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German online order platform Delivery Hero raised $350 million

4 September, online order platform Delivery Hero received $350 million in financing, the current market valuation of more than $1 billion. Such a big investment, investors would be enough to see that for network in advance the interest of the enterprise.

according to the company, its total get financing from venture capital institutions has more than $635 million. As early as in the earlier this year, the company has just won 88 million dollars in venture capital.

this round of financing investors including Insight Venture Partners, Kite Investment Ventures and Vostok Nafta.

Insight Venture Partners, Bradley? Sid (Bradley Twohig) confirmed the institutions involved in the investment, but declined to give further details.

Delivery Hero was established in October 2010, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, now more than 800 employees, is currently in 23 countries on five continents reservation services, covering 7.5 restaurant, but has yet to enter the American market.

the company spokesman said: “at present we have no plans to enter the American market, now we will focus on the current market.”

in the near future, the investment on the market a lot of news shows that network room business is becoming a rapid development of industry. In April, America’s biggest online food delivery service website GrubHub listed after raising $85 million, the current market value of $3.21 billion. During the same month, the British centre website Just Eat after raising $130 million listed on the London stock exchange, the current market value has reached $1.61 billion. (li)

source: tencent technology

This app lets you know, before which the hotel wi-fi faster

(compile: SHONOR)

if the network is very important to you in life and travel, then slow hotel wi-fi is likely to be a very painful thing. Recently a new browser extensions (applied) to help travelers to avoid bad crowded Internet connection problems. This app can display in advance the quality and speed of the tourist hotel wi-fi information. Is the most important part in today’s popular hotel reservation website is ready to use this feature.

in July this year, the Hotel wi-fi announced the Test according to the speed and quality of wi-fi ranking of the Hotel. Now, its comprehensive information can be extended in the query to the popular travel booking website, apply to the Chrome and Firefox browser, and wireless network information displayed on,, and TripAdvisor.

“wi-fi information module follows the style of each site, so it’s just like native elements of the page, corresponds with the web site,” a press release about the hotel wireless network testing.

“the browser extensions also provides a quick test method in a particular city to compare each hotel wi-fi speed,” the company said. “Only nearly 200 hotels in New York, test for passengers – this is a very powerful tool, provide valuable fast reliable wi-fi.”

according to a survey by, the stability and speed of the network connection for passengers, is the important indexes of the hotel comfort (one).


Yohann, apple’s chief designer for the pride of the stents

I would like to have no the stents can make me shine at the moment. But by the Swiss architects Berend Frenzel design Yohann moment just took my breath away. First of all, it’s really beautiful, simple and smart, look at that design, different position and Angle have different functions.

there are two versions of the raise on Kickstarter. Is a high-end piano lacquer surface coated with glass fiber reinforced plastic body, the other is a wooden version, both are made in Germany and Italy respectively.

however, is the most impressive Frenzel could actually make things so simple and effective, as long as a stent can be ready from three different angles, upright and after on landscape pattern and image pattern, also can use leisurely in the uneven surface, such as your knee or bed.

Jonathan “which Jony Ive ever said:” the real concise but from the lead China to wash, to complicated order.” I dare say, zen Yohann seems to have reached this point, it is enough to make apple’s chief designer proud of the product.

this means Yohann like many apple’s own products. To the raise of the earliest supporters, piano paint glass fiber reinforced plastic version costs $69 (which is to find the cheapest price), and the start of a wooden version of quotation is $129. The former supports the 2/3/4/Air, which can also support the mini.

high partly due to the price of domestic manufacturing. “Under the labor condition and ecological standards of Europe, such as wood version of the material you need to ensure that the source of wood for sustainable growth”. Yohann is patented in the United States and China, should be to prevent the inevitable low cost impact.


