Out of the box: Ki microphone wireless karaoke microphone can also be small and simple

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catch users like karaoke and stopping with heavy and complicated pain points, Beijing kun plume technology has launched a series of wireless karaoke equipment. Wants to be a car in the studio and KTV room friends, can have a try, to build a mobile KTV rooms.

cloud network of hunting the Ki small box set, simple box by present who rob bright blue! Express little elder brother handed me a small package, one hand and elegant turn, left me alone in the wind, with express thinking recently bought what, seems not so small. Open packing is thick air beads bag, peel thick packaging, turns out to be KI small box set.

instant elder brother possessed by Edison, picked up a camera a picture, open the box, internal to a close-up, standard hd no. Microphone and Ki Ki small box:

see the combination of all parts, small and medium-sized too much than ideal is very plentiful, reality is bone probably is this meaning, however, the more compact, the better, convenient to carry, not of a hold feeling, comfortable.

Ki microphone, “small box” power adapter, power cord, audio line:

and the design is very concise and delicate workmanship, material selection and processing are very attentively. White, delicate, too much will only destroy it by the expression of creating concise style.

method of use: 1. Connect the power supply and speakers. 2. Start small box and a microphone, are a key to start, convenient and simple. 3. The mobile phone, tablets, or open the bluetooth, TV connected to Ki. 4. Use the karaoke software, mainstream K song software support yo.

Ki small box is the world’s smallest wireless karaoke equipment, which USES a variety of wireless transmission technology, using the power of science and technology, the wireless microphone, receiver, wireless receiver, effect and the mixer.

specific parameters are as follows:

cloud network to hunting is MU 008 s, everyone is concerned about its range, it imports with built-in lithium battery, the capacity is 2200 mah, the official of the battery life for 18 hours. Simple box here, real time and karaoke effect how, then hunting cloud network bring to you a thorough review, attention please.

Ki microphone

company: Beijing kun plume technology co., LTD.


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