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Also understand your foot RunScribe than yourself

when you are running is heel on the ground first? Or the sole of the foot even before landing? If you think this question has no meaning, then RunScribe may not be suitable for you. RunScribe is a against in the true sense of the design of runners, these people will really pay attention to their gait types in the process of running, the soles of your feet and the ground contact time, contact position, etc., and use these data to improve the technology of running and avoid sports injury.

now, become a popular running exercise, the movement of the wearable monitoring equipment is becoming more and more attention, smart fitness wristbands and smart watches are the pioneer of the industry. The sudden emergence of these equipment, reflected the people began to need more professional equipment. RunScribe arises at the historic moment, a fixed after the shoes with lightweight wearable motion monitoring equipment.

the moving distance of each data can be recorded by sensors, the first store in RunScribe built-in memory, after will be synchronized to the cloud services, through the chart image with various shapes, activists were able to through analyzing these data deeply their footwork. (there is an even more top service, called RunScribe Science, even will let users access to the raw sensor data.)

last summer socks similar creative Sensoria intelligence has detonated the raise investment enthusiasm. While RunScribe didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill so, they will just a wearable device on your shoes. (professional players can choose to install a RunScribe each foot, but actually don’t need that gait analysis in detail.)

so RunScribe exactly measurement of what? In the professional edition, it can be through the equipment within 9 shaft sensors measure the 13 indexes, including stride, spin, contact time, drift, drift, and so on. RunScribe use these data to set up a RunScore, so that users can compare their every running process, rather than each time will run all the detailed data unfolding, of course, if you really want to see. It can help you to monitor the running of a new pair of shoes isn’t suitable for you.

before this, want to find a pair of running shoes for you to run is not easy, this is why some professional running shoes shop can provide internal gait analysis service, staff will make you jogging on a treadmill, and according to your habits of gait to you buying advice. But to do so is not fair, because they finally want to let you buy shoes in their shop, they think that they always have a pair of shoes in the store “fit” you.

RunScribe goal is through the runners run data were collected for analysis, and provide enough detailed data for runners to know what is the most suitable for their shoes. And if the shoes manufacturers in their shoes into this wearable devices, and keep enough runners use, then they can undertake large data analysis, and will jog lovers into a leading professional community composed of gait analysis experts.

it is RunScribe vision, and now, it is only a prototype. They plan to get the raise $fifty thousand from Kickstarter, which is now the end there are 17 days, raise RunScribe has won three times the target. Raise rules allow the professional manufacturer of wearable devices allow before mass production, for the early adopters first experience in order to key data obtained earlier. Now, as it were, his presidency.

this RunScribe wearable devices will start at $99, to provide some data, and the full version you will need to $139. It is unclear whether the final data analysis service subscription separately. And equipment manufacturer, said by way of a renewal service or the main program and free gait analysis professional fee is still pending.

this RunScribe is expected in October.

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Millet into Internet finance, news that investment lego box

(wen xuan/day)

after the intelligent hardware gain ground, the layout of the millet again showed signs of extension.

today, domestic media quoted investment sources, according to the domestic investment and financing platform for P2P network block box has completed tens of millions of dollars in financing, among them, the millet combination suitable for fund led led, Yintai capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of temasek investment, partners China and auspicious peak.

at present, the block boxes and millet has not been official said the news.

block box belonging to integrating multi-source information technology company run by Beijing, peng laugh mei and founded jointly by Dong Jun, site in patch on August 7, 2013, A round of funding tens of millions of dollars. So far, has helped more than 400 home small micro enterprise, complete the financing amount more than $1 billion.

for millet, has been around the iron triangle do layout of hardware, software and services. If the time to buy into true block box, and enter the Internet for what purpose the financial?

if only for financial investment? Should not block box faced with numerous opponents, and could face regulatory concerns. The analysis thinks, this millet investment lego box is the main purpose, and millet production chain produce synergies, millet financial supply chain.

unlike jingdong electric business platform of business supply chain, the supply chain of the hardware of the millet most concentrated in a small number of large manufacturers, weak demand for P2P type financial platform. More of the supply chain should be from millet chain of third party service providers, in this part there are a number of developers, start-ups.

prior to this, the millet also start a comprehensive financial services with bank of Beijing, in addition to financial borrowing service employees of millet, bank of Beijing will focus on millet company customer base design exclusive product process, through mobile terminals such as actively explore financial development direction, mobile financial business cooperation.

AirSig mobile phone into a pen drawing can sign the contract in the air

for mobile equipment manufacturing validation products Taiwan startups AirSig foxconn technology group, a $2 million investment. In return, foxconn will have a 10% stake in the company, which will allow AirSig valued at $20 million.

