P2P labor market venture opposite model: playing with fire “errands” rabbit

cloud network hunting note: online local labor market has been showing great business opportunities. Giant and entrepreneurs are keen to get in. As the pioneer of the field, “errands” rabbit company from a former star, gradually abandoned by “both sides” of the user. Regardless of the user experience, this kind of blindly through the “opportunities” to match the user’s behavior, deeply hurt eventually led to the user.

with the tools to do some improvement in the home, I feel very convenient, but the damn I kitchen drawer also did not give me enough to cooperate. Finally, I collapsed, hire someone to help me to solve it. Little mouse, and a day later, he was at the door of the my: a sturdy, odd jobs, with long beard with a baseball cap, of Yale university with a master’s degree in architecture and a law degree. His name is Adam, “Adam” odd jobs more precise, he politely asked me, whether or not to take off your boots.

Adam doing odd jobs, to make me despair drawers slightly repaired a few times, he put the slider on the left screw off the screw again. He pointed out that if only the roller clean, when I opened the drawer, I might save a lot of energy. Finally, after the waved gently, with a few square check, odd jobs and mend roller Adam is better than I used to a lot of activities freely.

he do this job for so many times, very experienced. Adam recently moved to the bay area, want to be an architect. He originally from West Virginia, no strangeness to tool family. Last month, he has been through an online recruitment application, running errands rabbit (TaskRabbit), pick up some manual work to do. This is how I find him. He said: “I’m over the past 20 years are free for some friends do this job.”

every day to do several such live, Adam estimates that he will have close to $3000 in revenue this month, the money in his work, looking for a full-time architects when odd jobs, he has been offered a life to ensure money.

run errands rabbit was founded in 2008, is one of the pioneers of P2P, like Uber, Lyft, an entrepreneurial company the same basic idea. (please let us don’t call it a “share of the economy” : share does not involve money.) It convey qualified technical idealized dreams, in a world without conflict, workers and the owner under the condition of ideal operation: when you need to find a job; When do you want a worker, can find a; All of these can have a reasonable price. When investors invested more than $3700 to make it run, run errands rabbit could reach a success. In 2011, the United States of wired magazine called errands rabbit “revolution”; Bloomberg businessweek last year that “we are all running errands rabbit in the future.”

but the dream in reality, the outcome become more difficult, this past summer, before Adam began to do his craft odd jobs, running errands rabbit run go from bad to worse, this is known as a turning point in silicon valley – emerging company explained that the shift its business model – and this will happen often, because money. In practice, it means that a series of serious changes occur on the system mechanism, for many odd jobs I mentioned people, greatly destroyed their liberty.

overnight, the platform from a public bidding market, find a job in a version of eBay, transferred to the more like a temporary organization. Previously, if you need a man to install the door, you describe the job, “rabbit” (for workers a flattery, not quite sure this name, now the company has abandoned, turned into a “mission”) may be bidding contracting the work. You can pick what you want workers, and they door-to-door service. Most of the people said, it is very effective.

however, potential employers now enter a four hour time window, work from the four main categories to make a choice, and then enter a description. They then choose from a list of the mission, the workers’ cost per hour for his offer, or run errands algorithm to choose a rabbit.

the trouble is, this does not mean doing odd jobs to the special job, it only means that the running errands rabbit think doing odd jobs to the scope of work, is provided. In the past, this is not a problem: run errands rabbit choose job description to the reaction. Now, they just get notification that they are needed. In fact, they are on standby.

odd jobs Adam don’t mind, because he is looking for a job almost every day. However, many people like to run errands rabbit, because it makes them when they want to work, you can just find a job. Now they found themselves have to decline them not to work.

m sur, oprah winfrey, a Washington, d.c., area of errands rabbit said: “we don’t have that kind of flexibility, I can still make money, but, this is a very, very different experience, if they start in this way, I could not choose runs using rabbit the work.

searle has disability, mainly by his leg and eyes, running errands rabbit soon became his main source of income. However, these changes have made him trying to find a very difficult job, don’t or, at least sure he can in an appropriate wages to do this work. He said: “I have put my wages set very high, so I won’t be cheat,” but now he had to work for each set a single price, which means he will miss the auction that it was easy for him to deal with work.

he is not the only one angry people, for many people, doing their own boss feeling has gone. In running errands rabbit Facebook group, has written such a comment, “anyone leave them for running errands rabbit work is an indentured servant, I will use ‘anyone who continue to do a chore,’ but that’s not you; You are a running errands rabbit workers. You not to let his own business, you are get errands rabbit career growth.”

