Only you unexpected, no VIDA printing under your clothes

if you want to lead the fashion? Have you ever fantasized oneself become fashionable king? So you need to understand this is causing the huge whirlpool of fashionable bound “digital printing fabric” of the revolution. VIDA, an emerging e-commerce company, it will take you a taste of the infinite charm.

a e-commerce company, named VIDA in Google ventures, universal music group, and other enterprises, under the support of last week launched their website, this website can be consumers and craftsman and designer clothing and accessories from around the world together. The company also disclosed The seeds of its $1.3 million round of investment, including “The Valley of The Fund, Nanon, Don Mattrick ‘s Beehive Holdings, Dave Morin’ s missile Ventures and Jesse Draper.

as for VIDA, its idea is to use the technology for designers, artists from all over the world and other creative personnel to provide a means of survival – they can pass their work to earn interest. Like this kind of situation, VIDA technology is, in fact, the key factors that make it possible to have the whole operation, from the high resolution camera on the mobile device to the new printing technology are called “direct digital fabric printing.

Mendhro said: “the traditional fabric printing need several months of preparation time, also need the minimum order quantity for a long time. If use the digital printing fabric, we can quickly quickly on the fabric printing unique design on a large scale.” For example, a man named Maria Virginia designer, takes four days to complete a painting watercolor. VIDA get this artwork scanned into a digital format and can print on the fabric in 45 seconds, completely don’t need time to prepare or minimum order requirements. In other words, it makes the primitive art into a digital art, photography, calligraphy, or charcoal sketch, etc.

VIDA after the launch, it publishes more than 70 top products, contains two kinds of style of 100% natural silk. There are three styles of scarves, including micro modal scarves and cashmere blended scarf. Website selling prices ranging from $40 to $95, such a standard makes the product price can be accepted by the target population.

VIDA company co-founder Umaimah Mendhro said, before she helped develop and publish in the West and Microsoft technology products, but when she grew up, she has always wanted to be an artist.

Umaimah Mendhro explained, “I was born in a small town in Pakistan, where we are at home a lot of self-study, around because we have not the right school for us to learn. Slowly I learned how to rough, sewing, embroidery, wood cutting, printing, silk screen printing, paint, and even more skills.” “But I can’t let themselves to the pursuit of art as a profession, because I am afraid it cannot feed myself,” said Mendhro. “I am keenly aware that perhaps it was for the love of fashion and design, millions of people engaged in the production of textile and garment industry, that is why they could never get rid of the vicious cycle of poverty.”

Mendhro pointed out that she also had some experience in social enterprise. Before she was in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Rwanda has launched a through education and empowerment will focus on the operation of community together.

VIDA designers including painters, photographers from all over the world, graphic designer, sculptor, 3 d artists, architects, designers, textile and printing, also invites to Elle magazine “from Sweden’s top fashion designer Emma Lundgren” of the top 10 fashion, Vogue fashion network graduates, from Turkey Cigdem bolstered by members and top hat designer from Tokyo Honoyo Imai.

they attend the platform is free of charge, but they can get income share 10% of the sales of the products. VIDA, moreover, often with their sewing factory cooperation, textile, printing and cutting in the middle of the cost will be eliminated.

Mendhro added, “we for our production staff to ensure that the appropriate pay. And in this case, we will provide our factory workers a literacy program that enables them to learn to read, write, and do the basic operations, so that they can get for himself and his family a better life.”

head office is located in San Francisco is now a team of six full-time employees.


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