Air Signature (Signature) Air is AirSig flagship product, the product through the G sensor of gyroscope in intelligent mobile phone owners in the Air drawing mark can be unlocked. In simple terms, this technology is to make the original need in physical (paper, electronic screen) signature on, into the air. In addition, users can customize different signature, to unlock a different application.

to use this technology can be downloaded from Google app store AirSig application software installation “AirSign Unlock” (AirSign Unlock). In addition to smart phones, Air Signature Signature (Air) technology can also be used for the electronic payment and electronic commerce application of intelligent terminal.

in the statement, CEO of AirSig Pokai Michael Chen said the from foxconn’s investment will be used to accelerate the company’s product development, and develop the global market.

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The evolution of the android, ecological still deformity

on September 5, hunting cloud network (word/Arlene editor/water Yan)

in the first quarter of 2011, Android in the global market share for the first time more than symbian, become the world’s first.

September 24, 2013, Android ushered in the 5 years old birthday, number of devices using this system all over the world has reached 1 billion units.

the first quarter of 2014, the Android platform has accounted for 42.8% of all mobile advertising traffic sources, for the first time beyond the iOS.

from 08 on September 23, the first android smartphone HTC Dream, to today has been in the past six years. Android quickly in the six years rise speed of tongue, and the pioneer of smartphones – Microsoft, blackberry, blame far flung it back, even to the point of dying. Google android exactly how to do this?

free and open source. when apple iPhone subversive, all mobile phone maker, was unprecedented pressure, Google’s Android open source system made by the operating system, the high technical threshold of shanzhai manufacturers also need not distress for Microsoft’s licensing fees, no longer for nokia on high and low, all of a sudden everyone on a platform competition. Android instantly became a magnet, let many mobile phone manufacturers.

pay attention to the android ecosystem. from android 1.0, Google has joined the application of market function, early introduced a developer platform, facilitate the development the android application developers, and application of distribution.

diversified development. many mobile phone manufacturers to produce a wide variety of android models, whether it’s texture, screen size, high low, to find, to satisfy the different market demand. Expanded the boundary of the software market, make up the application of ecology.

taking advantage on IOS platform. IOS perfect operational experience and good application of ecology, the high quality developer platform, excellent hardware get enough users for its market, and the application of good ecological and developer platform attracts a lot of application developers for its development and application, the perfect model. And relatively comprehensive behind android will completely follow the IOS developer platform model, presents a similar interface design, API, this greatly reduces the developers will shift the IOS application to the complexity of the android platform, makes the IOS developers are willing to develop adaptation for android. Early so as to complete the android platform application of accumulation, to satisfy the user experience, user market recognition.

but despite its success, but to take market open source, can be customized, high suitability of decisions, make their own platform, market ecological appear chaotic, and the delicate relationship with mobile phone manufacturers also make android ecological experience more deformed.

for each mobile phone manufacturer, every mobile phone maker, although adopted unified operation platform, but each other is the competition. They are unable to completely get rid of the influence of operating system provider Google, are trying to create your own custom system, even through a variety of ways to get the android ecosystem to benefit their own direction.

each handset makers to show their own custom system feature, and on these grounds of the underlying API changes, more or less to developers turn into their ecological .

each vendor management situation, operating conditions and adopt different strategy, supply chain, in the face of the target market is also different, thus different hardware configuration, system version of powers.

Google’s market strategy, the characteristics of the android make android phones have large share in the low-end market, low-end users only need the mobile phone function enough, there is no requirement to platform experience, weakening the vitality of platform .

according to research Application’s latest data, the android accounted for 85% of the smartphone market shipments, iOS is only 11.9%. In terms of usage, however, the two sides share is about the same, the android accounted for 44.62%, ios accounted for 44.19%.

although android market share is high, but most of them are using the old version system, low activity of low-end machine, contribution to the android ecosystem and don’t have much.

outfits, pirated APP store, dark buckle fee APP run rampant, almost unable to establish a good application of ecology, especially to pay ecological destruction, the developers of steam. These concentrated application developers adaptation problems, have power problem, also have the problem of difficult .

under the same operating system version of the mobile phone hardware configuration, screen size, interface style, even the UI symbols are different. Instead bring symbiotic effect, each other has hampered by each other, isolated, it is difficult to let the consumer feel under the same system integrity, and consumers are not clear themselves to buy even which version of the Android operating system, or a different version of the Android what differ with each other? In contrast, its rival apple, only a year to launch a mobile phone, but its harmony with the hardware and software, concise and delicate design will bring using apple users between highly unified identity.

ecological deformity is Google android at first in order to develop the market, to make up the lack of technology. Google predictions about this from the start, and took various technical legal means to regulate. For example the new API is packaged into third party vendors can’t move Google GMS service, to limit the other vendors to the underlying changes; Put more and more service in their application and the cloud, launch low-end phone standard design – the Android one, to control the mobile phone manufacturer, reduce the Android fragmentation and the influence of fragmentation.

but for now, just keep the “dominance of Google” the basic bottom line, the pain of the deformation of the android ecosystem for developers still no substantive change, in the new closed strategy of smart watches, cars, TV version of the android system, driven by the android ecosystem’s future is unclear.

