-up the four principles of

a start-up companies in the process of development, to succeed, should stick to the following principles for a long time.

1. Long-term cooperation team

business model and product characteristic is easy to change, the most difficult to change is the relationship between partners, long-term cooperation is the foundation of a solid team.

2. The depth of understanding of their clients

entrepreneurs than customers understand themselves, understand customer is better than knowing yourself.

3. Attaches great importance to the operating data and analysis

do quantifiable data operation and analysis, to improve operation ability, there is a lot of help to improve operating performance.

4. Control the Burn rate (Burn rate), focus on cash balances

start-ups is the lifeline of cash flow, pay attention to cash flow, as far as possible to save and improve the service efficiency of funds, control the speed of burning money, to yourself as much as possible and as long as possible for the winter food.


Samsung released last night? Astonishing bend the second screen, but there is a small trouble

(/horse relief yi wen)

in yesterday evening just after samsung ifa conference in 2014, the south Korean mobile phone giant launched four new product altogether. Including: performance experience a sharp rise in the Galaxy Note 4; Added a “bending the second screen” Galaxy Note 4 Edge; Can answer the call, install the SIM card smart watches the Galaxy Gear S; Using the Galaxy Note 4 as the Galaxy VR virtual reality helmet of the screen.

please donate said, cloud network editor you hunting for your quick review important information is as follows:

Galaxy Note 4: metal frame, the change from the design to

The basic configuration:

5.7 -inch Super AMOLED screen, 2560 x 1440 resolution;

qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 805 quad-core processors/samsung Exynos 5433 eight processors;

16 million pixels main camera; 3.7 million the rear camera, maximum aperture of 1.9;

3 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space can be extended;

3220 ma batteries;

with Android 4.4 customization system;

4 g, wi-fi, NFC, IR LED, bluetooth, USB 2.0

specification 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm, weighing 176 g.

highlight window:

metal frame, slightly curved screen 2.5 D gorilla;

support multiple tasks to run screen, there are three kinds of presentation is optional;

S Pen stylus pressure sensor considerably increase (increased) twice;

S Note to support a number of ways the input (text, pictures, voice);

support quick charge, 30 minutes to cell phone battery charge to 50%;

camera Angle from 90 extended to 120 degrees, a front-facing camera to shoot a panoramic portrait;

the built-in Voice Recorder, provides eight azimuth surround sound;

in addition, the GN4 also allows users to listen to multiple track dialogue alone a voice in the dialogue.

this October: time to market, the price is unknown. But analysts say, should be consistent with the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 Edge: bend the second screen to change the world, but there’s a left-handed trouble

Galaxy Note 4 Edge configuration is largely consistent with the Galaxy Note 4.

the most prominent is the adopted “plane bending (slightly bent) + screen” design. For showing us down to the Edge is the Galaxy Note 4. The concept of a prototype, had already interestingly, samsung, right now the concept equipment into reality.

in hunting cloud network editor jun, Galaxy Note 4 Edge design of qu bing doesn’t seem to simple as people in the past, a stunt, “” function. Such a design at least brought the following obvious advantages:

first, qu bing replaced the notification center, becoming the second screen of mobile phone. User used sliding part qu bing, you can view the notification, email, weather, etc. In addition, users can also in does not affect the main screen (flat screen), quick start application in the field of qu bing.

second, virtually increased the area of screen, split screen processing tasks, allows the user to “multitasking”. A simple example: the user in the main screen to watch the video at the same time, can be in in qu bing, and won’t interfere with the operation of the home screen. Although there are already has a mobile phone can realize the function of the “split screen many tasks”, but the Edge has the operation of the main tasks maximize accounted for area, affected by the interference of the minimized;

third, increase the battery life. Less frequent startup qu bing to check the time, weather, etc., can effectively reduce the mobile power consumption.

however, let a person feel the trouble is, if you are left-handed, it is located in the right qu bing one-handed operation might not be so good for you. However, for at least 5.5 inch screen mobile phone, one-handed operation maybe it is a “false”.

time to market: in October, the price is unknown.

