Overseas online shopping electronics water is too deep? To Hong Kong all the shops to buy buy buy!

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise, for electronic enthusiasts as well. But in this gray fakes s how to find ideal cost-effective quality goods again? Hunting cloud network editor carefully picked out the ten a shop for you, if you want to buy mobile phones, computers, cameras and video games, then go to the shop for it!

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise, a metaphor that truly reflects the electronics enthusiasts. However, in this store of cement in the forest, you where to go looking for the best prices and reliable sellers?

in order to find the Hong Kong to buy mobile phones, computers, cameras, video games and a good place for these electronic products, we consulted the opinions of the locals and collecting the information from the Reddit, sorting out the most recommended to buy land, guarantee allows you to buy a ball! But before you start, in order to make your trip to buy more smoothly, may wish to consider the following information.

, contrary to popular belief, not all things are cheaper in Hong Kong. Compared with mainland China, admittedly, a lower tax rate to make most of the electronic products have a 20% to 20% cheaper. Compared to other prices in other countries, however, is not necessarily true. We strongly recommend that you log into Price.com.hk check the specific price. The site is in Chinese, and is quite simple and easy to use. Almost all electronic products sold in Hong Kong can be found here, in addition, you can also will spend how many money to you have a plan in advance.

specific stores are also listed, but we can’t promise, you to store prices or query the price of before you. Therefore, we suggest you contact either by phone or WhatsApp, in advance can ensure that at the right price to buy the right items.

there is a rule you must remember, don’t buy extended warranties for, because most of the warranty service is only sold in Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Please keep this in mind if you are not a native.

to foreign buyers, you need to check whether the purchase of electronic products have regional restrictions. You buy games and DVD is PAL format or NTSC format? You buy a smartphone can smoothly connected to the local network in your country? These are the problems you have.

avoid monolith, Tsim Sha Tsui shops! Except very few exceptions, most of the shops here are clip joint.

in the end, unless you are planning to go to the big chain store purchase, or take some cash with more reliable. Many shops are don’t accept credit CARDS, even if accepted, will also need you to pay the extra fee.

well, preparation has been done well, the following is the best buy to Hong Kong electronics:

smart phones

first of square

you can find here most types of smart phones and other gadgets. The shops here are very reliable, are selling are authentic, but you cannot treat STH lightly! You can also bargain if too expensive. The first square is the place where our most recommended to buy mobile phones. In addition to buy mobile phones, if your phone needs to be repaired or unlock, you can come here.

address: 83 argyle street, mong kok, Kowloon ()


electrical appliances chain, Broadway is a Hong Kong branch is numerous, spread all over Hong Kong. It sells all kinds of electrical appliances but is known for his cell phone. If you are not very trust of square first, here is a good choice. Our price may not be very low, but in this case, you need not worry completely will buy fake goods or second-hand goods. Broadway, accept credit card and provide legal receipt and warranty service. It is worth mentioning that gift will definitely make you to be here! Something like an SD card and mobile phone film you don’t need to buy another.

address: click to see all the store address

okanagan valley electronics

this is the largest competitors in Broadway, and they both usually is not far from too. Okanagan valley appliances is another local electronics store. Here, you can choose the types of mobile phone is very rich, while the locals say, the price is not cheap and they don’t give you a gift. Even so, authentic, legal guarantee and return policy, it is enough. Okanagan valley appliances also has its own website, you can choose on the Internet in advance.

address: click to view all locations


wan chai computer city

computer city road, wanchai, Hong Kong is likely to be one of the most famous computer market, the recent high. It also means that the price will be higher, but the stores are very reliable.

address: 130 hennessy road, wanchai, ()

gold computer store

the many shops in here, you can find almost everything you want to buy things, video games, cell phones, computer hardware, in particular, more. If you don’t want to be slaughtered, I’ll remember to bargain! In addition, it’s often gathered in Hong Kong gold on a group of skilled technical problem was discussed.

address: sham shui Po fu hua street, number 146-152 ()

298 computer dc

if you want to go to a more local place, you can go to around 298 computers, dc. Compared with other store here, the products sold are computers, parts and peripherals. Be worth what carry is, wan chai computer center and 298 computer, dc, are on the same street, so you can once around these two places, save trouble and effort!

address: 298 hennessy road, wanchai district ()


yongcheng photographic equipment

yongcheng photographic equipment is the most recommended camera shop in Hong Kong, it critically acclaimed, from SLR to fool camera, all everything. Can click to view their goods. Compared with the same sales of large chain stores, here you will have more choices, but the price may be a little higher than some of the local stores. But compared with the okanagan valley appliances or Broadway, the lower price, but also more professional clerk.

address: no. 55-69 watercress tung street, mong kok ()


for professional photographers, DCFever is definitely a good choice. DCFever mainly sells most major brands of SLR cameras, lenses and accessories. You can click to view all items.

Street, mongkok,

address: 47-51 star city 3 floor shops, 326-329

tienhsiang photographic equipment company

although it stores a lot, even, but intertek photographic equipment company is acclaimed in the professional photographers. In addition to the mainstream of photographic equipment, here also sells many different brands, and have a leica sales channels. Intertek has it’s own.

address: pearl line no. 60 Stanley street, central, shop no. 2 ()

photography science

although a slightly higher price than competitor, science of photography in the professional photographers with thoughtful service, high quality products and professional knowledge of the clerk won a good reputation.

address: 6 G Stanley street, central layer ()

video game



if you want to buy electronic games in Hong Kong, so as long as you go to the east 188 is enough! Here is the paradise for gaming fans! nullnullnullnullnull

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