Open new markets in greater China mobile application, Hong Kong become a golden key

although Hong Kong is a tiny, only 650 square miles of land area, it is all the citizens of more than 700 how to reside. And the mobile application market in Hong Kong, the mainland also has a pivotal role, but also many developers to expand into Asia.

Hong Kong and Taiwan mobile application market harmonization between

space distance is only 500 miles, Hong Kong and Taiwan together as brothers. In terms of mobile application market, both retain the use of traditional Chinese, communication between each other using a common language to become an important factor of market integration.

Hong Kong mobile application market in the greater China region has a huge commercial value, the influence of transcendence in its home range, and Taiwan region of the Google Play income ranked the top five. In view of the relevance of their application market, Hong Kong and Taiwan has become an important entry point into the mobile application market in Asia.

below is Hong Kong and Taiwan in October, Google Play best-selling product category contrast images, can be seen in the figure, the application of both the top five are exactly the same. According to previous reports, due to the application of Taiwan and Japan market high similarity, there is also a mobile application can effectively test in Taiwan in the Japanese market potential. By the same token, the market in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong mobile application market in the mainland developers boom

since Google Play is not available on the mainland, the mainland’s Android application developers and are keen to promote native mobile applications in other areas, thus are becoming the first choice of the greater China region developers in Hong Kong, and is developing rapidly. Recently, of course, Google Play formally began receiving the application of Chinese mainland developers submitted, the above phenomenon will soon be.

the figure below shows in mid-august on the strategy game “knife tower legend”, developed by LemonGameTW company, Hong Kong and Taiwan in October, Google Play the bestsellers in the days leading the way. On the list, this October, most of the time in Taiwan and Hong Kong, 26, has maintained the first place. And LemonGameTW is a headquartered in Beijing, the main application developers operating in Taiwan and Hong Kong market.

the figure below shows the end of February on the game are the three wars, developed by Kimi company, Hong Kong and Taiwan in October, Google Play always occupy the top 20 in the bestsellers. Kimi co., LTD. Is a China mainland application developers of Koram Games subsidiary in Taiwan.

the figure below shows in January last year on game “tower of ghost”, by the Hong Kong companies to Mad Head development, in Hong Kong and Taiwan markets did his job splendidly. In October, Google Play both the bestsellers, this is the second highest ranking, in the first week of November surged to rank the first in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong tour market is given priority to with RPG strategy game, hand

role-playing and strategy game is South Korea in October, Google Play list the top two, seen from below to discover, this other games in the top two categories of 100 applications occupy 51.6% of the share. In the top five and leisure, sports, and action games.

in Japan in October, Google Play free application list, application of the most popular social class, use frequency is 10.5%. Through the comparison of Hong Kong below Google Play free application list and the bestsellers, can find the following trends.

for sports games, ranked fourth in the list of popular, and in the free app rank on the list, in the 20th. Obviously, the total number of users sports games is not much, but the average customer revenue (ARPU) is higher than the average. Mobile game of football Google Play is also very popular in Hong Kong, which PES Manager and BFB “football” in the top five.

on the other hand, for the online application, ranked first in the free list, and ranked 14th in the bestseller lists. Can be concluded that although there are a large number of online users, but the average customer income is far lower than the average.

Google Play free application list and below is Hong Kong best-selling contrast figure, a list of free list 13.3% of RPG games use frequency is still ranked first. And tools used in the seventh in the free list, ranked 17th in the bestsellers, herald a new utility class application, but the average customer income is lower.

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