Optimal driving: to help reduce fuel consumption, improve the driving habits


for car no fuel consumption, always feel less something. High fuel consumption is likely to be in a period, also could be a question of driving habits. According to these two questions, hunting cloud network to obtain the optimal driving, the following introduce for everybody.

best driving full name best driven by intelligent sensors, guangzhou tong yi technology co., LTD is released a car smart accessories, mainly include intelligent instrument, detection, shape up, according to the intelligent voice and driving behavior identification and optimization, and other functions. Founding team is a blend of automobile specialty, the traffic and the IT professional experts. Cai Wenxue is, general manager of dalian university of technology engineering, Ph.D., professor of south China university of technology, transportation industry experts. Deputy general manager Xie Chaolin and LingHuTieMin is a master of south China university of science and technology and my major is car, there are fifteen years software development experience, multiple patent inventor. R&d director liu a graduated from China university of geosciences GIS professional, focused on the map, traffic software more than ten years of development experience.

products now can be directly buy in taobao optimal driving official proprietary stores, look from Tmall taobao sales, good OBD smart box is sales. Small make up of the mat is HUD suit mobile phone version of the 198 yuan package price is reasonable, after all, if can to improve driving habits, reduce fuel consumption, the province is not a packet. Packaging is very attentively, open the box, the above is the size of a small MP3 optimal driven by intelligent sensors, with each product coding, on the back of each sensor identification number is a qr code, gently sweep, could do matching, and the mobile phone is very convenient. Below is the instruction manual, HUD suit and cell phone mat.

installation, is relatively simple, after 8 years factory car can support. OBD interface, the key is to find models with go to use, installation way and the process is omitted here. After installed the product, need to download the optimal driving mobile client and optimal driving mobile client support android and apple dual system. Can be downloaded in the website, also can search the optimal driving directly to complete the download. Sweep out or download the qr code on the optimal driving box App. Launch vehicle, the App will automatically open the bluetooth, do not need to manually. Start for the first time, the need to manually click on the button “connections”. After use, as long as it is on the premise of open bluetooth connection, launch vehicles, sensors will automatically complete the connection.

optimal driving APP provides more than thirty item data and chart components for your choice, display position, color can be customized. Including instantaneous fuel consumption, the current time, driving time, battery voltage and driving cost, speed, driving mileage, the driving speed, the average fuel consumption, fuel consumption, water temperature and other information. Also can display the travel cost, each system will automatically adjust prices synchronous oil prices. Optimal driving the APP also includes electronic eye tip, when driving a traffic light ahead or the speed limit when filming will automatically tip, voice and image and display the distance. Wave patterns provide shift cars on hand, will automatically display the current gear, and through the screen and voice remind to change gear.

optimal driving the rise of display system of data items can be customized by the owners, the owner can according to the size of the phone’s screen, set the display data from 1 to 9, you can choose the most concerned about the information of driving. By the way, if you choose color way of automatic switch, optimal driving will, according to the current light switch colors, light is green, when good turns white when the light is bad, let owner can see more clearly.

when don’t need to look up display, can click on the upper right corner of the button, exit the HUD mode, close the screen. Into pure voice remind mode, saves the electricity. Optimal driving will use voice broadcast to you regularly schedule length, travel time, speed, fuel consumption and other important information. Can also be sent optimal driving “please quote us your trip” voice commands, such as optimal driving will reply immediately.

by auto fault code system, the optimal driving power supply system, air intake system, idle speed control system, cooling system, discharge system, discover the car of sub-health and fault. This is powerful, timely find problems and solve the problem, nip in the bud, still can save a large amount of the cost of maintenance. And optimal driving APP built a key communication function, can be online at any time and place to the expert advisory services. Car maintenance expert, can according to the vehicle data with exclusive consulting services.

full records due to the optimal driving range trajectory, speed, fuel consumption, time, mileage, fees and other data. Can press time, mileage data analysis of the schedule of driving, driving more economy. Statistics data, the schedule of vehicle performance statistics of zero fuel consumption, pure electric drive and other data. Then a monthly total mileage statistics, the overall fuel consumption, the total cost, average fuel consumption data, and to chart shows, car condition be clear at a glance. Will also record in the process of driving, braking, idle, shift operation, such as analysis of good and bad driving behavior. According to the bad driving behavior, provide advice on the drive. Identify leaps, S change lanes, one-way continuous change lanes and other bad lane change behavior, and identity on the map, improve the driving behavior.

finally, can also according to the time schedule, through the security, economic, smooth, environmental protection four aspects to carry out comprehensive score, how extremely, be clear at a glance. According to the comprehensive performance, and fuel consumption list and rank list. Want to go to compete, if there is any.

in addition, small make up to learn, optimal driving ready to release the latest generation of optimal driving 3 hardware upgrade products, contains more intelligent power management chip, body posture, decoding chip as an upgrade, provide better services for car owners.

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