With DrinkMate, police can you drunk levels using a mobile phone

can be inserted into the smart phone, used to increase the built-in sensors with smart devices, is gradually open the market, and a large audience. Now there’s a aims to expand the equipment of the Android smartphone capabilities to the forthcoming. This kind of miniature breath test called DrinkMate drunk, is looking for $40000 of investment on Kickstarter, plan to officially listed in December.

this paragraph 1.8 inches long device is designed to be inserted into the micro USB driver interface. The user to its semiconductor sensor, after you exhale through application and binding, can display the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. DrinkMate don’t need a puff port, users just need to blow air inlets. This design can ensure its compact design and equipment health.

we had seen drunk expiratory test device based on smart phones — Alcohoot is suitable for the iPhone. But compared with the heavy Alcohoot DrinkMate more and more cheap.

the company claims that the product is still in prototype stage, BAC measurement error of the level in the plus or minus 0.01%. DrinkMate sensors measure the highest degree of 0.20% BAC, if you’ve drunk is unlikely to use this tool, that you also don’t have to look for your car keys.

in addition to the accuracy grade, DrinkMate can perform well in the real environment also for inspection, especially when the wine strength is still in, the user may not be able to follow the best test program. A good supporting application can avoid the user into erroneous zone. , for instance, to ensure that users in the drink wait long enough after use, so that you can avoid inaccurate ratings or misinterpreted.

DrinkMate manufacturer said, the first idea is that the device as a method of pressure for drinkers, and produce a visible can share the BAC, so as to ensure the safety of drinkers.

although composed of position sensor and exercise/hardware more mainstream sensors are embedded into the handset, but more like DrinkMate BAC analyzer has professional targeted sensor hardware supplement smartphones and constantly produce.

DrinkMate currently provided to Kickstarter supporters price for $25.

after the hardware tested compatible Android devices:

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


the Motorola Moto X

the Asus Transformer Prime, Infinity

the manufacturers say they are ready to develop the iPhone version, but have to wait until the raise in the Kickstarter by activity after success.

as of press time, they have raised $40000 in half, and now and then there were 25 days.


Entrepreneurs to please slow down: the most miserable is money, people don’t

abstract: the author is the founder of “I wear your clothes project”. The project aims to pass out wear t-shirts advertisers, on social networking sites to upload their photos or video, wearing t-shirts for advertising. This concept has attracted widespread media attention, and bring huge profits for the founder. This is his way in the entrepreneurial process for “rest” and “work” equilibrium considerations. The author points out that life is the most important, if the lost health, affection for entrepreneurship, and even life, that is not worth the cost. In addition, the author of how busy time also gave his personal experience.

I but remember on this matter. That is IWearYourShirt fascinating and harvested quite a lot in the first year, the year started coming to an end. Everyone in email congratulations to me, because I became this looks very crazy things. Besides the compliments, I constantly see a message like this:

“Jason, for the first year of IWearYourShirt you did a good job, but you need to get yourself to relax. 365 days you have been at work, this is the average man is not acceptable. You must give yourself a break.”

when I see so many emails are advised me to rest a holiday, I said to myself: “only the ordinary people need to have a holiday to rest, I am superman! Superman is not need to have a rest!”

but then I found that I really wrong in this matter.

after 2010, the accumulated fatigue began to gradually put me down. I began to insomnia and it is very difficult to video shows every day I think of good ideas.

since I don’t have enough energy to reply some emails, I missed some good opportunities. I began to complain about such tedious life and my work. Frankly, I at that time can do so many things for me without rest feel very surprised.

in 2011, I decided to change the work schedule IWearYourShirt, could become a holiday every Saturday. The move means that I will lose $35000 in revenue. I know this is not an easy thing, but I know very well I can no longer be dead tired of hard work 365 days in a row.

the decision made after losses already cannot be redeemed, but take one day off per week this decision but are of great help to me. Continuous work of more than 730 days later, I knew I could not rely on it to rest one day per week to allow yourself to restore energy, plus the rest days is just let me finish the work ahead of time.

this life continued in 2013, at that time I have really can’t finish any work any longer. In 2013, I hung up the online may I the last thing people donate a T-shirt. Unfortunately, I have already exhausted, never went to the responsible IWearYourShirt heart.

no. 1 (life), how much a 0 (wealth) behind are meaningless

there is no doubt that you are certainly not a all year round in the busy business people (and please don’t choose to do so). But, no matter what your job is, you need time to let you put a little false, save your strength.

