Overhead and CEO of hangzhou station activities 】 【 fee bank talk business

readers, entrepreneurial friends:

is very popular in the capital city of hunting cloud network “entrepreneurial public class” copy to hangzhou, hangzhou entrepreneurs no longer having to listen to the teacher to go to Beijing! 15 issue of public class we invite little CEO fee to shore, and to maintain a chat startup dry! Hunting cloud network hangzhou substation also announced formally established, all matters concerning the contact please email lieyunwang@gmail.com

a guest is introduced:

shore, maintain a little CEO, and students with excellent grades in Grosvenor LTD, graduated from Beijing university in 2004; Tencent is the first generation product manager; Sogou input method, project leader, or angel investors at the same time. Maintain a little online in early June this year, in late June received $4 million in financing. Recently, maintain a little announced a $30 million B round, GGV capital led, and other institutions.

work in big company or business, for shore are quite experienced, on December 27, let’s listen to students with excellent grades dry goods.

after hunting cloud network reported many times, interested readers to imagine.

host: hunting cloud network jointly organized: the cloud coffee co-host: solo club penguin

this guests: overhead and CEO of fee shore

this topic: in the entrepreneurial mind, since all the way of dry result

time: December 27 (week 6)
location: hangzhou temmoku mountain road no. 335 lexus store right 300 m lucky 5 floor, block A, f cloud business coffee


friendship activities row bum interconnected push youku IT ear wire drawing Internet salon will go club penguin miller,
Micro chain green gen iterative incubator

platform support: the house is business development research center

limit: 100 (completely free)

169251298 attendees communication group of QQ (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)

activity agenda:

13:30-14 point sign in

14 points – 15 speaker

15-16 point audience questions, answer guest

16-17 PM free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system.

the preferred application methods: send the registration information to hunt cloud network mailbox lieyunwang@gmail.com

or in the form below to fill in registration information, thank you, lovely ( note: don’t print the ticket, receive registration message on OK )

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