Online health care under the heat wave, in the us healthcare reform changes the wind blow

hunting cloud network (note: the New Year, the Internet technology to “transform” in the field of health care is still our focus, in the future years, medical insurance, medical expenses, etc, and there may be what notable changes. This article briefly predict the Internet for us thinking under the spring breeze of the new changes of medical and health care will be in the United States, which has a high reference value to us.

next year will be good for the health care industry for a year. We felt the small fluctuations in 2014. I expected in 2015, the American health care system will have four core change: health insurance, medicine, medical equipment supply, medical payments.

wal-mart will be your medical insurers

last October, wal-mart online through an online medical insurance trade shows its intentions. However, recently sold insurance not wal-mart as the carrier, and these will change in 2015.

wal-mart’s announcement would have insurance plan for the future provides a clear preview. The pharmacy can provide medical services and some simple over-the-counter purchase for the pharmacy will increase traffic. And about the professional care, wal-mart plans to offer has to 1.2 million employees “Centers of Excellence nessuah brokerage” financing. In this project, if policy-holder to like the Mayo, but Cleveland’s a-clinic, Mercy corps and Geisinger such senior medical center to examine the knee, hip surgery or cancer treatment, so you just need to pay a little for these costly medical bills.

because 5 miles around 95% of americans have a retailer’s retail trade data, wal-mart can by providing appropriate medical service and promote healthy shopping decisions to reduce the incidence of diabetes and heart disease.

digital medical company with pharmaceutical giant cooperation to achieve win-win

although venture investment has been increased five times, but there is still no profit most digital medical company. Digital medical company should aim at pharmaceutical giant them as target customers. Although there are many different between them, but pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises has begun to technology startups seeking solution of the problem.

pharmaceutical companies want to solve the biggest problem is how to come into contact with the doctor and sell drugs to them. Use of trained sales representatives has become the pharmaceutical company at the heart of the sales strategy for decades.

however, a quarter, m.d., Ph.D., and two 5 of all the doctors even more refused to meet with pharmaceutical sales representatives in their own office. Existing sunshine laws forcing each pharmaceutical companies to disclose the money they spend on each, m.d., Ph.D., and thus accelerate the arrival of the problem. Each company for customer awareness of science and technology and the problem of employment relationship is clear, especially the focus on social media, mobile advertising and video company, more clearly how to use these ways.

next year will be a turning point, by pharmaceutical companies internal spending and employment changes quickly. Moreover, the us food and drug administration issued a draft guidance of social media in July 2014. All of a sudden, these companies have network marketing team as well as executive vice President of digital health. So, we see the working in Merck’s kind of like dell chief information officer of the company. The information told me that 2015 will be the pharmaceutical giant is willing to spend money to find those who can really solve the problem of technology companies a year.

amazon cut medical supply chain

amazon with various dazzling commodity sales. Catheters and surgical gloves are still not shelves, but there may soon be. Doctors and the people who are eager to practice like us, they also love amazon brings the convenience to them in life, why not convenient their work or practice?

amazon will start small, and the disadvantages of group purchasing business will be passed on to the doctor. If amazon can express in two hours to give you a roll of toilet paper, it can also express to you within two hours of a pair of surgical gloves and a white cloak. And the total amount of purchase goods will decide whether free shipping, especially when it sells like surgical suture, syringe such commercial higher-margin goods.

medical workers and businessmen will be driven by price and convenience, the power of amazon is financial. Last year, basic operation equipment suppliers Owens & amp; Minor company received $9 billion in annual income. Amazon is not good at let the enviable opportunity without interference, especially these can change the price of the business opportunities.

hospital will be a P2P lending channel

if you understand the medical care payment process, you can also predict the trend. Patients and employees prefer to buy the insurance with high deductibles. As a result, hospitals earn brushstroke money from consumers, is actually the first $17000 from the consumers. And the circumstances of the average income is $55000, most americans are unable to pay their medical costs.

when they don’t to pay for medical expenses, can let a hospital economic losses. Did not pay the medical expenses of patients with will take the form of bills receivable in hospital in the balance sheet, will eventually be converted into high debt. Because many hospitals will use debt financing, their credit reliability is determined by its balance sheet, then urged patients to pay medical expenses is imminent.

this is a question – how can we get enough money to help pay for their medical costs? Many patients are willing to bear the medical expenses, just they are not able to complete the payment immediately. P2P lending company has paved the way for unsecured credit, some personal loans can repay by someone else. This is an impressive progress. P2P lending has been used to pay for plastic surgery procedures and other cash. Nowadays, it can be used to pay for the United States most of the medical consumption.

from the past, changes in the health care is always slowly and reluctantly, but because of the government, those demands, and the broad demands for insurance scale and nursing, it seems that everything is accelerating.

this five prediction shows that the medical and health field of the transfer of power, at the same time also emerge out of the new force to be reckoned with in the, every consumer to its healthy control degree is increasing. I expect, but also hope that in the 2015 leaders in the field of medical treatment and health care can accept more innovation and change.



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