maybe you will now be thinking: “Jason, I can’t allow yourself to rest, because I need all the rest of the time to earn my business investment, but also earn money for the family…”

but today I want to tell you is that if you have good plan, and your family to be able to make a living, how is your business there will be no problem. You can use less pay a better finish the work. Give you some advice below:

1. To arrange your own schedule, and then find the time to can rest

if use work, receive the email, brainstorming, buildings, to encode information about these things to fill your every hour on the work table, the work will be very simple. But if you don’t take time to give yourself a break, that you just don’t bump south wall does not return, you don’t want to just like I finally feel exhausted. Therefore, take some time off from your schedule and make good use of this time to allow yourself to relax, to meet with relatives and friends to chat, in short, emptying your mind busy for a long time.

but this does not mean that you are on holiday in the Bahamas. I said the holiday is to let you stay away from the computer and social media, began to believe it will be a good weekend.

you can also try a road trip to a nearby city dropped in to see your friends. You can take your family go to the beach or the lake camping (or even in your own backyard). Don’t think don’t go to work take a vacation period will be a very extravagant, think about it so that you can away from your work, you will be happy to take a vacation.

2. Complete the task as soon as possible, but don’t be too QianJinHouSong

many years ago, a friend of mine Bryan mentioned a suggestion for me, let me go. He said if I can in a short span of a week to more than a month I need money, so I can need not consider yourself away from work, give yourself time to have a holiday to rest.

but this is not to say that you need in the first week of each month like playing chicken blood work 600 hours. This is just to tell you, you should concentrate on doing one at low cost but can get high return business.

3. If a affects your nervous working 24 hours a day, so please give up

this question cannot emphasize too much. To be sure, if you 24 hours to provide services at any time, so you will be your new levels of employees (especially if you are a person who provide service, such as designers, developers, etc.). But you shouldn’t have energy in a place that don’t need you.

why don’t you try to use a virtual assistant to help you reply email and then give you every day in every day? Or why don’t you try to hire a part-time project manager, paid by the hour to him and let him to provide for the customer service issues and plan your meeting? You can also let your family help you check the account, sign the contract.

I know what I said these Suggestions may not be suitable for the nine-to-five commuters, but I want to say the most important thing is that you should not touch you after work at five o ‘clock every day. Don’t mailbox to check email, don’t pick up any work on the phone, also do not go to think you work.

to do so is one of the biggest benefit of the employer could make full use of employees to work. They want employees to work day and night, but only need to pay the employees work 8 hours a day’s salary. But if you no longer work, after work and rest, you will have more work to do.

for those people who work nine to five additional advice: if you think you can’t do that, then talk to your boss, tell him that you want to try for two weeks after work at five o ‘clock every day do not do anything related to work.

two weeks to perform in strict accordance with the schedule, write down your feelings and you can finish the work every day. Then in the two weeks later, on another notebook to record the same thing every day.

a month later than your own feelings. Your feelings have changed? There are any changes in your work efficiency? If your performance on the job well, your boss will be happy. But if your boss the experiment resent to you, maybe you should quit (haha just a joke)

from now on, take a closer look at your schedule, a good arranged completely isolated and working time. Remember, be sure to make good use of the rest of the time, later, you will thank you for your decision.

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Interview ming-yuan li, clarify direct number nine big questions

the author weibo @ Internet super, WeChat SuperSofter

baidu vice President and mobile cloud department general manager li Ming in baidu accepted in the world, including the author, several media interviews, deep analyze the direct number. Direct number menacing, future ever sniper micro letter or as an equal with micro letter also depends on the execution of baidu. Now comment about direct number is not important, but the author thinks that now the direct number does have some misunderstanding, the following information may help people further understand the direct number, which is based on interviews with ming-yuan li answered and I understand.

1, the difference between the direct number and light application baidu baidu

light application is baidu baidu world launched in 2013, it is a WEB APP and tied for the application of Native APP form. Based on a super light application platform, call platform of certain rights, achieve some specific functions, service only this big platform of users. Theoretically the micro public account is light application letter, especially the service number can vote through custom menu, embedded pay plug-in and third-party WEB page provides rich content and interaction. Light application is baidu baidu platform in such a form, support content retrieval, custom menu, push subscription and news. Weibo, pay treasure to platform have light applications.

light application is more a technical term, baidu’s strategic goal is to help more light application App and traditional web site into the mobile ecosystem, especially the content contribution to baidu, avoid information island. Baidu to the number itself is a kind of light application, but there are more extensions: @ search template of intelligent connection, industry selection, payment tool and map template support at the early stage of the (the most popular among enterprises), and the core is designed to help traditional enterprises and users to connect, rather than for all mobile applications.

