Optimal car eslite: accelerate the used-car financial, option and the goods cooperation

“we pay each sales staff the same wages, so they will only focus to help you find the most suitable for your car, rather than find more expensive cars.” This is best car eslite flyer on a word, is rarely seen, but it does roll core.

is transparent drive, rather than drive information asymmetry, so the profit model of course will be different. Can best car eslite analogy is used in the field of jingdong. To get the good options, do a good job in security, friendly sales team, car hire not difficult also. Transparent options, offline flagship demonstration shop and extend the backend used car after-sales service=China second-hand electrical contractor O2O mode feasible. So pure online platform for the used-car lame. This is best car CEO eslite jungle has been explain things to the media.

so best car eslite except to find 10% of high quality used car options available on the market, and through the transparent services sold to consumers. The introduction of financial, accelerate the user of a process, through the financial leverage and alleviate the pressure of the user to buy a car is something natural. The cooperation with the united goods is also to their used car financial future and crossing the halo. Because the union is not a financial institution partner of the optimal vehicle cheng products. At present in the financial sector, ping an bank, appropriate letter HP, bank of Beijing, by yue investment is its financial partner, installment loan to buy a used car, you can have a variety of options.

after the goods have announced and other Internet companies. 58 city, July and September to search easy credit, December is point network, recently is optimal car eslite. The goods belong to the sun hung kai co., LTD., a subsidiary of, now Hong Kong’s largest independent consumer financial companies, is also the largest foreign microfinance company, has opened a branch in the domestic 15 provinces and cities, the total number of branches of China and Hong Kong more than 160. So generally speaking, the best car eslite and jointly make the goods, belongs to a win-win situation.

there is a characteristic is worth said: in addition to the wealth and optimal car eslite cooperation 2 c the stages of financial services, in 2 b side, the wealth and optimal car eslite cooperation in upstream supply chain finance, for the best car eslite integrate upstream suppliers, downstream of strengthening cooperation provides financial support.

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