Be a wake up YouTube to their peers: video industry can play “exceptional” mode

YouTube make independent from the world video content creators make thriving, although many video ads, but that some advertising creators in most cases is not enough to make a living. Earlier this summer, Google shows that content will soon have a chance to request donations on their YouTube channel. This function has been started, let’s see how it works fast.

if video producers hope to receive donations, at the upper left of the video will be an icon. Sometimes, hovering over the icon will appear “support the current video” option.

there are time, click on the icon will popup a tip over the video. A window will pop up according to the instructions, how much money you can choose to donate.

“exceptional” is not confined to the browser, can also be used on YouTube Android applications.

in the process of your donation, YouTube will take a small part to handle the transfer. Specific take how many according to the state. In the United States, YouTube take 5% plus 21 cents; In Japan, was 5% and 22 yen (20.98 cents).

a americans donated $10, for example, YouTube will take 71 cents in his pocket as a reward. Fortunately, most donations to direct remit content creators. Google Wallet is needed to deal with.

now, YouTube “exceptional” function only in Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United States launched four countries. Google is trying to will, of course, one way to more countries. People in the four countries can now in your browser or higher than the 5.7 version of the YouTube Android applications to use this feature. Support for other platforms was brewing.


Smart watches, round must, for example?

when people at the circular eagerly anticipated by his smart watches, circular smart bracelet overrun. Part of the reason may be that when the forerunner of the smart watches, such as samsung and Pebble after devices are square (rectangular) model is adopted. Fatigue, after all. I wondered when the circular smart watches the tide strikes, people will not miss the square of the watch?


it’s nice to see LG G R in design efforts, but for these I fry very hot round Watch still reservations. Of course, they looked more like a “real” watch, but if the watches on market performance relative to other Android watch no ascension, the circular dial may not be as attractive as you think.

Moto 360

for these round watch, my main question is, although the circular dial is very suitable for mechanical watches, mechanical watches, but appeared before the invention of the digital watch that time what we can also use other ways to show time? The smart watch not only shows the time that a function. In reading the existing Android notification message, round dial practicality is very low. In a circular screen, a large amount of screen space is not used to, and in view the news when there will be a very embarrassing situation – information content into a circular in below.

in addition, please remember, in order to make smart watch little battery get enough battery life, when you do not use the watch, the screen will automatically dimming, want to see the time some reluctance. And because of that, for smart watch shows the time do not use the big number when it is almost impossible. Since you want is a watch can show the function of the large number, so what’s the meaning of circular dial?

we will be in the coming week or so to get the Moto 360 final amount of the product, see the circular dial’s performance in practical use.

what’s more, than the round dial, I think a square but bending (even elastic), conform to the arms of dial, is smart watches a better solution.

Source: TC

The 360 merger wisdom key and the fast button, although independent operation, but the end is

before writing, history, from the early 360 intelligence conference key and the fast button merger, two team already working together. Fast button team moved to 360 office tower, according to the general logic of big companies acquire small companies, think fast button key should m&a. The fast button team also became a 360 person. Products subject to the general direction of 360 strategy is inevitable.

back now: quick button and 360 key department formally announced a merger. Fast button has moved to wangjing SOHO office, wisdom key business from 360, to the fast button independent operation, fast button founder li gang unified management.

“why mergers and acquisitions are not nice. Besides the first 360 wisdom key is just a concept, there is not even prototype, or fast button solution finally. Quick button is doing business, key is the snipers do strategy. People into less reasonable, more accurately, 360 investment in the fast button team, investment the fast button, by the way this product.

tree is cool, but also indirectly by strategy. Fast button at first flagship is convenient, quick start, user-oriented also belongs to the C side, but the future is to be able to focus on cooperation with the manufacturers, customize the exclusive function of the shortcut button. It is 360 key using the fast button solution and will free strategy directly to consumers. Do quick union announced at the meeting – joint more than 100 mainstream service class APP, a key to provide faster operating experience, main campus market.

actually, in the end, the key goal is to distribute mobile applications in the field of intelligent hardware platform. This also conforms to the 360 entry strategy. Through wisdom key distributing free access to the user, by helping APP makers display applications, download to flatten out the hardware cost.

although on the surface of wisdom key and the fast button merger and maintain independent operation, but it don’t worry will become 360 try distribution of entry strategy pioneer in the field of hardware. Independent development of the moment, lead long to walk in the strategic level was 360, so the conference should not be a double bond merge, should be 360 hardware distribution platform strategy will test the waters. But see the fast button is also moving 360 building independent office, inside this delicate compromise uncompromising taste is quite worth play. You know, 360 mobile phone and router has failed, all hardware genes, have to outsiders.