2, baidu’s relationship with the HTML 5 application direct number?

it is to realize the baidu to a kind of technical means, solve the problem of content rendering and interactive. All large App will have embedded HTML pages, including micro letter, weibo, platform type App itself is a mobile browser. Baidu to use HTML 5 can reduce development costs, at the same time to facilitate the application of the enterprise to expand more functions and more platform transplantation.

3, how to prevent risk and fraud baidu direct number?

baidu to introduce its lower than WeChat threshold, including registration and development threshold. As is known to all, micro letter threshold high for two reasons, one is to prevent fraud. The second is to avoid micro bombed by marketing information to affect the user communication and social experience. Although no second concern, baidu had to prevent fraud. If baidu to reduce the registration threshold, will naturally increase risk. Ming-yuan li explain baidu itself, one is a certification system, including the enterprise credibility of V and baidu wallet access authentication, so that all deals involving direct number in baidu wallet this layer are covered; Second, baidu mobile security technology is mature, BBS baidu world have special security; With all three is baidu has a fraud scheme user interests.

4, baidu will direct number charge for certification?

baidu will not direct number for “certification”, all direct number equal to has been certified and its service is credible. Enterprises open direct number does not need to go approval process and pay annual fee each year. Currently baidu for access to the number of companies are relatively cautious, the applicant or the original light application developers through direct number will go approval process.

5, the ability to pay will be direct, short board?

when the media asked “baidu wallet when progress is not ideal,” ming-yuan li’s answer is “if have to say so, I can only partial recognition”, but ming-yuan li said baidu’s wallet development faster than expected, many large malls have access. At the same time, he think the future payment brand is not important for users, “quick payment is the trend of The Times, the user only focus on credibility of platform, platform trusted will bind bank card to pay, followed by baidu wallet or pay treasure or unionpay, it doesn’t matter, we should thank the previous payment brands they push the Banks get through the interface”. Ming-yuan li said baidu has get through more than 10 mainstream commercial bank quick payment interface. Baidu is open at the same time, will allow direct number on the third-party payment tools, charging products such as cloud of baidu is so now. So payment can’t be direct, short board.

5, and social skills will be direct, short board?

Internet marketing companies do naturally expect to get more enquiry and passenger flow, the deal. To achieve this, on the one hand, can go to a flow entrance for flow, such as search ads, portal; On the other hand, who can expect through content and activities to do some viral marketing. Low cost will have to rely on social networks, baidu gives the impression of is that there is no social genes.

ming-yuan li’s answer is, on the one hand, baidu direct number to share content to all mainstream social networking platform; Not weak in the social, on the other hand, baidu baidu post bar is one of the biggest interest in social networking platform. “If share the WeChat these platforms, are banned in the future?” Ming-yuan li answered very directly: history shows that micro letter will be outside of all system have threatened to block the content, ali, weibo… Because of too closed just can have such action, enclosed is the greatest enemy of WeChat, baidu, on the other hand, we don’t care who is the most wide open.

6, baidu direct relationship with baidu post bar enterprise marketing platform

last month launched a baidu baidu post bar business marketing platform, enterprises can be opened, and then in the post bar to interact with fans, let fans stick in the post, communications or consulting. Baidu post bar. One of the most famous enterprises such as millet, shenzhou, and new Oriental. Asked about the relationship between the two, tieba ming-yuan li said more sink, in some three or four line city post bar is equivalent to a local portal, users more grassroots. Post bar at the same time social ability is strong, can help enterprises to better with fans, and fans and fan interaction, baidu post bar with baidu to have a very large number complementary space.

7, compared with the micro letter service, baidu number direct how to promote the conversion?

baidu with 4 s stores such as example to illustrate the micro letter enterprise services, the current situation of the low conversion rate, some people think that it is biased. But in my contact with enterprise, the service, low conversion rate is a known fact. While giants such as China merchants bank in the powerful resources support and WeChat support made some effect, but most of the enterprise service, face powder, less interaction, the problem of low conversion, might as well think about the last time when active use of the service number is? Push authority is low, the entrance to the folded, deliberately weakening marketing, the service number is struggling. Micro letter recently increased service delivery times is to increase the opportunities for interaction. Baidu to master “key words” characterization of explicit user demand, by big data and LBS information figure out accurate target user, even for the news of the active push, “not marketing” no such concerns.

8, “lower development threshold” is a false proposition?

micro letter development threshold is high, because the traditional enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the ability to develop and to have a custom function must employ a third party team, good and evil people mixed up of micro letter development market sharply increased the cost of development. Baidu by abundant industry template allows businesses to configure custom content, without rich technical personnel can make custom functions. Ming-yuan li think that there is currently no such play in the giant.

there is no lack of third-party developers micro letter attempts, through to the wedding, catering, tourism and business, and other industries to provide the function of the standardized templates, and can be assembled, and recruiting agent in the country to sales promotion. But I’m afraid that is not reality. A good enterprise software, or enterprise information solutions must deeply understand the industry attributes and enterprise personalized needs, and cooperate with its business changes constantly upgrade can be realized. Based on this can be thought of that, in the end, baidu will still no direct introduction of third-party developers, to meet the demand of enterprise marketing, service and management. Third-party developers, marketing trainers to improve line?