Galaxy Gear S: always a step more than others of samsung

The basic configuration:

2.0 -inch Super AMOLED screen, 360 x 480 resolution;

a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, a compass sensor, heart rate detector, backlit UV sensor, barometer;

39.9 x58.1 x2.5 T

(black), weight of 67 g, 84 g (white);

300 mah lithium battery, can last for two days;

there are red, white, black, blue, grey colours are optional.

highlight window: can insert SIM card, can make a phone call; Built-in S Voice Voice control.

time to market: in October, the price is unknown

Galaxy VR: fresh impetus to the virtual reality full commercial

although the Galaxy VR has this or that is not perfect, but samsung said the device to “geek” just now. The Galaxy VR is one of the most prominent highlight, cancelled all entities wire connection, only through the use of mobile phones (Galaxy Note 4) can realize the function of virtual reality.

it is understood that the device by samsung and Oculus VR in cooperation. Time to market is unknown, the price is unknown.

More than 2014 baidu world conference at new product list, containing smartphone hardware

baidu world conference since its inception in 2008, each session is baidu to show the year’s blockbuster products and technology of the window. From the box computing, application open platform to baidu cloud, and then to light applications, each product have become baidu in the history of the most important node. Naturally this year will be no exception.

take a look at below, baidu world conference in 2014, baidu has appeared which products? Among them, some are grand release, some are experimental exploration.

1, the direct number

this is the top priority of the conference, spread by baidu CEO robin li said, ming-yuan li, vice President of the official launch.

direct number is based on the mobile search, @ account, maps, and personalized recommendation and so on a variety of ways to make the customer direct business services anytime and anywhere, merchants can use direct number provided by the CRM management functions for different customers targeted services.

product features similar to WeChat public, but the extension service is more extensive. Direct number, will also be baidu O2O strategy in a service distribution link, the key in the process of the implementation of new business models to explore.

2, intelligent hardware BaiduEye

this product is still in testing stage, the scene of the conference is only have two PPT with in other to introduce, but baidu has can’t wait to show it to the industry.

although some similar Google glasses, but not BaiduEye glasses, it has broken away from the traditional glasses frame structure, compared with the exposure for the first time in April 2013 when modelling differences. BaiduEye equipped with cameras, voice control, image recognition, the bone conduction technology, voice and baidu, baidu, baidu cloud map and so on carries on the depth of integration. Without glasses screen, the wearer needs only a finger in the air on a circle, or pick up the goods, BaiduEye can get instruction by these gestures, lock the item identification and analysis was carried on processing. In addition, BaiduEye can also offer voice indoor navigation, and mobile phone make super marketing efficiency is higher.

at present, baidu official did not disclose BaiduEye price and the launch date. By binding and mobile BaiduEye can also provide voice indoor navigation, super marketing is more efficient to dealer.

3 chopsticks, baidu search

this product is published by li himself. This product can realize detection of oil quality, water quality indices such as ph, fruit sweetness. According to some media reported that the future will also be developed to recognize the dairy products with melamine, identifying soil eggs, identify true and false, mutton string, and other functions of the new version.

now the price of the product and launch date has been announced at the meeting. But will soon have to, it is said that chopsticks will soon enter mass production stage.

4, baidu cool ear

baidu cool ear is an intelligent voice bluetooth headset, users through voice control to use this product, you can listen to music, phone calls, real-time translation, electronic guide, schedule management, map navigation, and the secretary, and other functions.

the data shows, the product battery capacity is 260 mah, the longest speech recognition condition support for six hours, standby up to 14 days.

5, baidu the

this is a new set of baidu a crowdsourcing test platform (, to provide product testing and experience, LBS data acquisition, monitoring, questionnaire survey, the network speed, automatic speed, etc.

test requirements for developers, baidu can rapidly to recruit a large number of fans products, through the crowdsourcing model, human is the product of machine really test, new product experience and research of real users.

Shanda games shareholders behind change: $8 billion private equity fund is imminent

cloud network hunting on September 3rd message

shanda shanda sold its possession of most of the shares at the same time, an investment banking circles to hunt cloud network, shanda has already started to set up a is likely to be the largest private equity fund. As a GP, shanda will take out $1.5 billion, the fund raising scale up to 8 billion dollars. This fund size comparable to the people, think globally, in global PE ranking in the top spear.

in recent years, the grand through Internet in whole or in part to sell assets, including the sell stakes in shanda games, has nearly 20 billion yuan cash reserves. In Internet companies can come up with a $1.5 billion cash at once, the few. News from the inside of the grand, according to Chen had promised to make a grand transformation into investment holding group.