in this group, about this change, to find a positive experience, it is almost impossible not to mention a compliment. Among the workers, there is a general feeling is: friendship and support each other, and run errands for the words of the rabbit itself vitriolic. Working people sympathize with the evil of the schedule, the new alternative uniforms, and running errands rabbit drawn from every job of 20% of the cost, (the cost used is 15%). Some conversations focused on, and running errands rabbit competition, like Postmates and Thumbtack, two web experience.

the people who use this system to the other side – employers, usually is the same. Whitney morris has issued 50 job postings, most are promotional work, she said, is one of the biggest advantages of old system, before you can post very specific suitable job – an intermediary – and bidding system is likely to find a matching workers. And these new changes made her almost crazy, she found it difficult to find the right professionals to complete some tasks, such as a suitable person to direct her to stop, check the proof of identity, tidy up the room, or management information desk.

she said: “I used to use running errands rabbit because they allow me to finish the other things. That I can accomplish for reputable company find they want to a porter and cleaners.” She showed me several letters she received the email, at that time, a computer matching search engine can’t find the right person. Before this change, she said: “this actually has no real happened.

so why running errands rabbit so problems? I once and the national bureau of economic research Andrey Fradkin Andre vlad gold talked, he studied how digital change Labour market. He pointed out that, in theory, as an online dating site P2P economic functions: “on both sides of supply in the market is limited, and each choice is different from the next one.” But he thought: running errands in rabbit bet on another direction, it can build a great platform, so subtle differences become irrelevant.

he said: “if that makes sense, it is helpful to the platform, however, have done many things from the other side took the choice: do odd jobs cannot pick up their favorite job, I think: it is doing a gamble, that is, there are a lot of people want to earn some extra cash, and they don’t care about how they make the outer block.”

part of the problem, it seems, running errands rabbit can’t exactly know what it wants to occupy the market. In the lease in the economy, other players have already set your line of sight in one or two career: reality and VRBO undertook the host (service) industry, Uber, Lyft, sidecars and Flywheel occupied the taxi industry. However, running errands rabbit has had to run – and gain credibility – in many blue-collar services: porters, artisans, electrical (electrical engineer), cleaner, plumber (hydraulic), tour guide, garden workers, temporary workers, and so on.

even if not to mention that the difficulty of the expansion of business scope, keep the user use frequency and the viscosity is a bigger problem. Running errands rabbit in your book first job, act as the role of the middleman, let people for the second time to use the platform is suffering. After all, if you are looking for a cleaner to clean the room, or a craftsman, and found a of the person you like, why the next time you need help, even by running errands rabbit? Just to make a phone call he came back, and cut the middleman commission. Of course, this is in violation of the rules, run errands rabbit let you so harder to achieve, once the job finished, it will close your and any chat channels to do odd jobs. Obviously, this approach is not to provide users with better experience, but to force people to continue to use the running errands for the rabbit “artificial intervention”.

other P2P companies don’t have to worry about these things, Uber users need to make a car, don’t need a driver. An user, rarely return to the same city, and stay in the same place – so many times, they are in every new search need to know about the market for a second.

imagine if running errands rabbit is an app. Before, you may say “love of the 18th century historical novel, slant township quiet countryside skiing, and created by the composer and pianist Scott joplin any work.” Now you have to say “love books, sports and music.” And when the application eventually become lucky, and match you and a good man into words, it may impose any people who want to date a 20% tax.

one day, when I was writing this story, I received a letter from running errands, vice President of marketing for rabbit Jamie Viggiano email. She wrote in an E-mail: “we have seen you recently posted on Craigslist to do the odd jobs to people about their use of the evaluation of our service.”

it is very strange, because I didn’t post anything on Craigslist, (although I have been running errands on the BBS of rabbit published). “Please understand that all journalists to all these problems will be after running errands rabbit company, this is our policy. May we will be glad to coordinate interview.”

I have contact with the applicant, of Stanford university PhD, he is studying P2P economy focused on errands rabbit. She would like to talk about – until it to contact the company, after contact, she didn’t want to. Viggiano told me she would instead of dealing with this interview.”

later, a spokesman said, this kind of method of cataloging system has provided “exceptions” result in London (one of the new system is tested), and “since the update, doing odd jobs will accept to as many as four times as many job opportunities.” Four times the opportunity, however, he did not say whether the four times.


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