9, @ search hard to cultivate the user habit?

@ search is just a way of using direct number, through fuzzy search and ordinary text search, also can match to the direct number, is used in the search to the application. Users can also enter a specific location area or at a certain time received notification message, and passively using direct number. Direct number is not equal to @ search for users. At the same time, along with more and more users, search using the @ will eventually form demonstration effect, like @ in the history of weibo in email.

Google vice President: my daily work is to give up Office lobby firms

Google believe they can break the mediocre technology company in the world, and win office software market, enterprise customers and the market close to $300 billion a year. But actually want to change it is difficult to get in the habit of people work to send mail, perhaps driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express more simple.

Google enterprise President Amit Singh’s job is to persuade companies to give up using Microsoft Outlook, Office and personal computers, and adopt in view of the commercial development of Gmail, Google Apps and cut-down laptop this.

in the last decade when the San Francisco bay area of new enterprises and small businesses began to favor the Google service, large companies still unmoved, they prefer to Microsoft’s services, such as Microsoft Word.

Singh has 46, set up the Google into the goals of the enterprise, focusing on similar Google Drive enterprise version of the service. Such services to software companies operate together with other rivals, so we can make enterprise easily increase their own service projects, rather than the pain of entrance to change its work. And, in order to help consumers more clearly see the suit, a complete Google Work Singh last week to his “Google enterprise fleet” renamed “Google for Work”.

Singh also stressed the concept of cloud services, like family electricity from the grid, allows businesses to hire Google powerful computing capacity, rather than buying their own equipment. In this regard, Google opponents into the amazon, is also a comprehensive technology companies.

in a Wall Street journal in an interview, former Oracle CEO Singh (now Google, head of the ministry) talked about Google’s ambitions of commercial software, he will set out to Microsoft such strong opponents out of the market. And when it comes to how firms from cloud services market competition. Hunting cloud network extracts for you compile as follows:

last year, most of the work of science and technology enterprises software has not changed much, is there any need to change?

Singh: the way people use the software in the job in, relative to the desktop, the vast majority of their time spent on mobile devices. On technology staff have also begun to choose, the things they use in the family also want to be able to use at work, because they find work in some of the same things did not keep up with the trend.

now began to stress Drive for Work does that mean you are not as we expected, sell on Google App suit?

in different markets have different performance, our Gmail service and application service got great development.

document sharing, synchronization, collaboration, and document management is a new category, it can make we have much time to do software come into contact with a new customer base. We Drive service proposition is, no matter you are adopting a service – both Microsoft and IBM Lotus program – all can continue to use, and can Drive on this basis, to provide users with more value. If you are not ready to a huge Email revolution, we can use this kind of compromise.

general company is not so good at change, as Google how it working with such a company?

Uber similar to transportation and the establishment of the media industry of Netflix, business development constantly changing, constantly set up new business form. CEO and executives are increasingly recognize that they need to change to the idea of a new technology, which prompted them to Google for a change. They will think, how we should change our enterprise, so as to benefit the development of new technology? They are in many ways to modify themselves.

how can you stop enterprise and employee naturally they have in the use of email and document software, and switch to Google’s software?

even now, there is only a 10% to 11% of the email from computers to the cloud, we have a built-in tool allows the user to use Outlook of front-end, but use Gmail as the back-end. With the development of mobile services, the original objection there has been a dramatic change, because the use of mobile terminal will naturally with their original work in a different way. Now that no matter how I want to use the mobile platform, then I will change the user’s workflow.

do you have for Apple and IBM recently jointly help enterprises to develop web applications?

it is premature. Apple doesn’t necessarily have the ability to cloud services and so for them to combine with IBM is necessary. And we have to unify the Android and cloud services. With the passage of time, the developers will find that the value of this platform, thus creating a new generation of work with software.

Amazon first provide a Shared by the hour for enterprise computing backbone network services, Google’s service what’s the difference?

the first generation of cloud services, since you have become accustomed to a fixed pattern, is me to provide a virtual storage devices for you to use the cloud. Can help you save a lot of money, also can provide you with the flexibility of working. And now we will provide some different value. Can we guarantee the normal operation of service, the size of the cloud computing, and provide Suggestions for the problems. It is very different with previous cloud.

what do you mean Amazon weaker than Google in this respect?

for developers, we are absolutely the preferred. Over the past few years we have established strong for their service technical backbone forces, we will now put these services are available to developers. To give them such as magic power like Gmail or YouTube team enjoy it every day.

what do you think of Microsoft executive Satya Nadella emphasis on Web friendly software and mobile service?

