Online transform offline, eBay store “window shopping”

(compile: sea qian)

to store to buy clothes, is a kind of trouble? Color no, change? Size is wrong, change? Finally selected, problem again, take what and it match? Don’t upset, eBay and Rebecca Minkoff store launched the “smart shopping mall touch screen mirror” can solve all problems. Let them help you mood meimei dalai, tie-in bang-bang dalai.

new in San Francisco, Rebecca Minkoff (Rebecca Ming for luxury fashion brands,) entity shop, “mirror” into the line of sight of people. If you take a jacket and a jacket into the fitting room, then the “mirror” would you recommend for a matching handbag with your chosen dress. If you have time to rest, you can walk on every shelf of high-grade fashion boutiques. If you don’t think is a waste of time, you can take advantage of this huge touch screen to browse the goods. If you see something you like, you can enter your phone number, then you will receive a message, tell you the dress has been ready for you, you can always try it on. Have you tried the clothes information will be saved to your folder. In addition to query the inventory, you can directly order and payment via PayPal account.

from the clear interface design, to the technology and seemingly seamless integration of retailing, this place feels like let people in store in the future. But the brains behind the is a fantastic network world. The Rebecca Minkoff shops and a partner combination, settled in New York will be the latest technology of eBay during the holiday.

yes, eBay is! EBay is a global management lets people surf the Internet to buy and sell goods online auction and shopping site. People can on ebay selling goods through the network. Recently, eBay into offline retail areas.

although most consumers always think eBay is a good place for online shopping, but the company announced their corporate mission is to strive to become a collection of all trade business. This means that it in the real world entity shop, because so far most of the retail industry still exist in reality, and still occupying most of the whole sales market share.

and many other Internet companies, such as amazon and Foursquare from online to offline and is committed to “meddling” in physical stores, eBay in order to enter the attractive areas, it has broken the original model of the mirror, created a brand new perspective. Those not online stores are strive to update their physical goods shelves to the Internet.

“compared to online shopping, people still want to use their five senses in the entity shop to choose commodities,” Steve Yankovich, eBay’s innovation investment, head says, “so, in my opinion there are two will never disappear, one is the entity stores, one is the fitting room.”

in the “associated” Rebecca Minkoff smart shops, contains a more and more common in the field of physical retailers in common, that is the store will “recognition” by mobile application user, so that it can let the staff know what customers are buying the goods, to understand their history of consumption, and better service according to their consumption habits. In other words, through the use of purchase records, staff can be transformed into amazon’s recommendation engine version “reality”.

these stores also equipped with a camera, so that they can through the anonymous way to understand the consumer trend. By observing the behavior of customers, the shop managers can adjust the global store, both from the aspects of layout and prices show respect – this approach is similar to imitate the e-commerce site in common A/B testing and analysis.

on eBay offline retail the project, to reconsider another gap, “mirror” successful equipped store opened. In keeping with eBay’s basic services as a platform, to connect to the premise of buyers and sellers, now, eBay fill can be driven by consumer order directly in the local chain purchases.

for those eBay brick mortar to build stores, such as Staples and Walgreens, they most likely to be eye-catching place is that it is a kind of new way that can compete with amazon on the day of the delivery. EBay CEO John donoghue, huo said the same day delivery service is the trend of The Times. But it is not clear that such an expensive service demand how big of existence value. This “mirror”, on the other hand, will all aspects of the network shopping and the most traditional form of retail integrated together. EBay could eventually become entity, the major suppliers of retail technology remains to be seen. But with mobile devices make computing nowhere does not exist in the material world, the Numbers increase eBay experience experiment and Rebecca Minkoff will no longer be the idea of a new thing, it can be expected. But with the development of the mobile device, the computer application in the physical world has begun to widespread, the eBay and Rebecca Minkoff of augmented reality vision will no longer be a novelty – let’s wait and see.


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