Opponents, Beats headphones may not appear in the NFL event television images

tencent technology (remember that television advertising professional American football game? At the San Francisco gold team quarterback Colin Carolina Nick (Colin Kaepernick) appeared on the pitch by crazy fans crazy scene throwing things?

north Carolina Nick wears a pair of Beats from noise cancellation headphones, blocking the voice of the outside spewing abuse, as the big banner displayed on the screen “to hear you want to hear”, fully show the appearance of a stride.

professional athlete can, of course, free to listen to music, but when the card’s Nick and the rest of the professional football league players appear on the TV screen, they must be picked Beats headphones.

Beats competitors Bose has with the United States signed a sponsorship agreement professional football league, according to the provisions of this agreement, it will rival brands and products, including Beats, can appear on the field.

NFL has confirmed that, according to the provisions of the agreement, Bose got a very wide range of power, has the right to ban players or coaches in a television interview wearing the products from other manufacturers.

the ban jurisdiction even spread to television interview training or training stage before the start of the season, and in the course of the season, the players and the coach after the game in the lobby of a television interview also included in. Another 90 minutes after the end of the game, the restrictions will be lifted.

NFL explains. Union spokesman said in a statement: “the United States have always had this aspect of the professional football league rules, unless approved by the league’s authorization, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to any brand marketing behavior in the field or related interview. This is all union policy, rather than the league sponsor policy. We implement the policy has nothing to do with Bose company, and the same is true in other brands.”

Beats issued a statement, said its headphones has become a lot of professional athletes, such as north Carolina Nick part of the pre-match preparation activities.

Beats spokesman said: “in the past few years, many athletes have been deeply love the Beats headphones. Music for all the focus and do psychological preparation has a positive effect. It just like some other products, will affect the athlete’s scene play.”

Bose is not the only one want to interfere with the marketing activities of Beats headphones manufacturers. The television game show will attract tens of millions of audiences, including many without time watching live audience record will show later.

during the World Cup football match SONY also adopted the same strategies, successfully to other brands out of court. FIFA issued notice to 32 national teams, banning players and coaches wear Beats headphones appear in the press conference and in the competition.

positive marketing tactics for the simple reason: according to market research firm NPD Group, according to apple earlier this year at $3 billion acquisition of high-end headphones Beats company in the United States occupied 61% market share. Bose only 22% market share, SONY’s share less, only 2%.

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