Overcome the entrepreneurial predators: self

let’s go to face it bravely. About the change, business, our biggest obstacle is that staring at the mirror of yourself. And give us the wrong information and block, we change the main cause is our own.

the word “self” in Steven Pressfield of hold article and Seth Godin’s lizard brain the article appeared. Your ego is a manufacturer of narrative fallacy “factory”, it in order to prevent you from changing, will first do is stop you to face the reality.

Steven Pressfield

insight into the real world

Saul Alinsky, is a famous founder of the modern social movement organizations, and deeply influenced the like barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Clinton and other prominent politicians. Saul Alinsky think all problems can be hidden candle micro hole. His core principle is this: “we must first see is the real world, rather than our imagination.”

Saul Alinsky core idea is one of the biggest limit to minimise the ego. In this way, can let people to struggle in the only competition environment. The competitive environment is, the reality.

your self in your inner monologue in the world have some annoying problem, for example, if you want the world to become like that in your imagination. There exist in reality self don’t want you to deal with some answers. “Why I don’t go near that girl?” Because your heart does not want you to be rejected. “Why haven’t I contact work together colleagues by email, invite their business together?” Because your ego is afraid they really will comply with your request and possible failure in the future.

of course, there are some other problem of objectivity and subjectivity can also affect people’s choices, but your ego plays a vital role. It avoids the you the first step on the pain, and for you to find a good excuse.

self-consciousness “work” : defend us from change


Alinsky Rules for Radicals one writes, “self-centeredness is mainly shown when feel overwhelmed a defensive reaction.” This is a very important reading: most of the obstacles, we have to say is just our self in order to prevent us from changes in the subconscious made, so that we won’t feel ability is insufficient, anxiety, and even all bewildered.

if we are a bit “hard” to oneself, honesty, to accept himself or herself, we can easily let yourself get rid of the psychological burden.

but easier said than done, not to do it. This needs to be practiced for a long time, because your ego is part of your subconscious mind. Of course, your subconscious mind will never take you seriously. Last Psychiatrist said, “it has a single goal, that is to protect themselves, to protect the status quo. You don’t need to change, because you are not dying.”

this is why the paper or the last page of the script is always so difficult to complete. Though this is why you have new business card printing, but you lack access to your first promising method. This is why when you leave a city, do you think of those problems will be followed in the footsteps of your lies.

this is why Alec Baldwin (Alec? Baldwin, American actor) can’t stop the paparazzi. This is why Kanye West (Kanye West? West – American rapper, record producer, writer and singer), self-centeredness for him is like poppy, let him not. All of us are afraid of change. Although against the self is a way, every step we need to strongly on that. I see is the so-called: road, I will search up and down.

“save” self : create

Carl Jung, who was a psychologist, he developed the theory of analytical psychology. In his view, the object of our life is through personalization from the personality of the Self (Ego) to psychological Self (Self). This is a very worthy of our concept of thinking. (in general, the Ego is Freud’s term “special”, while the Self as used by most psychologists, psychoanalyst. Ego belongs to a part of the personality structure, the Self is a kind of to psychological function of the Ego expansion, the expansion of the “Self”. , Superego, Ego and Id. (I) (I) the relative, but Self includes Id, Ego and Superego.)


as Steven Pressfield The War of Art (” The Art of War “), wrote “Self want to innovate, to evolve. While the Ego like stand still. If you are not satisfied with your habits, your self-image, or all aspects of life, your Ego is probably the main culprit of these problems.” In the film No Country For Old Men (in “No Country For Old Men”), Anton Chigurh is a killer. He kills men by the hundreds, but also of blood in defiance of the law of the world but stick to their principles, “good” silent. There is such a scene, Anton Chigurh q will be kill Carson Wells, “if you follow the rules put you at this point, it have what use?”

in the same way, the unconscious self consciousness is your default operating system, it brings you good now? When we were kids, our sense of self will help us to create a mechanism could cope with unfamiliar world. When we are adults, mostly mechanism no longer useful, sometimes often backfire.

finally the idea of

when you begin to feel uneasy, or your body begins to feel not well, this is your sense of self in to you. It says to you, have a rest, quickly let go of your mobile phone, cancel alarm snooze button, or to enjoy a cup of tea leisurely afternoon. And be aware of your self, might as well take a deep breath, relax your nerves. More, pay attention to your inner monologue.

Tim Ferriss in his works 4 – Hour Workweek (work 4 hours a week) once wrote, in the worst case, is to dare not to try or to change yourself.

once you can write on the paper you most worry about a thing, you will see it and have nothing to be afraid of.

then you can be free to play. Or you can simply follow your heart, or you can try to do something and you usually opposite.


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