Keen: dig medical gold three entrepreneurial dry goods

cloud network hunting note: last weekend, spring rain doctors, founder and CEO’s keen hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, to open up, big talk entrepreneurial journey. Cloud network editor you finishing the keen hunting three essentials about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have a good reference!

business will have to choose the direction

picked gold mine and coal mine, the result of the effort is often different.

“before, people ask why you selected for business direction, to find the right tuyere, may blow out the cow force, said mobile health is his eye poison. Later, found that boast do not have what meaning. But in fact it is also through the result of rational choice.” About the direction of entrepreneurship keen said he decided in the mobile Internet business, and then drew a box, a 三不做 principle.

“the first social I don’t want to do, because of social need to invest a lot of run into, need a lot of resources. And, again want to face the giant now, it seems, judge to be right, also only Momo kill.” “Second, I don’t play games, because the game’s chances of success were low. You come into contact with the game is indeed very cow, is also very make money, but we have no contact with the game is the most complete failure, saw the mesa bright case. Ten games a success is a rare, so I don’t touch the game.” “Third, pure tool classes that do not. Application of pure tools market is too thin, not too high barriers, too easy to kill.”

“finally, chose the two directions, one is a medical education , look from the size of the market, the two direction is a huge space, may be I grew up in the environment of the hospital, so I chose the latter.”

popular audience members

from pain points cut into the market, I saw a piece of gold? How to dig?

“I have just made a survey on the spot, if you ill will to do, some choice is to ask friends and relatives, some choose to go to check on the net, but it’s up to the choice of carrying! Wait for healing! Waiting for their body good!” “Why will appear this kind of circumstance, because, as you know, go to the hospital too hard. The main reason is registered is too difficult for young people would not have enough time, so had to settle.”

“mobile medical market, need most is what? How to solve such “self-healing” demand, you can see how they see the market (market opportunities, so the light rain interrogation pattern was born. Professional doctor visit, which solved the numeral, and solve the problem of the so-called self-healing too hasty.”

light see the market opportunity to use, must be able to find the breakthrough point of the access to the market and the path. Advantages and disadvantages of realize. So the size of gold mine, if I were all heard much good? Before have this desire, first of all, find out a problem, first under weigh whether to have this ability?

“just have the audience ask, only do special light, why don’t you do something else? In fact, we also want to do something, but overall measure of medical market, we can do at present, and the best also can guarantee is now do.

market opportunity are many, but realize the advantages and disadvantages of themselves is very important, centralized management is very important, in the case of the existing team and resources, how to make their best ability is the key, blindly forward usually leads to bad results.

change the thinking model to do

reverse thinking ability is very important, sometimes dig the road too long, change the way perhaps is to see a new world.

“do medical considering the patient’s normal thinking, we see there are many products on the market is to build around the patient, so the need to consider the doctor will have a better play. You can now ask a question with our products, ensure there is a doctor at once. Why are there so quick order efficiency? Because we did a system, but all the doctors’ leisure time, deserve to go up again reward mechanism, the doctor’s enthusiasm is very high.”

“there are 4 a doctor online, are all one card scrutiny after three certificates, and mobile phone IMEI code binding the doctor answer end, ensure the quality of the doctor, so that to better serve patients with users, word-of-mouth can instead from the other end to attract more users.”

Since the media into misery, why don’t you leave “personal online education classroom”?

in recent time, some new services that allow you to build your education courses and promotion on the Internet very easily, as simple as published in WordPress blog and ten years ago.

one of the founders of online training institutions Fizzle Corbett Barr think online courses and other network services is no much difference, just like your own website or YouTube. For blogger blog, they all want to transform the content of the blog into revenues into a bag, “training is the most reasonable extension of the future blogs and podcasts, because in today’s blog or podcast, as a blogger, you may have to teach some netizens.”

