Only 27 years old, he has become a vc, the “teacher”

last month, in San Francisco, when Ryan Hoover dancing with some friends in DNA lounge, suddenly came to him with a stranger asked him: “you are the Product Hunt Ryan?” A few weeks later, when he was in the gym, there is a recognized him.

Hoover said: “there are too many such things happened recently, far more than I expected. It makes me feel more confident and more sure I was doing my job.”

maybe Hoover is not a household name, familiar, but he is in the tech world is a rising star. His company Product Hunt is rapidly change new application and technology of Product was uncovered. Risk investment companies have begun to use the site to find their next item investment, science and technology journalist reports began to use the site for the application to find material, and entrepreneurs are beginning to use the site to obtain feedback on services and products. Establishment of the Pruduct Hunt is not even to the one year anniversary, it has been so successful.

Product Hunt last November, its mission is to help people find new mobile and web applications every day. They are the only guidelines: ensure that only show something new is not obvious. Announced on its website Hoover launched the Product Hunt after the blog: “I am always looking for some new attractive products, not just for the sake of so-called fun, more is to learn and understand. For products, the earlier you find and use the earlier, the more.”

some people think that the Product services like Reddit’s Hunt. On Reddit web site users can do recommend projects and thumb up. Which one day, whether the Product Hunt is the platform for most of the products at the top of the charts. Most of the comments also commit and Reddit, Ask Me Anything similar session, but only for founder and developers, not celebrities and politicians.

when Foursquare has released two months ago, remove the sign function of the main application is updated, its chief executive, Dennis Crowley responded to the Product on the Hunt from Oracle, Aviary, and ap and founder of the employee’s feedback. Online get $30 million for the first time, Clinkle is happier, and from the mysterious start-up company engineers have in the Product upload their own ideas on the Hunt.

in a lot of comments, you can see the figure of Hoover. Although he recommended product frequency from 1 to 2 drops every day to 3-5 per week, but he has been busy, including website, ask questions, provide positive feedback and guide the conversation. Product Hunt team growing, monthly unique visitors are hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of growth, but it completely is Hoover’s credit.

Nir Eyal, met Hoover in about two years ago, now is the early investors in the company. He said: “the Product Hunt is Ryan. This is a good example of a product can be regarded as a founder of witness. He is a community center, since I know him, he has been like this.”

is Hoover on Twitter every day, and a large group of pushing powder from his personal account to carry out the Product Hunt session. Hoover make founder and high-tech industry professionals to participate in the Product to Hunt the comments. Sometimes, he will even recommend some interesting product to reporters and investors. In the process, Hoover always think of myself as a high-tech, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, or at least for the next generation of new things to hype, even though the new things is called a yukio okamoto, application.

no matter good or bad, he is an influential person

on time to work, he gets up at 5:30 in the morning every day, with a bit of excitement and anxiety a quick look at his web site.

Hoover said, “you never know what you’re after the night will be posted on the Product on the Hunt.” It is not so free like Reddit, track and there will be staff recommendations and comments, but as long as a day don’t view tends to disconnect. Once he caught up with the progress of the site, he quickly ran a bath, then went to his “office” Philz in a coffee shop, where he will send a copy to finalize morning.

then the hunter set off again.

for investors, prey but in order to find the next big project. Josh Elman, Greylock partners in Hoover founded the Product before they met Hoover Hunt, have also invested in the Product Hunt. He said: “I have a few friends are angels, they are in the Product on a Hunt to see the founder would they want to try to contact. Sounds like Kickstarter almost a year ago.” But for Hoover, prey to some new things worth sharing.

in our first interview, Hoover excited to we introduced a new application called Ethan, this app has just come to the fore, is developed by a developer named Ethan. Hoover describes the app: send messages in the application to Ethan. This is a about the Product on the Hunt a perfect example of good or bad, very funny also very trivial. Looks like a shallow place here, but some interesting applications can get very good attention. After all, this is the website recommends yukio okamoto, the app, a few weeks ago the attention of the mainstream media. Now technology is a lot of people in the use of yukio okamoto, in the community, the app allows you to relax “yukio okamoto,” to your contacts.

Hoover acknowledged applications such as Ethan will recruit a lot of people hate, but that doesn’t stop him from talking about it on Twitter, or recommend it to Business Insider’s author. And the author from Business Insider is the first application of the news media reported.

Hoover said: “this is a good example to illustrate the application of new and different, although I wouldn’t have to use it after a week. Some people are just for fun, based on some that he needs and has developed an application, and even there are some people like to this application. In fact, I was the so-called “fool” resolutely safeguard the application. I think these things is very good, they will create more new ideas. Who knows what will become of these application?”

attitude toward Ethan application is his positive attitude to new things. Eyal said: “he is very fond of new things, even if is very bad. In all things, he is given the chance. I have never heard of him hate a product.”

this is the reason that the Product Hunt to the technical community creates an exciting atmosphere. It largely isolated from the traditional technology played in the media criticism and even cynical investors and the role of the founder. The Product is a Hunt more used to share the platform, discovery, and constructive feedback.

however, if the service is filled with a lot of boring is worth to use only a few days to the single function of application, then eventually those who seek a more lasting business and development trend of investors and early adopters may leave the platform. Although Ethan and yukio okamoto, application is very interesting, but they are like Kickstarter support Oculus Rift that has the same potential? If these so-called “fool” application really just waste?

even invest a lot, Hoover seemed to have no loss, of course, he also do not have so much energy to invest. Hoover said: “investors are using it to find the need to invest in the project, and I’m pretty sure that it will last forever. Whether someone invest in your future in Product Hunt, found on the project will not affect the Product the success of the Hunt. We did not establish a platform for the investors, this is just a small business.”

he said: “the biggest opportunity is to build platform for consumers, this is what he is pursuing.”

silicon valley outsider

Hoover, 27, who grew up in Eugene Oregon state, it is a university town, about eight hours’ drive from San Francisco start-up. His father in the early years set up several companies, is not in the Product you Hunt to see type of science and technology company, including barter trade business, video game store and waste management services. Hoover is affected by this.

Hoover said: “my father always encouraged me to start a business.” When he was 13 years old in his father’s work, video game store is responsible for managing the rubber ball machine. At the age of 14, he used his spare time made a computer, and trying to start my own business. He set up a website called Operation Laugh, mainly to collect cartoons and jokes. Its purpose: it is to learn the front-end development skills, the second is to make some money.

Hoover recalled: “I have a friend in high school, he also did something similar, he said that he earned $100000 in advertising. I think if he can, maybe I can also, by the way to earn a little extra cash. Obviously, he did it better.”

a few months after the Hoover abandoned sites, but he did not lose interest in the technology industry. He said: “I always follow the trend, I booked a lot of publications about technology and video games. But I didn’t have a lot in Eugene can talk about the friends of science and technology. I have a lot of close friends in there, they treat sports interest like I treat product and startups. I’ve never really into them.”

this may explain when he has just entered the university, he didn’t devote his time to technology career. Hoover in Oregon university to study business degree, minor in computer information. Business degree he calls “when you don’t know what to do is to study the degree of”.

junior year, he in order to further contact with science and technology, in the video game website Instant Action got an internship. Behind, he works in a PlayHaven, it is the job that make him came to San Francisco. After three years in the work, he began to tired of working for someone else and submit his resignation. He just doesn’t know yourself what to do next.

the entire second half of 2013, Hoover was constantly job-hopping, and in his own Twitter account, personal blog, like PandoDaily technology website and comment on a board and a wide range of online community continuously published articles about startups and their products. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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