it seems that he has had a good start, of course you have to be strong as easy to just go. They don’t believe in the data center and network services. In the mobile terminal, they try, but no core technology. Cloud services and mobile terminal are not their core competence. If you have used their Office software such as Web Apps, you’ll know how much their maturity. But we hope they can do better. Competition is always a good thing, and we have never underestimate them.

in one of the most recent twitter, do you think of software companies like Microsoft and IBM, in enhancing their earnings in cloud services are really counting on some of the things that are not related, such as equipment. Technology companies should be through the cloud software to increase their revenue?

now, revenue is more based on the contract, such as in a specific contract with some other content, and then count it as cloud services revenue. You can continue to use the Office, and we will give you a cloud of contract, we will be in proportion to the part of the cloud service into the cloud services revenue. But this is not the purpose of people to use their products. Products should be weighed only active users indicator of success.

Source: WSJ

SONY releasing wireless camera QX1/30, create “SLR phone”

SONY QX series camera is odd, but apparently, SONY is still working on it. Yesterday, SONY has released QX 1/30 two phones dedicated wireless camera, through a clip-on installed on a mobile phone accessories, use wi-fi connection, a mobile phone and through the application to implement.

for those who are not familiar with SONY clip-on lens, QX1 and QX30 is independent of the camera (composed of sensor and lens), through the application in the viewfinder and imaging function to connect to your smartphone. In essence, it replaced the camera body and control, at the same time maintain the necessary figures in the external hardware accessories. Its purpose is to use what we carry equipment, factors in the form of a more convenient to provide high quality images.

essentially similar to these digital camera with a built-in screen, use the larger size of the CMOS sensor and optical zoom lens, can make up for the shortcomings of mobile phones. However, QX series wireless camera sales of ping ping, after all, not everyone needs more professional shooting form. But SONY apparently did not give up this product line, and during this year’s IFA launched QX30 and QX1 two product, literally into 30 times optical variable focal, micro single CMOS sensor and the characteristics of the replaceable lens.

QX1 allows the user to sensors in the smart phone installed base replacement lens, can also be compatible with SONY E – mount interchangeable lenses. This means that any of you used on the SONY NEX series camera lens QX1 can be used. Unit of form a complete set of sensors is APS – C, its size is the same as the entry-level digital SLR camera. It has a built-in pop-up flash.

function, QX1 support maximum 16000 ISO sensitivity, 1080/30 p video shooting, all kinds of advanced shooting mode, manual mode or even RAW RAW format, also a built-in pop-up flash and larger capacity of battery. Of course, it also support WIFI/NFC and memory card, range of 440 photo or 150 minutes of video.

QX1 will officially listed in November, the price is $400 (RMB 2454), of course, subsequent lenses into more clearly.

Change the traditional “Shared economy”, science and technology entrepreneurship information several rules

the author introduction: Raj Kapoor is Fitmob community type non-mainstream fitness company co-founder and chief executive officer, Mayfield risk investment company (Mayfield Fund), a former managing director and co-founder before crack fish (Snapfish). This article was originally published in TechCrunch, tells the story of a Shared economic startup founder first-hand experience. Typical representative of Shared economy such as carpooling has rise at home, for the upcoming new trend, put forward four Suggestions in below very instructive and constructive.

now sharing economy has become a popular trend, from technology to building the vehicle of sharing, sharing the economy has changed quite a lot of industry. The development of science and technology reduces the startup, amateur and professional two concepts are also beginning to blur.

just peer-to-peer (P2P) network, consumers in the rental market value reached $26 billion, private investors to notice an recently valued at $10 billion, while other like mutual car rental Lyft, second-hand clothing trading platform Poshmark non-mainstream fitness company, community type and a taxi service companies such as Uber after a recent financing, also because of the fast speed of the development of new business model, and attracted the attention of all people. Them for cheap and fine service, unprecedented convenience attracted a large number of consumers.

but the working mode and not in any industry are common, according to my many years of experience in investment and operation of this kind of company, I summarized the Shared economic model company in the success of some necessary factors:

avoid meet the requirements of “not ache not to itch”

sharing economy mainly should have the strong demand of the consumers. As the saying goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix”, consumers are generally satisfied with the status quo, if there is no high enough pain points, they are not willing to try new ways. For the best example, self-service car wash service Cherry. Cherry is a key for private owners to provide self-service car wash service company, owners can stay in any position, just check in parking position by mobile phone and send a car wash, car wash near Cherry will send personnel to the designated place for owners wash the car. This is not a bad idea, but only online a year later, on December 25, 2012, Cherry, announced the closure of the service. 5 times more than common car wash service price, simply wipe glass and car body surface, and can’t clean vehicle interior. In addition to convenient point, this way of washing the car did not have any other places attract consumers strong consumption desire. Washing is not often the case, the consumer is not welcome, of course. Sharing economy to be successful, must first in the customer’s daily needs, the demand of the high frequency on laid hands on him, at least most of the customers have to have a few times a week, and strong demand.