Barr first to build a large audience in his blog Think Traffic, on his blog is the theme of the independent online business. But the blog income not through advertising to get profits, he decided to provide users with products and services to make money. In 2010, he has made his “first course”, this project is based on the concept of affiliate marketing, though he waited for 15 months to release it.

“I persuade myself not to spend too much time to do it, because I think people would not be interested.” In fact Barr was wrong. “The first dish” 72 hours of course where he earned $11000.”

he is many, many by his own blog set up their own fan base is one of the entrepreneurs. Them by adding the e-books in the blog and speaking tour for personal income, blog now joined the online course as a new columns, his audience to new column response is good. Here, let me take you to see how they’re doing:

real title is far better than the imaginary title

there is a digital strategist called Alexis Grant, her blog section includes blog, e-books, and professional advice, now also offers course service by mail. But she didn’t sell a lot of the first course, because she took a wrong title “create your own luck”, she also did not describe what she is really something. But now after improvement, the course after repackaging, took a new name “how to become a social media writers”.

she said: “to have specific aim more than generalized content more attractive.”

targeted than popular course attractive

“the most important thing is to choose a theme” director Frank Visciano Udemy content, a market to connect buyers and sellers of online courses, so it should be very specific and the theme of the special, to be able to stand out in the market.

at the same time, he also explained: “you should make sure that you discuss the theme of the Angle is unique, so that it can make some audience excitement.”

all theme in accordance with the scheduled run

Martin Amor is Cosmic Kids Yoga, head of the course is to teach the children how to practice Yoga on YouTube. He and his partners are develop a curriculum for Udemy, if the theme of the course is to teach the children to practice yoga. His advice: “should take a long time to find out what your theme, the theme is used to reveal the correct sequence of information.”

forget things online, calm down and want to know what you really want to share.

early to test your course, collect feedback

Vanessa Van Edwards is a body language expert, has made more than $1 million in sales, but she started to aim at the iPhone in the market of the sitting room, use a cookbook as scaffolds.

when after the success of the test, she felt able to devote more time and energy into the subsequent courses, she advised: “before you do be sure to test your courses.”

Corbett Barr suggest that there is a way to reduce risk is “in the process of pre-sale will find out whether this course is worth to do it.” For example, you can provide a more appropriate discount price, or the market in their unfinished stage of curriculum development, according to people’s feedback to improve courses, finally complete the research and development.

operate well content, do not themselves

many entrepreneurs or expert may hesitate whether to launch network course, SchoolKeep founder Steve took said, a good platform to let you build on your website and marketing courses.

he said: “it’s definitely not suitable for everyone”, many of his clients have hesitated, if they never had lessons, don’t know what to do how to design a curriculum. He explained: “I think it’s need to guide the designer packaging is very beautiful, the course teaching assistant can also participate in the management of course.”

transform fans for students, the students into fans

to have a very good idea to do a course, a writer and designer Sarah Kathleen Peck said that she had promotion course by email, through your contacts to get advice, and asked if they would anyone interested in this course.

she said: if they say no problem, then put the program on schedule. Start to teach one or two hour or two hour workshop, this is your test. If there were 30 people to attend, to send a mail to them said, “very well, I’m on a three weeks of classes, are you interested in?” If the answer is no, so this is a yellow warning.

remember, don’t think you upload after the completion of this course will automatically run to the end of the course.

Amor said: “in a sense you upload is a start, but is not the end, this is the beginning of a promise.”

want to get more, not daring to try

to fix it, without faults, just do it. The worst thing will happen, that’s what you did many things, but no one to sign up, this does not mean that this is a bad thing. A blessing in disguise, you create something for this world, I think this is a very big success, he said.