insiders say, Chen still not miss the opportunity of the Internet, just view Angle and the mentality change. In recent years, shanda has invested in secret life of mobile Internet services, finance, fitness, health and other fields will be che, ink weather, android market, splash and other sports. The Internet is also the focus of the private equity investment.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting has several LP to subscribe so far, including the development, the people’s livelihood, Volkswagen, zhangjiang hi-tech, tuv, etc. Specific to funds, however, that is still a mystery. May include will do listed domestic companies, will also include overseas listed companies “return” to the domestic capital market, realize the value maximization.

shanda announced today that the company this year on January 27, set up a consortium for privatisation in the overall restructuring. The financial holding company (received Finance Holdings), Shanghai buy-out funds (Shanghai Buyout Fund), boc flocking industry (Ningxia Zhongyincashmere International Group) and other domestic financial Group to join.

Baidu issued a “direct”, O2O public battlefield PK micro letter

on the baidu world conference held today, baidu officially released the “direct” services, to help businesses embrace traditional mobile Internet at the same time, also the war to the micro public, are in direct competition.

baidu CEO robin li said at the meeting, the era of mobile consumers express way needs are changing, from text input to the voice and image. He expects the next five years, consumers use voice and image expression demand will exceed 50%. Now,

traditional enterprise at present in embracing the mobile Internet mainly depend on the mobile web site, App, and the third party platform (such as micro letter public) three, on the surface, the user is numerous, but there are high costs, limited personalized service, low conversion rate of problems.

in this case, based on its own search baidu accumulate, officially launched in mobile platforms “direct” services. The service bank account based on mobile search, @, maps, and personalized recommendation and so on a variety of ways to make the customer direct business services anytime and anywhere, merchants can use direct number provided by the CRM management functions for different customers targeted services.

baidu ming-yuan li, senior vice President, said the direct number is easy to open, new, high conversion, strong holding four big characteristics, will be based on the search, maps, @ direct and found many kinds of ways to new customers. Initial invitation will be adopted, will be fully open application in years. At present, there are many famous companies such as haidilao, yoshiko fitness has access to the baidu “direct”. In the upcoming phone baidu version 6.0 will also have a direct service.

on key strategic O2O, baidu has location-based map, such as group purchase for layout, but this time directly issued a “direct” service mode is similar WeChat public mode, means that both parties are competing for the business customers in terms of more intense competition.

and most of the micro letter information public, simply do recommend different, baidu to date with their own people strongly associated with information advantage is more conducive to potential consumers directly related business services, and the potential demand into actual consumption.

on the business model, the direct number is different from the original PC search baidu click charge pattern, also like 91 assistant mobile application, constitute baidu service distribution system model, and can be as a whole in the front and back end commercialization, such as trading into, technical services, value-added charges, etc.

Through DNA matching (gun) application Singld Out of date

there are a lot of or even hundreds of dating methods can help you find your partner might be. But rarely seen by two women, create the founder of the “biological compatibility” as a standard to match her way of dating.

Singld meet Out to build a new pair, it seeks love for busy people (of course, can also be about gun needs) provides a platform. It not only relies on a photo look at faces, persuade them to go on a blind date.

we all know what pictures showed is not necessarily true. People meet for the first time usually wrap themselves great. But Singld is Out looking for something more important than appearance, by the user’s DNA test (a simple saliva test) to measure the compatibility between (character matching degree).

Singld Out not only to the user through the personality test match (the company described as “high precision”), also with the help of the “instant chemistry” biological compatibility. Their genetic code by observing certain parts of the human body, including the human leucocyte antigen system and the serotonin transporter gene and so on, for matchmaking.

by understanding the chemical composition of our bodies, Singld Out claim that we can have a better way of genes, more appropriate to match couples together.

here is the site of the official introduction:

research shows that, with different immune system genes couples give birth to children are more likely to successfully defend against infections. But not only scientific evidence points to the children has a strong immune system, studies have shown that these couples enjoy a more satisfying sex, greater stability of the marriage to boost birth rates, and have more attraction for each other.

but for same-sex couples? Singld Out believe their biological test applies to gay, and they have the same as heterosexual couples test precision.

Singld Out is a company from scratch in San Diego, now, they focus on the domestic market before leaving San Diego moved to a bigger city.

you can register now to use the service, they will send you a DNA test kit. When you accept and use the result need about two days later can come out.

you can sign up for a free trial of personal service, or registered members get free DNA testing. Charge is $199 for three months, six months is $299, but the company is issued a limited-time discount rate.