in a lift and fitness, the customer’s demand is much more strongly. Before the Uber and Lyft appeared, many big cities taking a taxi is a nightmare, the customers demand for taxi extremely intense, but traditional call car is difficult to say, the service is bad, want to charge? NO way! Want to experience a pleasant on? The character! It’s totally annoyed revealed! Therefore, Uber and Lyft arises at the historic moment, users only need to open the application, you can search available near the vehicle, it is ok to pay using a credit card, passengers and drivers can evaluate each other, the driver will be very friendly.

we’ll look at fitness industry, we are in the gym to spend $75 billion every year, but 60% of the people, I’m afraid to psychological comfort, just don’t go fitness, the national obesity is a very good evidence of sustained growth. Fitmob is trying to solve this problem, compared with the traditional way of fitness, it lets you see interest in directly. If expensive membership card also can’t motivate your fitness, then try Fitmob, here you the class, the more you pay the less money.

offline experience is the core, and it is a hard work

although a design perfect application is great for sharing economic market propaganda, but offline service experience is more important, and very difficult to control, can call to service than starting point button easy feeling, customers more concerned about is the service experience.

Shared economic model has existed on the quality and safety risk, because the supplier is not a brand is not professional. Therefore, elaborate offline service experience to please the customer is very important, we need to give customers a sense of security, online service cannot have head, especially in the beginning, when the word of mouth is very important.

before set up the brand of a service, every supplier need to be strict selection, closely monitored. Share market economy the most attractive place is its open the door to all the people, to accept all the people who want to venture, it let the market to make gold rush, truly appropriate service. But this led to a vicious circle – the customer can’t be consistent service experience, and through the score, the negative word of mouth spread like a virus, to supplier, so the business is difficult to support, so the more perfect service.

Lyft for offline service quality has the close attention, but when Lyft to evaluate driver, Lyft will also ask yourself, I will hire them to work in the top class hotel front desk? In fact support sharing economy is not technology but the connections between people, is Shared.

can’t and policy “play”, you will die

now sharing economy is one of the biggest challenges facing regulatory law, either it dragging behind, or simply don’t allow these new services. Our current regulatory framework for large enterprise is a professional, but when consumers use spare time management of the small “company” has not been completely on the eyes. A bigger challenge is that these laws are not at the national level, but the state level, the other, started his company, which makes more expensive and time-consuming.

if you ignore these rules, the company is almost unable to survive. May initially have no problem (than expect regulations revision, you not equal to spend bit of idea on consumers, can expand their own influence more so), but in the end they must and the government and regulators to create enterprises, consumers and regulators and win-win situation.

law need to be continuously updated to catch up with the pace of the development of science and technology, like California for taxi application, it is the first created new regulatory framework for sharing economic state. These small companies have a responsibility to engage actively with the city government officials, to reduce the business risk. Reality is accelerating to lobby the government, promote housing system reform in San Francisco, trying to make short-term rental housing patterns become legal.

Fitmob challenges is how to use the park to provide residents with workout, when park system design, there is no thought of outdoor fitness was so popular, so that the design of the lack of balance in park under threat. When we use the park, occasionally heard residents’ complaints, we contacted the San Francisco bureau of parks and recreation, and they signed an agreement, contract work together. Through such cooperation, we can suggest predictability in prior to the construction of the park, and put forward the solution, it is good for both of us.

consumers save money for sharing, but companies must burn

a common misconception is that sharing economy only need very little money, only need to design and code is enough, in fact this is not the case. Reality, Lyft and Uber raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Just launched Fitmob has raised more than $9 million in equity and debt financing risk. Why is that?

first of all, its key lies in whether to have the best early in the “support”. Most of the time, the platform should subsidise the best suppliers, let them give up their current other opportunities and solve the “chicken or the egg” problem. Lyft, Uber and Fitmob also can timely, to the suppliers to provide a “platform”, even though they know the consumer demand is unpredictable.

second, these very localized seeds need to be very targeted to promote the development of the market. Once you nail business in a market, have moved to a new city, like to start from scratch to create a new company.

again, just like any other startup, they are suffering from the war of competition for talent, but these enterprises need not only technology, there is a wider range of professional knowledge, they need the local sales, logistics, marketing experts and supervision and management. To develop an application is one of the simple, to provide consistent high quality service, and to ensure that each region’s service to force, is the difficult of the difficult.

although there are some companies in the fast lane of sharing economy to the international successful enterprises rapidly, but many entrepreneurs are still trying to explore what types of businesses in this mode can run successfully, what cannot do. But one thing is certain – sharing the future of the economy will be exciting.