“Mobile + smoking ban” south Korean Internet cafe industry is on the verge of collapse

is the south Korean government law (including indoor smoking), players “evaporate”, once ubiquitous Internet cafes are quickly disappearing.

PC (PC bang) – “bang” (?) Is the meaning of the Korean room – has long been used in computer game fans. In 1990 high speed Internet connection to install swept across the country, the PC room popularity peaks in Korea.

according to south Korean creative agency data content, the number of PC room peaked in 2009, break through the 2.1547 mark, but at the end of last year dropped to 1.25 m.

in the same period, the south Korean mobile games industry increased by four times, earned $1.2 billion, smart phones become a staple of many young people. They like to use the information application KakaoTalk chat, like Kakao games. South Korean mobile phone penetration rate remained above 100%, over the years, this would have meant that the south Korean mobile phone ownership has exceeded the total number.

private lobby group, South Korea Internet computer for Internet cafe Ha Young – soo culture association, said: “in today’s society all can do with mobile phones, Internet cafes have lost a lot of charm. Internet cafe operators try to find a way out, attract consumers through more comfortable pleasant room, but the outlook is bright.”

Ha, points out that aims to improve Internet cafes and entertainment venues sanitation draconian laws, make a lot of PC room operators also stem not bottom go to.

he said: “most people choose PC room is adult men, when they want to play video games can be free to smoke. But the smoking ban, many people quit the PC room not to give up smoking.”

the south Korean government in December 2012, an injunction, including hotels and electronic game room smoking in public, delay the execution in a year. The smoking ban came into effect in January, the PC room, rule-breaking agency up 5 million won ($5000) fine.

in addition, the Ha think other legal provisions, such as installation of water purifiers and mandatory fire insurance, also increased the PC room the economic burden of family business operators.

If there is no choice apple Siri, maybe it has control of the world

abstract: Dan Kaplan like stories tell entrepreneurs, he worked for Twilio, Asana, Salesforce to exploit market, and on the Threadling write blog posts about marketing, marketing, happy also tell stories. The author believes that if Siri choice is Google instead of apple, and firmly on the road of self accomplishment, so maybe it’s fate is far better than now. Not only that, the author also to Siri not out of the shining path of fantastical imagination.

when I saw the most radiant entrepreneurs disillusionment was into the abyss and then to sell yourself to deep-pocketed buyers, I always feel your heart in a little bit broken.

this is not because I envy these entrepreneurs have personal wealth and success due to exit. In fact, each participant’s wallet have turned drum, it’s like a dream. But the cash really let me feel sad, when the rockets in the sky is eagle-eyed acquirers to find and come off from the sky, they almost can only reach the height in front of me.

Siri just like that, from the incredible, and for the iPhone 3 gs for nothing begins its journey of life, but it could grow into the next Google.

Siri is a semi-finished products

Siri released less than half a year later, apple bought it. At first, as the iPhone app Siri didn’t take off, and the founders and investors, the state does not seem to have improved.

this is because when Siri is just a stand-alone application, it is unreasonable to hop to the magic of it:

1. Will the iPhone unlock

2. Open the Siri application and waiting for it to load the

3. Gently touch the button tell Siri to you is going to make it perform the voice command

4. Speak out your order and wait for the results

like a handful of observers, even if I’m excited, make Siri technology or let me do not look good: who has the time tube waiting Siri from open to execute the command process!

Siri wants to change the world, must be binding and operating system, it seems obvious. So, want to let Siri on the iPhone, unless the underlying technology of apple have mastered it.

why not Nuance

since the birth of Siri, a company called Nuance has given the iOS speech recognition. To a certain extent, it is well known, but never put on the table to let everyone heated discussion questions.

apple did not have Nuance, this with other iOS implanted something different, Nuance in speech recognition technology sales to other companies have a solid business. In addition, it also sell at the same time to the end consumer some dictation software, although the sales situation is not so good. Having a NUANCE, apple will have to take out billions of dollars and take over more than 10000 employees, but also engaged in a business may be considered to be quite boring.

for Nuance, apple is just another of his clients, it only authorized its voice recognition technology and its convergence to the apple is in a hurry to build data center, that’s all. But Siri for apple, and a different Nuance.

if not in apple, Siri will evolve?

turn head to think about, and Steve Jobs took the apple before more than $300 in cash, than when they bought Siri look is different now. Had Siri does not be acquired, so there are still several road let Siri vigorous: developing applications for the iPhone, for example, luxuriant turned into human-computer interaction interface voice platform around the world.

