Only $99 a month, Alfred can you find the “life housekeeper”

although the present the concept of “on-demand supply” still have plenty of room to improve, but this does not mean “on-demand supply” service function can let we totally get rid of the tedious housework. As a result, Alfred Club was born.

Alfred beyond the general “on-demand supply” application, and can provide diverse intelligence services. For example, a user can intelligently with a man (we call it a Alfred) to convey all kinds of information: in Instacart or Blue Apron on buying groceries, use Washio wash his clothes, and use Taskrabbit with some chores.

let’s take a look at it whether it is a what?

in the application for the first time you login, you will be assigned a Alfred. You can browse through his photo and general information and verify his background, in order to ensure that he is a reliable friend. When you registered, you can fill out a shopping list and select in a fixed time every week to let this Alfred to help you deliver what you need.

and then, the application will run in the background. Actually, unless you need to make changes in the your weekly shopping list, you no longer need to login again.

after that, your Alfred will give you wash clothes every week on a regular basis (tidy away your clothes into the wardrobe), give you add family needs (added into the paper towel box of tissues), for you to purchase food and daily necessities (in time for you to supply food lockers and cabinets), and keep the house clean and tidy. The idea isn’t just for people to save per week on average 30 hours spent on household chores, but also to handle the application of trouble to deal with all kinds of application, and applies a variety of functional one.

it is clear that behind this application contains a complex supply chain, but it has achieved the perfect combination of service providers and users. It solves is similar to cancel Homejoy appointments, and other problems in collaboration with service providers. So, since a Alfred can satisfy a specific population and provide from laundry to groceries and other one-stop service.

the company has opened in Boston, and will continue to develop in the surrounding area. The company in Boston testing phase, already has 5000 registered residents, conservative estimates that 90% of the total number of test group.

in order to further the expansion of the application team has been in the building and the landlord or builders, these people can be the application services into their rent in the content, in order to provide value-added services for the tenants. In B2C, Alfred is savings more registrations and its outward.

at the same time, the application of partners such as Washio and Instacart with various material rewards to encourage new users and customers to join.

every consumer in Alfred cost $25 a week, or $99 per month.

“traditional luxury goods and services should be applicable to the mainstream of society rather than an minorities” under the idea has created many successful business model.


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