Only scanned the vein, you can draw money from the bank of England

according to Reuters, Britain’s barclays bank to launch the client group fingerprint scanning service, will be released in the next year to retail customers and roll out service of speech recognition, the use of biological recognition technology to deal with bank fraud.

the UK bank said, they have been cooperating with Japanese technology company, Hitachi, developed a biological recognizer, by scanning fingerprints or is to identify veins characteristic to access the account – rather than in the same manner as the general now, by means of a password or personal identification number (PIN=the personal identification number) login account.

vein recognition technology in Japan and some other countries in the bank is used for ATM ATM. The barclays bank, however, said the global use of this technology to ensure major account transactions, they are the first.

barclays bank think it is at the beginning of the biological technology gradually expand its practicability, it provides more security authentication system, foreign customers to reveal the password or the password is too simple or forget the PIN all make a fraud risk, and this system can effectively reduce the risk.

barclays chief executive Ashok Vaswani said: “the biological recognition technology will be popular in the future, we have no doubt that we are dedicated to the study of it.”

he said: “the barclays is continuous use of high-tech products to ensure customers property security, but crime is becoming more and more complicate. Science and technology. We can’t let those guys put our protective dug out a gouges where whole pieces were missing, we must constantly keep ahead.”

according to the national fraud prevention bureau estimated that 2012 British private companies because of fraud losses for 21 billion pounds ($34.5 billion), and financial companies also bear the loss of 5.4 billion pounds.

the Banks is under close scrutiny, because there is clear evidence that they are more and more frequently in recent years by hackers.

the Wall Street bank JP Morgan chase (JP Morgan) said last month that the company is working with the United States department of law enforcement, and to investigate the potential attacks. Before this, the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) said publicly, is investigating a series of attacks against bank of America.

the royal bank of Scotland and bank of England in the past two years suffered serious hacker attacks, they are trying to strengthen the defense, resist the coordinated attack from hackers, or other more conventional fraud.

barclays, said it will launch next year vein authentication technology for large corporate clients, they will be in 30000 group clients to select the appropriate object.

fingerprint scanners looks like a mini in the Star Wars empire soldiers wearing helmets, mounted on the customer’s desk and connect the computer. The fingerprint data is stored on a SIM card, barclays is not their record keeping. It is worth mentioning that the fingerprint scanning applies only to live.

barclays last year for private banking clients introduced a voice recognition of biotechnology, but Vaswani said the technology is developing more to retail customers, this kind of at least 2015 customers will have a huge demand, barclays also exploring the development direction of the other.

may include developing similar technology on mobile tablet, this will be the first to the most developed areas in Europe on the bank or ATM ATM on a trial basis.

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