2011: if Siri “trust” is the Android

if the Siri is developing applications for Android, then maybe Siri will be built into the Android system from the start.

so, when a user use the Android version of Siri, what need to do is to pick up the phone, all the things on the ear, to call the shots.

just like at the beginning of the iPhone application Siri, Android version of Siri can help you to booking, booking hotel, and help you call the car. But different depth is that it is embedded in the operating system, would let you, your way, all action seamless and smooth.

2012: Siri will become the mobile version of Google voice

Siri has been basically achieved the union of products and markets, and through some clever marketing and strong word-of-mouth, for further investment is quite attractive.

Siri’s founder, grab the search + trading opportunities and heavily hit the market.

independent focus, Siri to build a team with ambitious integration to more services. Before long, you can tell it from papa John’s pizza shop, order have four kinds of meat pizza and coke. Do you still want to let Siri to help you from 1-800 – FLOWERS, flower shop, send a bunch of FLOWERS to my mother on mother’s day? Let what Siri to look for the next trip flights and make a best? These are no problem.

all in all, the time is already under way Siri’s transactional business model.

2013: Siri 3.0, open API

after 2 years of steady improvement and supplement, the team released the Siri 3.0.

it can free access to your email, calendar and watches, and prediction is given advice, just like today’s Google Now. But Google Now only take the initiative to give notice, but it can go a step further: Siri Lyft application to help you open it you car.

as Siri prediction task engine, Siri team to release again: Siri publish API.

open API, Siri by bringing in third-party applications can make this small house became a great empire.

2014: refused to Google, samsung, hand in hand to force apple “to”

have enough Siri, let Google very coveted, but it is still rejected the search giant tempting offer many times.

Siri and (have) the most powerful Android competitors – samsung cooperation, Siri became the default voice assistant samsung devices.

in order to not be samsung left behind, apple had to get the authorization of Siri, to incorporate it into the iOS system.

2015-2018: the whole world is Siri

Siri has passed the way it had almost all of the networking equipment. Driving Teslas people just say “Hey Siri”, then you can change music, send important emails, and obtain the recent inward and outward orientation. Who has the latest version of Apple TV will ask Siri to help them to switch to the power game or the giants game channel.

in this regard, Siri will handle almost all you may complete online transactions, and reply you want to search all sorts of problems. Want to find out what day before San Francisco apartment for rent? Get things done. Want to you are listening to music is directly added to the list? It is ok to say.

Siri on the road to go forward to the new world, with your mobile phone, PC, tablet, and car dashboard to trade dialogue, will be often. Before through the keyboard and then click on the link mode of Internet will become a thing of the past.

when I: no jobs, Siri are more likely to be towards the dark

Siri’s founder and/or investors does not seem to see attractive in version 1.0 came out, in turn, decided to accept apple’s cash, rather than in the glorious potential road trip, an independent firm pursuit. Given that they have to face the pressure, uncertainty and apple very tempting offer, we cannot say they are crazy.

but cash out of this incredible technology in its destiny on the road out of control. If Steven Jobs is still alive, may be out of his sight, and his zeal and Google compete with ideal allows Siri onto the road of pervasive, however, this did not happen.

if it is not real, but we think of them, then most likely now Siri’s creators have been operating a company that billions of pounds. At the same time, Siri itself can shake the world, change the way we interact with the Internet, and threat to Google to destructive.

however, now for the rest of Siri looks but also is a selling point has been hype iOS: once beautiful, once glorious, will fade as ignoring and time.

we can only look forward to, recently released by the two initial founder of Siri Viv, can make it come again.