Orange family won a $5 million investment, technology layout health community

cloud network hunting on November 14 (word/WeiQing)

with the Internet of things, the vigorous development of the intelligent household, medical help from mobile Internet technology, boost a healthy life. Medical wearable equipment dealer “orange” family “, hong CDH capital recently announced A $5 million round of investment. This round of funding will be used to strengthen the technical accumulation, the layout O2O community health at the same time. To provide users with one-stop health solutions and more comfortable experience.

orange means the family is a dedicated remote health management in the field of professional service providers, orange family founder zhang, health management experts. A team led by her famous teda cardiovascular hospital exclusive offers three years of health management service, it also let her know the meaning of data acquisition. With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, zhang founded the orange family. After nearly five years of accumulation of precipitation, has formed a relatively perfect medical level of health management and service system: “mobile apparel products, household products, community self-help health products, intelligent health data analysis platform, such as remote health management guidance services”.

sleep apnea, also called snoring, the snoring, sleep apnea syndrome, is a kind of common phenomenon of sleep, night apnea time easily happened sudden death in the morning more than 120 seconds. According to statistics, a third of the hypertension, 1/5 of the heart disease is associated with sleep apnea. Prevention and treatment of sleep apnea “imminent” not only, also there is a huge market demand.

in July on the dynamic oximetry 2.0 “orange”. Focus on sleep monitoring, mainly aimed at to screen at the beginning of sleep apnea syndrome. Used this product positioning in the old man, 24 hours to record the user’s blood oxygen saturation data, real-time health data uploaded to the cloud, the elderly and the children can see download report at any time, and can be instantly know background experts timed push health advice.

it is worth mentioning, “orange” dynamic oximetry 2.0 in does not affect the data accuracy of break through the traditional oximetry measurement has a relatively fixed detection area, using reflection technology, users need to clamp fingers but wearing a wrist watch can directly, at the same time increase the step function.

cloud network hunting noted in the center of the orange meaning family website products, and the dynamic blood pressure meter, dynamic electrocardiograph and intelligent terminal experience. Apple Healthfit, Google now Fit thereafter, millet in nine medical and introduce intelligent iHealth blood pressure monitor. Including domestic tencent’s $70 million investment in the near future also clove garden, health concept is heating up again. How in the field of the hot medical wearable equipment top?

recently, orange meaning family in perfecting the upstream and downstream industry chain at the same time, with the well-known domestic wearable r&d institutions to set up a joint soil science “orange mann, science and technology (tianjin) co., LTD.”, as a wearable series health products research and development, and domestic well-known medical equipment operators cover letter medical joint venture “orange letter cloud medical technology (tianjin) co., LTD.”, as according to the analysis of the health care services, as well as the integration of 3 armour hospital resources, set up and laid offline community hospital early screening center. At present the center has started to run, the domestic first wearable remote medical model which fall to the ground.

in addition, orange family members and creating healthy communities of vantone, has a perfect medical system resources cover letter should be Carrie’s health, professional pension institutions and is committed to high-end contacts aggregation platform to build the whole social K friends send signed a strategic cooperation agreement across borders, as a professional in the field of remote health management service provider, orange family layout health community in advance.

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